Dingoes Group 1: Tony Sniffles Disco Bear Petunia Giggles

Sniffles shivered at Petunia's words, "Well we'd betted get it open soon before…" Sniffles paused when he felt somebody's warm breath breathing down the back of his neck.

He slowly and nervously turned around to see the monster-like figure's piercing red eyes staring him right in the face. His face turned white in fear as he just barely gasped out his words. "Oh dear."

Sniffles frightfully looked away from the creature and squeezed his eyes shut, whimpering some inaudible words while he waited for his inevitable doom.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

It never came. The anteater slowly turned back to see the figure sniffing his all over him. It opened his mouth and did something really surprising… he started licking his face.

It was here when the group got a really good look on the creature. It still had its dark red eyes, but instead of the heart-stopping glare it had earlier, its eyes were seemed more wide with excitement.

And its face changed from crazed and angry to curious and happy, as it started panting and wagging his tail, a lot of traits you'd see from a …

Confession Cam: Dawg! [1]

Giggles- Aww! How Cute! A little puppy zombie!

Sniffles- Wow, I don't really know how Chris got a puppy that small turned into a zombie, but P.E.T.A. is probably going to be mad about it.

Chris- /After thinking about what Sniffles said, smacks his head in frustration./


Sniffles laughed as the dog/zombie continued to lick his face. "haha stop that heheha, that tickles!" The puppy barked and walked over to Petunia, who happily picked him up.

"Well aren't you the cutest thing! Look at him guys." she held him up to Disco Bear and Tony, the former quickly jumping into the other's arms. "No way yo! That dog is mad crazy!"

"Well he looks pretty calm right now." Tony countered. Disco Bear groaned, "Well, I guess, but…"

"And I guess we did interrupt him while he was taking his nap too." Giggles added.

"Well yeah but,"

Tony put his hand over Disco Bear's mouth before he could continue. "But nothing, and Disco Bear?"

"Yes?" He mumbled from under Tony's hand. The fox dropped the beat onto the floor, "Stop freaking." Tony stepped over Disco Bear and started petting the dog. "He's not that scary."

The dog started to growl at Tony's touch, and he bit onto the fox's hand in response. "OW OW OUCH! GET'EM OFF GET'EM OFF GET'EM OFF!" Tony shouted in agony while he ran around the room swinging his hand and the zombie dog in pain.

"Oh? I thought you said he was safe?" Disco Bear joked, laughing at the entire scene.

"WELL I WAS OBVIOUSLY WRONG! NOW HE'S EATING ME!" the others finally decided to pull their dog off of Tony, sadly it ripped Tony's hand off with him.

Giggles and Petunia held on to each other and screamed, Sniffles winced and Disco Bear fainted. The only one who seemed unaware of Tony's pain was Tony.

"Um ahh..? ow..? That was weird, didn't feel a thing."

Confession Cam: Bit the hand that fed him!

Tony- You know, I really thought that would hurt a lot more. I'm kinda disappointed about it.

Petunia- Sniffles thinks that since Tony was in shock when it happened, he couldn't feel it as much, it's probably going to have some weird side affect soon.

"Yeah um, should we stop your hand from bleeding or something?" Giggles asked.

Sniffles shrugged, "I'm not sure, if he can't feel it maybe we shouldn't-" Tony's eyes rolled to the back of his head and fell to the ground. "…Worry?" Sniffles finished.

Everybody quickly circled the unconscious fox, "Is he dead yo?" Disco bear asked.

Sniffles shook his head, "No, he's just unconscious."

"So he's unconscious."

"Yeah, that's what I just said."

"And he can't feel anything…"

"No… what are you getting at?"

Disco Bear smiled, "I just thought of a way to get that door open."

Moments Later…

"Push Yo!" Everyone rammed Tony's head into the door.

"Okay, guys, one more time ought to do it." Sniffles said as they all pulled back. "1… 2… 3!" Everyone ran to the door.

Bats 2: Cro-Marmot Shifty Karen Lifty Splendid

The Bats started to panic, not only was the water from the washing machines starting to rise, not only was their only exit locked, the worst was that their only hope for escaping alive… was the same person that got them stuck there in the first place.

"Don't worry guys, Splendid is on the job!" the flying squirrel tried to reassure his team.

"Why should we listen to you!" Karen snapped.

"Yeah!" Lifty and Shifty said in unison.

Obviously he wasn't doing a very good job at reassuring them. "There's got to be something I can do." Suddenly, Splendid got his idea.

Confession Cam: Cam Powers Activate!

Shifty- Seeing how Splendid has super powers and all, I thought it was pretty obvious that he could just smash through the door or melt the water with heat vision. But instead…

Splendid waded over to the cleaning machines spurting out the water and using his super strength, pulled them out of the pipe they were attached to.

Surprisingly, the pipes in the wall let out a huge blast of water directly at the flying squirrel's face. Splendid was still holding the washers when it happened. He was so surprised, he reacted by throwing both of the washing machines into the air.

