Quest of Restoration

Chapter 1: You are My Friend

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Sasuke stared at the man in front of him, the man who claimed to be the Founder of the Uchiha Clan and Legendary first user of the Mangekyo Sharingan Madara Uchiha. Madara stared at Sasuke through his Eternal Mangekyo eyes. "You will never know true power Sasuke, if you keep holding on to your past." He insulted the teenager. "Kill your best friend and release the natural Mangekyo Sharingan within you." He commanded tempting Sasuke's lust for power. Sasuke look down at the floor. Did he really want power that badly? He knew he needed it in order to kill Itachi, but now that his older brother was dead would there be any use in continuing his destructive training.

Sasuke looked at the founder of his clan. "I don't need your kind of power. My Sharingan is already strong enough and with Itachi's added power there is no need for me to get the Mangekyo Sharingan and blind myself." Sasuke spat venomously. Madara's eyes narrowed. "Well then if you won't give me another set of Mangekyo Sharingan eyes to take as my own then I will have to kill you so that I will be the only Uchiha alive." He stated nonchalantly as if it was nothing more than casual conversation. Sasuke's body immediately tensed and his eyes turned blood red with three tomoe swirling around in the center.

Madara chuckled evilly and in a flashm punched Sasuke strait in the stomach, lifting the fifteen year old a few centimeters off the ground. Then while Sasuke was still in the air he spun and kicked the young man in the chest sending him flying into one of the chamber walls. "Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke. When are you going to learn your place? You can not defeat me. Don't you know who I am?" he asked his opponent. Sasuke stood up out of the rubble and glared directly into Madara's eyes. This caused the safety mechanism that Itachi had transferred to activate. His eyes transformed into Mangekyo form and he activated his most devastating Genjutsu. "Tsukuyomi!" he whispered harshly. Madara laughed and countered with his own Genjutsu. Both Uchiha were pulled into the world of the Red Moon and stood facing each other.

"Sasuke do you really think you can beat the master of this world?" Madara asked chuckling. Sasuke just looked at him and in a flash there was one-hundred of him surrounding Madara. Each Sasuke had their katana drawn and they advanced towards the opposing Sharingan user. Madara whipped out a short bladed katana and attacked the first Sasuke image. "In this world only the one with the will to live and desire to win can survive." He informed Sasuke as image after image was cut down. Sasuke rushed in and parried on of the blows Madara sent his way. "That may be true but also the user with the strongest Sharingan will decide the outcome of the match." He countered the sword thrust sent his way and spun quickly kicking out at Madara.

The leader of the Akatsuki glared at Sasuke and smiled. "I would rather not waste my chakra playing mind games with a child." He told Sasuke as his image left Tsukuyomi. Sasuke released his gaze and was brought back to the real world. When he opened his eyes he saw Madara rushing towards him. He was barely able to react to the attacks and blocked two punches before a kick sent him into the air. Sasuke flipped and hurriedly did his hand signs. "Fire Style: Grand Dragon Flame Jutsu!" he cried out as a mass of fire formed itself into the shape of a dragon and flew towards Madara. Madara stared at the oncoming wave of fire and smiled.

"Child's play" he said softly. He raised his hands and did five simply hand signs. "Fire Style: Fire Seal Jutsu" He stated and the dragon of fire was instantly caged within a prison of chakra. Madara sneered at the still airborne Sasuke. "I have you now Sasuke." Madara threw a kunai with fifty explosive tags attached to it. The tags exploded when the kunai was about ten feet away from Sasuke. The fire that blossomed engulfed most of the sky. Madara continued to look at it and smiled when he saw a figure fall from the smoke cloud. Hmph he thought he thought to himself and turned around. When he turned he found himself face to face with none other than Sasuke! "But how?!" he asked surprised.

