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Ramont was slumped down, gazing at the yellow crystal sitting on his desk. A couple days prior, he nearly tripped upon this crystalline substance on his trip to the market. Okay, he did trip, and it didn't help that the shrub his poor face landed on was sharp and prickly from the recent lack of rain. He remembered the dust in his face as he cursed at the rock after looking back in anger. Something puzzled him about the rock, however... Even though the sun was out at full intensity, the strange rock looked like it was giving off radiance on its own accord. He was entranced by it... It was almost begging him to take it with him to study. His scientific curiosity began teasing him like it usually did whenever something of the sort revealed itself, so it wasn't long before he gave in.

After he returned home from browsing the Bazaar for food and more scientific equipment, Ramont was up all night trying to look through his books on minerals and the like, but it was a futile attempt; the book said nothing about such a luminous gem. He yawned loudly, this one being one of the countless yawns that entire night. Although he was exhausted from the all-nighter, multiple blood vessels still burst from his forehead briskly from his wild goose chase.

Ramont gazed through his window, looking upon the dawn of the sun over the beautiful Lake Hylia, ripples from the wind hardly visible, making the water look like a giant natural mirror. His heart sank, for he knew that he had no rest whatsoever, although the view of dawn over the lake calmed him down a little.

I can't believe it, thought Ramont as his eyes drooped over his pupils. Eyrilyn is not going to be happy about this.

Ramont's wife and lab partner, Eyrilyn, was walking down the stairs to the lab well rested and ready to look at the crystal. She walked quietly down the stairs, thinking that Ramont was asleep, freezing in place when she accidentally stepped on the particularly creaky step. Hearing no stirring from the sudden noise, she sighed and continued climbing down, quiet as a mouse.

Ramont, rather aware of his wife's presence, looked up and found her looking out the kitchen window right next to the lab. He knew that his goose was cooked when it came to remaining undetected, so Ramont gave up and greeted her with a tired, "Good morning."

Eyrilyn turned on the spot, startled from the instant noise behind her. "Don't ever scare me like that again!" she cried, breathing heavily, her eyes wide from alarm.

"S-sorry, dear. I didn't mean to," Ramont apologized as he nervously adjusted his glasses, which were precariously dangling on the tip of his nose.

"It's all right," she said in relief. She was about to turn toward the window again when her senses suddenly struck her. "What are you doing up, Ramont? I thought I told you to go to sleep at midnight!"

"I" Here it comes... he thought, his eyes closed in dreadful anticipation of the scolding that he would soon receive.

"You know I don't like it when you stay up all night like that; you'll be dead all week, now!"

"Oh, quit acting like my mother," Ramont said indignantly. He felt sorry straight away when he looked at her fair, well-carved face. Her cheekbones were high; her eyes, however, sharp from her husband's sudden strike of tongue. He saw her swiftly and roughly get her gold-brown hair out of her eyes. "I'm sorry, Eyrilyn. I don't know what came over me."

"Your apology is accepted again, but still, you shouldn't be up all night. When you do that, I hardly see you during daylight."

"I know, but when I see some anomaly that I want to research, I push my mind to twice it can actually do."

"Yeah, yeah…" Eyrilyn said, hoping to end the argument. Looking at the desk, she decided to change the subject. "So, you didn't find anything, huh?"

"Nothing whatsoever, but I looked at it so much that I think that I could draw an extremely accurate sketch of it in my sleep, if that counts for something." Eyrilyn chuckled from this remark, understanding what Ramont must have felt during research.

Eyrilyn walked over to the desk (the crystal still glowing ever so faintly), trying to avoid tripping on the ocean of books and other research debris on the floor. Ramont was never the sort to clean up when he was done with something, advocating that organization "would only slow me down," and that lead to quite a few spats with Eyrilyn in the past. As of late, however, he was trying harder to pick up after himself; he was just too busy the previous night to do anything about it.

When she got to the desk, she scoffed at the rock, knowing that they poured tiring hours on trying to learn more about it and that they couldn't. She looked at the bookshelf on the other side of the room, and saw that every book but a few was taken off. She recognized one of the books by its cover right away and rushed over the mess, thinking that maybe the answer would be right in there.

She grabbed the book and said, "Ramont, did you check this book?"

Ramont looked over at Eyrilyn, unexcited. "No... That book is about historical objects, and I wouldn't think that the crystal is one of them."

