I love putting these two in danger, don't I? It's not my fault Cobra doesn't give up its grudges easily. *laughs*

Flack finished velcroing his bulletproof vest, staring at the abandoned building. "You sure about this, Russell?"

"Of course I'm sure. AJ was good at her job. If you don't believe me, at least believe her."

"Yeah, I'd believe her, but I can't ask her, can I?" Flack muttered so that only Angell could hear.

His fellow detective shot him a smile, the first real one she'd given since Blaine had been killed. An NYPD police car pulled to a stop next to Russell's black Explorer, and two cops got out. The both fell in behind Russell, already wearing vests.

"Detective Flack, Detective Angell, this is Detecitve Gage." Russell gestured to the female cop beside him. "And Officer Brewster." The male cop to Russell's left gave a small nod.

"Just the five of us?" Flack asked hesitantly.

"There's only one entrance, Detective Flack. And besides, there shouldn't be more than a few people inside."

"Okay then." Flack exchanged a glance with Angell, who looked similarly cautious about the situation.

"Come on." Russell led the group towards the door of the building.

- - -

"Have you tried Flack's cell phone?" Mac asked Danny as he paced in one of the labs.

The CSI nodded. "He didn't answer."

"What about Angell?"

Stella shook her head. "Nothing." She looked at Lindsay, who was sitting at a computer. "Have you tried triangulating where they are?"

Lindsay typed on the keyboard. She stared at the screen for a minute. "Both phones are on at the same location… 28 Sunnycreek Court."

"That's got to be the building."

"Hold on, Mac," Stella warned, hesitating.


"Remember last time we tried the cell phone trick? It was a trap."

"I know that, Stella, but we don't have time to worry about it. We don't know who all is involved in this thing, and any second we wait could end up in the deaths of both of them."

Stella smiled lightly. "I was going to say "we need to be careful", but I'm glad you agree."

Mac gave one of his rare smiles as he headed out the door. "Danny, you're with us. Hawkes, Lindsay, get someone that doesn't have a target or a Cobra tattoo on their back to meet us there, please."

- - -

Flack and Angell followed Russell, Brewster, and Gage into the building. It was almost entirely empty except for two men and one woman. Before Flack or Angell could even aim correctly, the three people, Russell, and Gage turned their guns on Flack, Angell, and Brewster. All motion stopped.

"Russell, what the hell is going on?" Flack demanded.

"Loose ends, detective. Loose ends." Russell turned to the men and woman. "Goat, Boar, Deer, disarm them."

The man Russell had identified as "Boar", a bulky man with dark skin and hair, took Flack's gun from his hand. "Who comes up with these nicknames?" the detective asked.

"I just pick random animals," Russell confessed. "They can change them if they really want. Most just go with whatever I assign."

"Why would you be a part of Cobra?" Angell asked, seemingly the only one thinking of the fact that they were being held at gunpoint. "You helped stop it, didn't you?"

"I needed a scapegoat," Russell said. He looked at other man and added, "No pun intended."

"So Cobra was just someone to turn in?"

Russell nodded at Flack's question. "Well, quite honestly, yes. Besides, Keith Garin is safer in prison."

"Josef David wasn't."

Flack looked at Angell. He had forgotten that the former Cobra member had been killed.

Boar laughed. "That's only because I killed him. I gave one of the life-without-paroles an opportunity to get at the guy that snitched on him in order to create a diversion while I stabbed him inmate-style. I'm a guard; it was easy."

"Emily, what exactly are you doing?" Brewster asked, looking stunned.

"I don't want to have to hurt you, Josh. You should stop talking," Gage answered stiffly.

Brewster stepped forward, looking annoyed. "You're supposed to be catching the bad guys, not being one!"

Gage hesitated. Russell pushed Brewster back, interrupting the conversation he seemed to be annoyed by. "Here's what's going to happen, good cops." He pointed at Brewster. "You are coming with us." Russell turned to Flack and Angell. "As for you two…" He smirked. "I'm sure I'll be able to find something to do with you."

- - -

Stella waited, gun in hand, as the three SWAT officers in front of her knocked in the door to the abandoned building. She followed them in, but as she moved she noticed that waiting inside was not what she had expected to find.

Flack and Angell were in chairs, back to back, their hands awkwardly handcuffed together between them. They looked a combination of bored and annoyed as SWAT cleared the building. Stella walked over to them, trying in vain to stop the smile forming on her lips. Angell glared at her.

"I don't see what you find so funny," the detective muttered.

"You're handcuffed to Flack, and you don't know what I'm laughing at?" Stella forced her smile away. "Are you guys okay?"

"I'd be better if Messer wasn't making handcuff jokes in his head," Flack answered, turning his head to see Stella out of the corner of his eye.

Stella glanced back and noticed that Danny, who had come in behind her, looked like Christmas had come early when it came to how he was going to tease Flack for the rest of the week, if not the rest of the month.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Don," Danny replied. The attempt at seriousness was thwarted by the blatant laughter in his voice.

"Shut up and uncuff us, would you?" Flack looked as if he was trying very hard not to laugh at Danny's laughter.

Stella took out a cuff key. "You're lucky that we have a few murders to solve," she teased as she released the two detectives. They both stood up rather quickly. "Speaking of which, what happened?"

"We got here with Russell and two more cops showed up," Flack began. "Detective Gage and Officer Brewster. We go in and there are only three people inside, but before Jess or I know what's happening, those people along with Gage and Russell aim their guns at us."

"What about Brewster?" Stella asked.

Angell shook her head. "Gage took his gun. He was as much of a hostage as we were."

"They didn't really say much. We were a distraction, apparently," Flack continued. "They took Brewster and left about fifteen minutes before you guys got here."