Sasuke just smiled. "Body replacement technique" he replied just before punching Madara in the chest. Sasuke then started one of his favorite combos. Summoning his lightning elemental chakra he applied it to his hands, arms, feet and legs. Sasuke punched Madara's face then kicked at the man's chest. He followed this with another punch to the lower abdomen and kneed Madara in the face. While the man was a few centimeters off the ground Sasuke quickly spun and ducked sending a kick strait into the air. This sent Madara flying upwards. "Shadow Leaf Dance!" Sasuke cried out appearing underneath Madara's airborne form.

"Now I will end you!" he exclaimed and proceeded to kick and punch Madara down back to earth. He used ten more attacks then necessary and ended his "Extreme Lions Barrage" with a Chidori empowered ax-heel kick to the chest. Sasuke stood up exhausted by the chakra drainage on his body. He walked away shakily but stopped when he heard movement behind him. He turned and saw Madara stand up and brush himself off as if nothing had happened. "Was that all you had?" he asked "I was expecting more out of you Sasuke." he taunted. Sasuke glared at Madara and leapt into the air. Madara just looked at the airborne male. Sasuke landed on top of him and began to swell. Madara's eyes swelled in surprise.

The water clone exploded and Madara went flying into a nearby wall, but was intercepted by a kick Sasuke sent into his back. Madara rolled on the ground on for a while before coming to a stop. "That was sneaky. I know now I'm going to have to give it my all to kill you." Madara warned Sasuke. Sasuke tensed and Madara teleported behind him. Sasuke was too slow and receive an uppercut that sent him into the air. Madara grabbed Sasuke's ankles and slammed him through a wall. He released the younger Uchiha and sent him flying through the air. Sasuke did a few hand signs and thousands of snakes erupted from his forearm towards Madara.

Madara saw the incoming serpents and began slicing at them with a kunai. Sasuke bit his thumb and place his hands on the ground summoning a huge three headed snake. The snake attacked Madara, who nimbly dodged one head and ran along the top of another. The third head tracked him and knocked him down with a head butt. A flash of metal was suddenly flung from Madara's sleeve and wrapped itself around the intertwined necks of the two snakes, effectively locking them together. Sasuke began more hand signs and soon thousands of shuriken were flying towards Madara.

Madara deflected them with his kunai and then began his own flurry of hand signs. His hands were to fast for Sasuke's eyes to follow and suddenly a huge dragon was summoned. It began to fight Sasuke's hydra and knocked the two Shinobi to the ground. Madara was the first to recover and did more hand signs. He ran towards Sasuke with a small tornado of fire in one hand and a kunai in the other. Sasuke stood up just as the flaming tornado was shoved into his chest. He screamed as his insides were set ablaze. Madara stabbed the kunai into Sasuke's heart and kicked him in the chest driving the kunai deeper.

Sasuke was sent backwards from the kick and tugged at the kunai trying to remove it from his vital organ. He coughed up some blood and fell to his knees. He could feel his body shutting down and tears came to his eyes. "I'm sorry, Naruto. I never told you. You were my best friend. You were the only one I considered an equal." Sasuke whispered as he dropped face first on the ground. Madara walked over to him. "Now to end you." He whispered as he lifted Sasuke's katana in the air, meaning to behead the young Uchiha.

"Rasengan!" a voice yelled from behind Madara. The elder Uchiha turned around to see none other than Naruto Uzumaki running towards him with a blue sphere of chakra stretched out in front of him. He was so surprised that Naruto's attack hit him full force, sending him backwards into a pillar. Naruto knelt beside Sasuke and turned him over. "Sasuke! Come on you can't die now!" Naruto yelled as eyes slowly turned from blue to red and tears formed in them. "Sasuke!" He yelled again.

