Author's Notes- Thank you all so much for sticking with my story

Author's Notes- Thank you all so much for sticking with my story!! As I sit here, armed with cheese-its and diet Pepsi, I am prepared to stay up all night and write this chapter for you! Also, Harry is still in his child like state of mind, which is why he seems more OOC. Thanks

Chapter Five: Unhealthy Obsessions

Harry sat curled up on the creaky old bed, his arms wrapped around his knees. He had thought at one point he had heard Ray's voice, but just assumed it was his imagination playing tricks on him. He listened carefully, not want the man to come back. He could still feel the pain from the curse he had been under after he had asked to use the loo. It wasn't his fault he couldn't control his bladder! To pass the time he thought about everything he liked about Ray, ranging from his hair to his weird sense of humor. Then, the door was flung open, and for the first time, he saw his kidnapper.

"Who are you? Why did you take me from Ray?" he asked, tears pooling in his eyes. The man, who looked very strange, although he wasn't old anymore, glared at him.

"You don't remember me, do you? I watch you, I protect you, for fifteen years, and you don't have the common courtesy to remember my face?!" he shouted, causing the Fae to jump. Harry shivered in fear.


Draco Malfoy paced the Gryffindor common room, searching his mind for anyone who had a grudge against Harry or himself. The first person that came to mind was Voldemort, but the wards would never have let him in, meaning the kidnapper was someone in the school. He discarded the idea that it was one of the students, knowing that the only ones who had been permitted to stay in the castle were terrified of him, or loved Harry. So it had to be a teacher. He stopped in his pacing to watch Hermione, knowing she would analyze every possible way for someone to take Harry. For a while she just sat there, deep in thought, before she jumped up.

"I think we need to see Snape. He knows this school better then anyone, 'cept for Dumbledore." she said, grabbing Draco's hand and dragging him out of the portrait hole.

"How would Sev know who took my mate?" he asked, confused.

" Because he has a special map that belongs to Harry, he confiscated it last year. During fourth year I did a few spells to tweak it, if you will, and it shows everyone who has been in the castle in the last thirty minutes, so we need to get there soon. Now shut up and follow me!" she said, breaking into a run. Draco followed, but stopping stock still when he heard a small voice.

No! You can't leave me in here! Let me out, please! I'll do whatever you say, please don't leave me here, it's too dark!

"Hermione!" he whispered, in case Harry started talking again. The girl stopped looking at him curiously. "I can hear Harry's thoughts in my head! We have to save him now!" he hissed urgently. The girl nodded, and murmured a quick spell. Draco found himself in front of Severus' office.

"What on Earth did you do, Granger? No one can Apparate in Hogwarts!" She smirked evilly.

"You can't. I merely banished us to the other side of the school, and we landed here."Draco raised an eyebrow, impressed. Then he knocked urgently on Severus' door, sighing when it finally swung open.

"What could you possibly need at this hour, Draco? And with Granger?" Severus asked grumpily. Draco wasted no time, and related the whole story to him. Severus was shocked.

" So you're telling me that someone has kidnapped Potter and you can hear Potter's thoughts in your head?" he asked incredulously. Draco and Hermione nodded their heads. Severus sighed, before ushering them in.

"No matter who has Potter, we can't just rush into this. Granger, you go and get Weasley, and look everywhere you can for Potter. Use that infernal map of Potter's, if you must. Draco, you check around, see if any of the students are in on this." He ordered. Hermione nodded and ran out of the room, but Draco stayed put, frowning.

"What are you going to do?" he asked suspiciously. Severus stared at him, before sighing and answering him.

"When You-Know-Who attacked the Potters, there was a small hitch when we went to save what we could. There were three bodies, instead of two. A second man. We did what we could, but no one had any idea who he was. A few days later the body disappeared.

I don't like this place! It smells funny and the weird guy is always staring at me. And I keep hearing people outside talk in French. I think there's a Silencing Spell on this place, because I tried to call for help, but no one heard me.

"Sev we've got to hurry! Wherever Harry is, there's a Silencing spell on the building. Who ever has Harry intends to make him scream." Severus handed Draco a stone.

"it's a portkey, specially designed for Veelas with unbonded mates. It'll take you as close as you can magically get to your mate." Draco grasped the stone, and disappeared.

After a most unpleasant trip, which felt like being sucked through a tiny straw, Draco landed ungracefully on his butt, which he would later deny vehemently. He stood quickly, taking in his surroundings. About a good three miles away was a large house. Next to the large house was a tiny, cottage like building. Draco couldn't decide whether to trust his instincts and go with the cottage, or to go with the house he would have hidden in. unable to come to a decision, he got an idea. Closing his eyes, he focused all his attention on Harry, on saving Harry.

Harry? Can you hear me?

Harry jumped, eyes wide. He could have sworn he had heard Ray's voice, but Ray wasn't here. He couldn't be.

R-Ray? Is that you?

Harry! Are you all right? Who has you? Did they hurt you?

I-I don't really remember… But I heard different voices last night and I feel really weird; like something really bad has happened.

Like, what kind of bad? Like, 'being lied to' bad, or 'killing someone' bad?

R-Ray, he's coming back! Please, Ray, get me out of here! I really don't feel good about

being alone with him.

I'm coming, Harry. Just hold on!

Hurry, Ray!

Harry scooted as far back as he could, staring the man. After seeing the terror in Harry's eyes, he grinned evilly and swung his wand around. After a few minutes of taunting Harry, he swung it downward, casting the Cruciatus Curse on the boy. The boy's scream was loud enough to wake the dead, had there not been a Silencing Charm on the building. Only people inside the house would hear it. Luckily, there was someone. The door swung open to reveal a large, angry Veela.