Eyrilyn could tell that his mind and body were beginning to shut down, as was his patience. She herself, however, wasn't ready to give up on it all, and so she walked toward the desk to skim through it to find something. On her way over, however, she unsurprisingly tripped over a thick encyclopedia on the ground and landed on some sharp objects (most likely baby Shell Blade shells; she couldn't really tell from all the clutter and with her attention directed at her side), which was exactly what she was trying to prevent. From shock, she let go of the book and let it fly forward to open in the middle pages as it hit the ground. Ramont dashed in panic to his wife's side to help her up.

"Are you all right!?" Ramont exclaimed, deeply concerned for the welfare of his wife.

"Yeah, don't worry..." Eyrilyn said, although the sharp pain in her side was very evident in her expression. She could also feel a small hint of warm water on her outfit—her shirt mainly brown leather and white denim—even though she instantly recognized the "water" as blood.

"Oh, no you're not; you're bleeding!"

"Now who's sounding like whose mother?" she said with a sly smile that was slightly marred by pain. Ramont ignored her and dashed to the herbal medicines cabinet.

"Sit down. I'll go get something for that wound." Eyrilyn obeyed, but she picked up the orange-colored book that she dropped on her way back. She figured that she might as well entertain herself as she was waiting to be treated. As she sat, she noticed that some of the pages were bent from the fall, so she made an attempt to straighten them. Still, while she was doing so, she noticed a bizarre diagram of some kind of doors. These doors both had symbols of the Triforce—the essence of the gods in the shape of three equilateral triangles forming one larger equilateral triangle—and symbols of the moon extolled just below them. Intrigued, she read a passage that followed the diagram:

Shown above are the Door of Time and the Door of the Moon. Both of these doors were most likely made around the same time, although the exact time is inconclusive. The Door of Time, shown on the top right, is a mythic stone door that is said that leads to the Sacred Realm of Hyrule, a realm that is said to hold the Triforce. (See also Triforce.) Records say that this door has never been opened, so its true contents are unknown.

The Door of the Moon, shown on the top left, is a similar door that is said that leads to a land of pure, evil power, the exact opposite of the Door of Time. There are many claims that many tainted hearts have traveled through this particular portal, only to never return. Legends say that only one of true evil power may enter this door unscathed, but no such person has ever been known to have been recognized. This door's location is currently unknown. However, it is interesting to note that only the desert-dwelling Gerudo tribe acknowledges its existence.

Eyrilyn read no further as Ramont walked toward the desk, holding some herbal medicine that made her nervous. She usually didn't mind the pain from a flesh wound, but whenever she had one treated, the thought of putting something into her body simply unnerved her. For the sake of keeping her husband from snapping again in irritation, she tried to freeze her body in place, resisting any urge to high-tail it out of the building.

Ramont wasn't particularly happy with putting his wife in pain, either. Honestly, he'd rather have a professional do it for him, but since there wasn't one within twenty miles of their home, he tried swallowing his fear and approached his wife's injury. Desperately trying to keep his mind off his wife's fear of being treated, he glanced at the passage that Eyrilyn was reading and inquired what it was.

"Oh, it's just something about two doors that lead to some 'Sacred Realm' and a 'land of evil.' I doubt it has anything to do with—" she replied, interrupted.

"You mean the Door of Time and the Door of the Moon, don't you?"

"Yeah. How'd you know? You never read that book before, did you?"

"I've done a lot of other reading in life, Eyrilyn. It's amazing what you can get when you read. Now, hold still," Ramont said as he walked around toward her wounded side and applied the medicine. The medicine soaked through her outfit and sank into the wound. The pain immediately disappeared, no side-effect stings appearing whatsoever.

"Thanks!" she exclaimed, very shocked at the quality of medicine that he'd given her and relieved that she didn't have to endure any of the stinging commonly associated with healing wounds.

"No problem," Ramont said with an affectionate smile.

Many hours passed as they searched the book (and three others on the shelf) for anything on the stone when a large BOOM about the size of a train hitting a concrete wall sounded outside with a small tremor. Both Ramont and Eyrilyn jumped in surprise, toppling their chairs over.

"What was that!?" Eyrilyn yelled, her heart nearly popping out of her chest.