Sasuke opened his eyes slowly and look at Naruto. "Na……naa……naru………Naruto." He whispered weakly. Naruto smiled and examined Sasuke. He found the kunai and ripped it out of Sasuke's body. Sasuke grunted from the pain but smiled. "I'm………glad….I'm……glad……I……got…to see……you one more time………before I died." He whispered to his friend. Naruto was pumping the chakra from the Kyubi into Sasuke because he knew it had accelerated healing properties and knew that it might save Sasuke. He shook his head at Sasuke's statement. "Don't speak like that Sasuke. You are going to live and then we can go back to Konoha and decide who is the strongest." He assured the dying Uchiha.

Sasuke let out a weak chuckle. "Optimistic to the end eh, Naruto? My time on this earth has come to an end. I only have time to say this. You are my friend Naruto, my very best friend." Sasuke said as he closed his eyes. Naruto's tears intensified as he felt his friend's heart stop. "Sasuke! Noooooo! You are my best friend as well Sasuke!! Don't die!!" he yelled in grief holding his friends body close to him. He heard chuckling behind him and turned to see Madara getting up.

"Well now, isn't all this touching? The two friends got to see each other one last time. Don't worry I'll send you to the same place where he has gone so you two can be together soon." He stated chuckling evilly. Naruto's eyes became completely red and red chakra formed around him. Madara continued chuckling. "You must not know, but with my eyes I can control the Nine-Tailed Fox." He informed the blond as three chakra tails formed. Naruto smiled insanely. "Well then try and control me." He said as he rushed into Madara. Naruto swiped one of his claws out sending the chakra towards his adversary. Madara released his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan to the max of its abilities and barely held back the claw of chakra from reaching him.

"Like I said, I can control the Kyubi with these eyes." He chuckled as Naruto glared at him. The blond noticed the strain Madara was putting on his eyes and remembered what Kakashi had told him about Shadow Clones. Putting his hands into the cross shape he activated his signature Jutsu. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" he cried out as four more Narutos appeared next to him. Each of the clones was surrounded by the Kyubi's chakra with three tails released. Madara knew what was going on and knew that trying to stop all five of the attacks could kill him. He back flipped and made some clones as well. Naruto took the chance to form a Rasengan and attacked Madara.

Madara grabbed Naruto's wrist and was burned by the chakra surrounding him. Naruto was flung into the rubble surrounding from the surrounding area and could feel new power coming into him as his clones were dispatched by the Madara clones. He stood up and saw Sasuke's body a few feet away from him. I'm doing this for you Sasuke.

(Past ) Inside Naruto:

Naruto walked towards the Kyubi cage and waited for the beast to appear. "So are you ready to release me yet boy? He heard the voice of the demon say. Naruto looked at the seal holding the Kyubi back. Naruto took out the Toad Seal Key that Jiraiya had given him and put it onto the seal. Suddenly he heard the Kyubi growl and smiled. "What are you doing?" It asked. Naruto laughed. "I'm purifying your chakra so I don't go insane when I release anymore of it." He explained to the fox. The Kyubi growled as its chakra was purified. When Naruto was done he ripped off the seal, permanently fusing his chakra with the fox's own chakra.

(Present) Limbo:

Sasuke's soul floated in the blank white of nothingness. So this is what it is like to be dead. He thought to himself. You are not dead Sasuke, at least not yet you aren't. He heard another voice think. Sasuke turned around to see his mother. She was in a pure white gown and had a pair of beautiful wings coming out of her back. Mother, is it really you? He asked. She smiled and nodded. Your quest isn't over yet Sasuke. She told him. You must rebuild our clan and bring it to its former glory. There is only one female strong enough to bear an Uchiha child. She doesn't know that it is her destiny to help rebuild the Uchihas. You must live so you can rescue her from her prison, but first you must save the one you consider closet to you. She continued to give him instruction. Mother, will I see you again? He asked. She smiled and kissed his forehead. Yes Sasuke. We will meet when it is time for you to sleep. Sasuke cried and hugged his mother. Be strong my son and know that I love you.