Hearing the panic and fear in HHarry's voice was enough to tell Draco just how much danger he must be in. Draco took off sprinting, deciding to go with his instincts and search in the small cottage. When he reached the house, all was silent. Not daring to use his wand and cast a spell, he searched every room for any sign of life. When he came to the last door, he sucked in a large breath, praying Harry was safe in the room. If Harry weren't in this room, it would take too long for Draco to go to the large house and search every room there. Still holding his breath, he pushed the door open, to reveal both Harry and the strange man. The man had his wand pointed at Harry and was obviously cursing the boy, judging by the way Harry was screaming and thrashing about. When the door hit the wall, the man and Harry looked up.

"Ray!" Harry said, voice cracking with relief. The man seemed furious, and turned his wand back to Harry, pressing it against the Fae's throat.

"Why can't you kids stay out of my business? This one here," he said nodding to the scared Fae he was holding, "managed to escape my plans, but then, I get him back! My last piece of Lily! But no, instead of giving me my grandson, they just pawn him off on some random muggles, bribing them into keeping the kid. That damn headmaster, he was the one who should have been left with muggles at birth. So I think, "okay, I'll just go and demand guardianship of him.', but when I get to the school, that old prick says I have no right to claim guardianship, that I was in appropriate. Yeah! Coming from the man who left my baby's baby to be beaten, raped, and mated to some creature! After fifteen years of being controlled by Dumbledore, there's no way this kid's got any of Lily in him at all. He's of no use to me now. So, Malfoy, is it? Who dies first? Your pretty little mate here, or you?" he said, pressing the wand even harder into Harry's neck. A small whimper was elicited from the Fae and Draco snapped. Eyes blazing, he turned his wand to the crazed man and raised it steadily.

"You will unhand my mate now. Then you will untie him and close your eyes. If you do as I say, I might let you live a little bit longer." He said, eyes daring him to disobey. Seeing that he had no intention of doing as he said, he flicked his wand, and watched with mild interest as the old man fell face first onto the ground, unconscious. After determining he was in fact down, he rushed to the bed, untying Harry's bonds. "Ray! Ray, what did you do to him? Is he alive?" Harry said, frowning at the man on the floor. Draco frowned, examining the wounds inflicted on his mate. The small Fae had a bruise on his throat from the man's wand pressing into him, along with the nasty scabs around his wrists, and the faded bruise on his cheek. He looked around the room, and saw something that confused him more then anything the man had said. The walls were covered top to bottom in pictures of Harry. They ranged from pictures of Harry sleeping most likely just a few hours ago to pictures of Harry when he was just a baby. There were even a few of him being abused by his relatives. Draco looked around, growing more sickened by the stalker-ish photos that covered every inch of the peeling wallpaper. Gathering his submissive in his arms and yanking the man up by his arm, he closed his eyes and Apparated them away, landing right in front of the school.


Draco stumbled slightly under the added weight, but quickly righted himself and made his way up to the school, after sending a Patronus to notify the school where Harry's kidnapper was. He took the man's wand and snapped it, severing his link to his magic. When he finally made it to the front doors, he reluctantly set Harry on the ground, who immediately stood closer to Draco, and pulled out his wand. He was just about to try and open the doors when they flew open.

"Harry! Draco, where were you? I can't believe you just went off without telling me! I thought whoever had taken Harry had taken you, too! Also, Madam Pomfrey is waiting for Harry in the Infirmary." She said, her voice high with anxiety. Draco looked down at his mate who looked dead on his feet, and picked him up gently. Harry cuddled closer before falling asleep. Hermione smiled at them, before turning to Draco, a frown on her face.

"What happened to him?" she asked. Draco turned to her.

"He got knocked around a little bit, and he's got these nasty scabs from being tied up, but that's not what I'm really worried about right now. When I saved Harry, the room we were in? it was covered top to bottom in pictures of Harry. There were some of pictures from around the time he was taken, but there's also pictures that I'm sure no one knew were being taken." He said. He could feel Harry shivering, in fear or because he was cold, he wasn't sure. Hermione raised her wand, and they disappeared.

They landed in front of the Infirmary. Draco brushed off his robes, unwilling to admit he was jealous that she could remove such strong wards. Pomfrey, McGonagall, and Severus came rushing up to them quickly, armed with potions and wands.


Harry had his face pressed against his Dominant's chest, refusing to look at anyone. They hadn't protected him from his grandfather. The only people he trusted were Draco, obviously, Severus, Hermione, and Ron, because they had tried to find him. But the others, like Pomfrey, or McGonagall, they would have to earn it. And, being a Fae, Harry wouldn't give them that trust for a very long time.

"Harry, please let Madam Pomfrey check you over. She needs to make sure you aren't hurt anywhere else, and she can't do that if you won't look at her." Hermione said pleadingly. Unsure, Harry looked up at Ray, who nodded lightly.

"OK, Mione." He whispered. Ray gently placed him on the bed and pulled up a chair. Pomfrey came over with a few potions and instructed him to drink them.

"The blue one is for any pain you may be feeling, the yellow one is a mild calming potion, and the last one is Dreamless Sleep" She said, before pulling out her wand and casting a flurry of spells no one could quite catch. After he downed the last potion, he lay back onto the pillows and closed his eyes.

"Night, Ray."

Draco watched as his Harry fell asleep, for once looking peaceful. He looked so young, lying on the bed that seemed to swallow him whole, eyelashes gently fanned out on his cheeks. The rest of the room's occupants discretely left the room, giving the teens time alone.

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