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There would be no passion in this world
if we never had to fight for
what we love.

I was standing in the school parking lot, admiring the snow chains my father was kind enough to put on my truck's tires, when it happened. I looked to my right, two spaces down and saw Edward Masen looking at me with a pained expression on his beautiful face.

Soon enough, I heard the sounds that made my heart stop. I turned my head swiftly to the sound of screeching brakes coming from Tyler's mini-van, which was swerving straight toward me… Next thing I know I'm in someone's strong arms and the front of Tyler's van is right where I was just standing. I slowly looked up into my savior's piercing green eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked me in a soft voice.

"Yeah, I just hit my head—,"

I didn't have time to finish, for Tyler's van, not having finished its death race, rebounded off the curve and was headed straight for Edward and I. Not having enough time to speak up, the front of Tyler's van collided with Edward's back. The last thing I heard before I slipped into unconsciousness, were Edward's startled cry of pain and the sound of someone yelling, "Call 911! They've been hit!"

Getting out of my Volvo, I looked to my left and saw the most dazzling creature I had ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on, Bella Swan. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something that would take that beautiful creature away from me. I ran two parking spaces down, past Emmett's gigantic red Jeep, and grabbed Bella just as the offending van hit the curb. When she opened her eyes, she stared at me with those beautiful brown orbs.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I just hit my --,"

Unsure whether or not I hadn't heard the rest of her sentence, or she just hadn't finished it, I felt something crash into my lower back and I let out a startled cry of pain. I lost all feeling except for fear that I had not protected the beautiful woman I was holding.

I woke up the sound of an annoying beeping machine, begging to have something thrown at it. I opened my eyes and saw a bunch of wires hooked up to my severely bandaged body. I quickly sat up and yanked my arm but cringed when I felt the IV in my right arm. I looked to my left and the sight I saw made me gasp in horror. Edward Masen was lying in a hospital bed with even more tubes connected to him than I could count. I pulled off the IV and winced in pain but barely felt it as I started to get up to examine my coma-induced savior.

"Edward," I whispered with tears brimming in my eyes. I hadn't even known him for so much
as a couple of months but seeing his excruciatingly beautiful form laying there, motionless, made my heart throb for the life-filled Edward Masen that I had known.


That word pierced my heart as I realized that he might not wake up.
I softly walked over to his motionless form and brushed my hands lightly over his cheek. I saw that his bronze hair had fallen into his eyes so I softly brought my hand up to it and brush my fingers through them.

A sharp pang of sadness, fear, and something else I couldn't identify, went through my heart as tears fell down my face. Tears for a boy I had barely known. Tears for the boy that had saved my life, yet endangered his in the entire process.

My head turned in surprise as someone walked through the door of the room Edward and I were staying in.

"Isabella, what are you doing out of bed?" scolded Dr. Carlisle Cullen..

I couldn't answer him because of the fear that my voice would break and therefore breaking what little composure I had left.. I just resumed stroking Edward's cheek softly, not even caring how pathetic Dr. Cullen must have thought I looked like.

"Isabella, -" He started, but I cut him off.

"How much damage?" I asked him in nothing but a whisper.

"Well, your foot, is-" I cut him off again..

"Not me, him." I said while closing my eyes.

"Well," He started and for the third time, I cut him off again.

"Please to sugar coat it," I pleaded in a soft whisper.

"His spine is broken and it's done much damage, he has 3 cracked ribs, his right arm is broken, and he's paralyzed." Dr. Cullen explained softly, just now realizing how much pain this information caused me.

"Paralyzed?" For the first time, I turned to look at him with wide eyes.

"His body is rejecting all of our medications and we don't know if his paralysis will be long lasting or if it will just be for a while. I'm sorry, Bella..." He put his hand on my shoulder in a father-like, comforting way. I just nodded, too shocked to say anything else.

If only I hadn't stopped… I thought to myself, He would be awake.
Even if it were I in his position, I would gladly take it if it meant that he would get to live. No. We would both be alive. He is not dead. He is not dying. I won't let him.

"Please, Edward. Fight for me. Please…" I pleaded to him in a soft whisper, tears threatening to spill down my face again.

"Bella, we need to get you hooked up to the IV again." Dr. Cullen said after a while.

I nodded and slowly got back into my bed, not taking my eyes off of Edward's battered form. Dr. Cullen slowly walked around to my right and hooked up the IV that I had so carelessly yanked off of my arm. I winced again as the needle entered my skin.

"You should get some rest. Your body has been through a lot." He told me. I nodded and my head immediately felt lighter. I suspected that he gave me some painkillers but welcomed the dark oblivion anyway.

"Edward," I slurred one more time before falling into unconsciousness.

I was running down a dark hallway. The only light was coming from somewhere off in the distance at the end of the hall. I was running until my lungs felt like they were going to burst when I saw what was giving off the light…Bella. I tried to run even faster, even as my lungs felt like they were giving out, I pushed myself even harder to get to her. But with every step I took, she looked even more farther and farther away.

"Edward," she whispered in a pained tone.

Then I heard another voice, one I did not recognize. "Isabella what are you doing out of bed?" I didn't like the scolding tone he was using to talk to this sweet angel.

"How much damage?" she asked the bodiless voice.

"Spine is broken and it's done much damage, 3 cracked ribs, right arm is broken, and paralyzed." My beautiful sweet Bella…paralyzed?

As the realization hit that I didn't save her, the light in the hall went out and the floor collapsed. I was falling and would be forevermore

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