AN: This is my first attempt at a Doctor Who fic so please be nice. The idea refused to leave me alone and I need some outlet for my creativity. Robin Hood is way too depressing to write anymore (Thanks for that BBC). Anyway I'm sure something like this has been done before so should I continue this or not?

Samantha Davis had been traveling with the Doctor for three months now. Her life had been normal, nothing spectacular. She was just an ordinary shop girl taking life day by day. Not so bad of a life unbearably dull at times but not bad.

Then the Doctor had come along in his magical blue box and swept her away from her mundane life. He had shown her terrifying and wonderful things that she couldn't even have imagined before.

In those months he had come to know almost everything about her but she knew very little about him. She knew he was an alien although most times she tended to forget until he did something so, well, alien that she was forcibly reminded he wasn't human. She knew he was roughly 1400 years old and from a world long ago destroyed in a war and that he was the last of his kind.

Beyond that though, she knew little about this man that saved worlds and seemed oh so lonely. Nor did she ask. Oh she was incredibly curious but she got the distinct impression he wouldn't appreciate her asking questions. And that if she did she would most likely find herself dumped back in New York where she came from. She just followed him on whatever adventure came along and there were a lot of them.

He was a complex creature really. For all his manic energy and seeming happiness she sensed something deep something beyond just being the last of his kind. There were moments when he'd get this faraway look like he was lost in memories. Sometimes a small smile would appear. Other times she'd see traces of tears. She never said anything just acted like she didn't notice.

There was a room close to his where he sometimes disappeared in for hours. When he emerged he'd have a wistful expression full of longing and a kind of bittersweet joy.

One day the curiosity finally got the better of her and she stood outside that door to find it locked. She stood there debating whether to knock or just walk away when the lock clicked and the ship hummed. She'd been here long enough to know that the Tardis was sorta alive and figured this was the old girls way of telling her to go in.

She quietly entered and stopped taking in the scene before her. The Doctor sat on a sofa watching what appeared to be very old home movies. A pretty blonde girl was playing in a pool with two small children a girl and a boy who looked to be twins. She motioned for whoever was behind the camera to join her and the children. The camera shook as it was sit down and a tall, slightly skinny but handsome man jumped in the pool. Laughter rang out as the man and woman chased each other around the pool with the kids eventually helping their mother tackle him.

Samantha couldn't help but smile at the happy scene at how in love the couple was. Her smile faded as she heard the quiet sobbing of the Doctor. Why would he care about these people? They just appeared to be a normal human family enjoying normal life. What could they possibly mean to an alien like him? "Doctor?"

He spun towards her hastily wiping his eyes. "What are you doing in here? How did you even get in here?"

"The Tardis let me in. Something is bothering you. I wanted to help."

He was about to tell her was alright but the concern in her eyes stopped him. He couldn't explain what he did next. Maybe it was because she reminded him of Rose in some way or maybe he just needed to talk about her. In any case he moved over making room for Samantha on the sofa.

When she had sat down he looked back to the screen that small smile appearing before saying in a voice laced with so many emotions: love, loss, joy, gratitude, regret. "Her name is Rose. She was the most amazing, fantastically brilliant, beautiful woman in the universe. She was my wife."