"I don't know," Ramont replied, breathing very heavily. "I'm going outside to check it out." He walked out quickly, despite the urge to hesitate, and Eyrilyn followed silently and looked outside. A man concealed in a black cloak with a large scepter was floating in midair in front of them. The scepter was one of which Ramont had never seen; it was made of wooden coils wound around each other to form the body, with the large spindles forming an empty basin at the end. His face wasn't visible, but that didn't matter to Ramont much. After all, he never saw such a guy like that before. After staring at him for a bit, the man bellowed,


Somewhat confused, Ramont said, "We have nothing of which you are looking for! Please leave!"

"Those who deny my arrival must have something relevant to my request. Now, give me what I came for so I can depart! I know you have it!"

"What makes you say that?"

"I sensed its changing locations and followed it here. It's like a part of me, and its voice is yelling at me loud and clear! Now give it to me!"

"Give you what!?"

"My Contovelliam!"

"Which is…?"

"That's not your concern! Just hand it over!"

Ramont pondered angrily for a bit and wondered if the yellow crystal in the lab was the substance that this man had mentioned. Considering its unique properties and how it wasn't well known at all, he caved in at the request. "One moment!" He went inside the lab, swiped the crystal off the table and walked toward the door, only to be stopped by his wife, her hand holding the door shut.

"Ramont, don't do this! I'm sure that he will use that crystal for ill when he gets it!"

"If he doesn't get what he wants, he'll kill us! We must give it to him."

"NO! He'll probably kill us anyway! What use would we be to someone who's already found what he was after?" Unfortunately, Eyrilyn was never one to hesitate to do what her primal intellect would tell her. Ergo, she briskly stormed out the door to tell the man to leave. Suddenly, a blinding flash of light polluted the chilly lake air; and Ramont, his heart sinking like a ship's anchor in deep water, raced outside and saw instantly that his wife was no longer there.

"NO!" Ramont shouted as he walked out the door. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER!?"

"Do you have that which is mine?" The cloaked man said calmly, quite contradictory to his previous behavior. Ramont couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the insane man's bipolar personality. Maybe the crystal really was what he was after, and sensing its presence, he felt relieved. Ramont didn't dwell on it long, however, for defensive instincts and love for his wife forced his blood to boil, almost to the point of proverbial superheating.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER!?" Ramont repeated his demand loudly.

"Hmm... Yes, you do, don't you?" the man quietly breathed out, avoiding the question, which certainly sounded like he was mocking him.

He took the taunt as a challenge, and his blood felt like it was going to erupt from his veins and arteries. "You want the crystal!? Here!" Ramont threw the crystal at the man, hoping that it would hit him and shatter both it and the floating man's ribs. It was all for naught, however, since the crystal suddenly stopped in midair, ending its deadly flight right in front of his face.

"Now, where is she!?"

"Don't worry; you'll soon find out," the man said coldly. There was another blinding flash of light, and Ramont left without so much as one last look at his house. His mind was filled with blackness that he no longer knew himself—though if it were for a short time or permanently, he didn't know.

The man in the cloak attached his newly-reunited crystal to his scepter, and the stone shone with star-like intensity. He laughed, glad to have his longtime plans continue once more. As if to test his power, he charged up his scepter and released a fireball at the laboratory, blowing the entire structure up as if an entire stockpile of gunpowder was lit. The man then flew off northward, leaving only a flock of birds and a column of smoke visible over Lake Hylia.

Many hours passed again with the moon soaring into the night sky. He finally reached the Desert Colossus, an area that housed the Spirit Temple and a few sleeping desert animals. He landed on the front steps leading into the large stone structure and walked inside, chuckling that he was so close... Yes, he was closer than he ever had been. It took a while to find his way through all of the twisting and turning corridors, but he eventually found what he had been looking for: a purple door glowing in the leaking moonlight from the ceiling of a normally inaccessible room.

"Finally! The Door of the Moon: a door that opens only to Contovelliam crystal!"

He stepped forward and held up his scepter. The earth around him rumbled as the door slowly swung open and a beam of dark energy shot out, releasing a vast amount of sound that caused the ground to vibrate violently. It had the potential to numb his legs, but he was too busy concentrating on his success, mentally writing a memoir.

"Alas! Now that the Door of the Moon has been unlocked, my plans for this world can finally start to materialize..." he said, even though he could hardly hear himself over the ear-shattering noise of the opening portal.

All of the sound woke every denizen of Hyrule that day; in particular, a child that would prove himself as a legendary hero that would lock true darkness away forever.

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