When they came back down, the corners went into the top of Cro-Marmot's ice, causing a large crack to appear down the middle.

Splendid wiped his face off and in one swift motion tried to pry the machine out of Cro-Marmot's block, but instead caused all of the ice to shatter onto the ground.

All of the bats froze in the spot they were standing and nervously looked at Cro-Marmot, now free from the ice.

Immediately after he got out of the ice, he began running around the room, screeching gibberish as he did. "AH-LA-LA-LA-LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" He even took his club and started to bang it into everything, mainly his fellow teammates.

CLANK! "Ow! Hey, you can't hit me! I'm Splendid the-"

CLANK! "Ow! Could you at least let me finish?"

. . . CLANK!

Lifty and Shifty started to crack up with laughter, "I think I'm going to like this guy, don't you think Lifty?" shifty asked.

Lifty kept watching Cro-Marmot beat up Splendid and smiled. "Sure do Shifty." They both started laughing again until they were abruptly stopped by a club to each of their heads.

The brothers yelped in surprise and rubbed their heads in surprise. Karen snickered at them now, "I guess he doesn't like you guys much either."

Cro-Marmot jumped over to her and was about to hit her too, but she stopped giggling and glared at him, "Oh don't you even dare hit me with that, I'm not sure what time you came from, but now, hitting girls is sooo not allowed!"

Cro-Marmot stared at her for a few seconds, then he continued rampaging around the rest of the room.

Confession Cam: Don't let him hit me.

Karen- \She's filing her nails while smiling at the camera\ What can I say, I just have a voice that makes people want to listen.

Shifty- Wow! Talk about sassy! \Looks deep in thought\ She'd be a pretty hot girlfriend…

Dingoes 2: Flippy Flaky Lumpy Mime Neon

After going through the door they chose, the Dingoes found themselves in another long empty hall except their only current direction of movement was forward.

Flippy's eyes wandered around the hall, looking at everyone else in the hallway, but his eyes kept going to the small porcupine girl visibly shaking next to him.

"Um… Flaky." He awkwardly started the conversation. "how are you doing?"

Flaky jumped slightly just by Flippy's question, but she gained control of herself. "W-well not really. I'm really scared." Flippy frowned sympathetically and gave her another reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"Don't worry about it Flaky, I already told you, there's nothing to worry about." Flaky was a little hesitant at first, but she smiled timidly at the green bear, "O-okay, I'll try to be braver then, thanks Flippy."

Flippy smiled back at her, "No problem Flaky." They both continued to stare at each other for a few more moments that most would've quietly let them enjoy.

Neon wasn't one of these people.

"Aww, now don't you two look nice together." She teased from behind Flaky's shoulder.

Flaky stopped smiling at Flippy and stared, at the fox, "How long have you been right there?" she asked, slightly taken back.

"Long enough to see a connection."

"Uhh hey guys, there's a door up here!"

The three of them turned from the flustered pair to Lumpy and Mime standing in front of another door.

"Finally, let's get out of here!" Neon exclaimed, quickly appearing next to the door and threw it open, nearly taking it off its hinges.

Immediately afterwards her face fell when she looked inside. "Oh are you kidding me? How did we get here again?"

It was the same small hallway, with the same three doors, and the same hole in the door that lumpy left when they started.

Confession Cam: That's weird

Flaky- I'm not so sure about what Neon said, about me and Flippy having a connection. But still.

Lumpy- Duh I don't get it. Why did we have to go back? did someone lose their shoes? I hate when that happens…

Bats 2: Cuddles Kat Handy Toothy Nutty

Cuddles hissed in pain when three more tennis balls hit him in the side, "What are we supposed to do to get off of this wall?"

Toothy ducked from a ball nearly hitting his head, "Maybe we could get out of here if we-mmph!" His plan was cut short when a ball flew into his mouth.

"What were you saying? Just spit it out!" Handy yelled. Toothy gagged for a few moments before getting the tennis ball out of his mouth, "Whoo, glad that's out. Now as I was saying, we should-mmphh!" once again, another tennis ball flew into his mouth stopping him from talking.

"Why does that keep happening to him in the face and not us?" Kat wondered aloud. That was immediately followed by a tennis ball hitting her square in the forehead. "Probably shouldn't have said that."


Chris and Chef were looking at a large screen with the bats being hit by tennis balls. "Chef man, can't you keep him quiet for more than five seconds?" Chris asked, rubbing his new black eye.

Chef was pressing buttons on a keyboard that made more of the balls shoot at Toothy's face. "Don't you think I'm trying? That scrawny boy's just got a really big mouth!"

"Well you better do a better job if you want that paycheck of yours." Chris threatened.

Chef growled at the host, "You want another black eye McClain?"

Chris gulped. "Never mind, you're doing just fine Chef man!"

[1] I'm sure you know this dog, small, blue, has a thing against whistles. Just more… undead.

So… What's going to happen with Cro-Marmot?

Who's going to win the challenge?

Will Chef ever get his paycheck?

Find out next time!