(Present) Battleground Ruins:

Sasuke gasped as he breathed in his soul. He sat up and saw Madara and Naruto fighting each other. Naruto was surrounded by a strange golden chakra and nine separate strings of the chakra waved behind him. Sasuke stared in awe as the Founder of the Uchiha clan fought at his hardest to keep Naruto at bay. It was clear to see that Madara was still the stronger of the two but was having a hard time fighting the Kyubi Incarnate. Sasuke stood up and spread his wings. Wait what the hell?! Wings?! Sasuke looked down at his skin and saw it had a slight golden tan on it. His clothes were different as well.

He was wearing the red and black ceremonial fighting robes of elite Uchiha members with the clan's symbol on the back and in the front over his heart.. He looked up into the sky. Mother gave me the power needed to take down Madara and I will do it. He silently vowed. Suddenly Naruto sped flying towards him and Sasuke caught him in his arms. Naruto looked up and saw his best friend holding him. "Sasuke, you're alive!" he exclaimed. Then he noticed Sasuke's clothes. "What the heck are you wearing?" he asked.

Sasuke dropped Naruto and smiled. "Dobe, we have a fight to win so leave the questions for when we get back to Konoha, ok." He stated simply as Madara advanced towards them. The Founder of the Uchiha clan was livid and decided it was time to rid himself of the two annoying Shinobi. "Susano'o!" he cried out and suddenly a huge Spiritual creature formed from his body. "Forbidden Jutsu: Perfect Possession Jutsu!" he said continuing his hand signs. The spirit being shrunk down to human size, and then fused itself with Madara. In a flash of light Madara was fully healed and dressed in the armor of the spirit creature. In one hand he held its sword, Totsuka no Tsurugi, and in the other attached to his forearm was its shield, Yata no Kagimi. Sasuke's eyes flashed with a strange light and he smiled.

"Naruto don't get hit by that blade." He instructed his teammate. Naruto nodded and looked at Sasuke again. He saw the white wings that had grown from Sasuke's back but decided not to ask any questions………yet. Sasuke stretched out his left arm and a small circular shield formed from pure white energy. Then he stretched his right arm out and a katana formed. "The legendary blade, Masamune and Kami's shield Yomi no Kagimi." Sasuke stated as he held himself at ready. Madara smirked and rushed towards the teens. He swung his sword at Naruto who backed away and sent four of his chakra tails towards him.

Madara blocked with his shield and Sasuke swung at him with his sword. Madara brought his own blade up to defend himself and was left wide open. Naruto took this opportunity to run in and began slashing at Madara's armor. Madara kicked out at the blond and received a kick form Sasuke. Naruto formed a clone and began to form his most powerful technique. Sasuke kept Madara at bay while Naruto and his clone completed the Futon Rasengan. Sasuke and Madara locked blades, each one pushing against the other for dominance. Sasuke felt Naruto's presence behind him and leapt out of the way as Naruto thrust force a green Rasengan with a swirling shuriken surrounding it into Madara's armor.

The chest plate cracked open as the force of the attack smashed through its ethereal energy dissipated under his chakra. Madara was lifted up by the wind chakra and it started to slice through his nervous system and chakra network. Naruto held his right arm in pain. He knew that he had used too much wind chakra, but it was necessary in order to defeat Madara. Sasuke looked on as the attack did its damage and knew that Madara would still be alive when he hit the ground and began charging a Chidori. Madara hit the ground with a crunch as some of his bones fractured. Sasuke sprinted forward and just as Madara was getting up rammed the orb of lightning chakra through his heart.

Madara looked down and saw Sasuke's arm in his chest. He raised his sword and brought it down onto Sasuke's shield. Sasuke was surprised that Madara was still standing after taking both attacks directly. He leapt back to Naruto and kneeled. "Naruto, I know a way to beat him, but it will require that move you just did." Sasuke stated as he explained his plan to Naruto. Madara close the gaping hole in his chest and doubled over in exhaustion.

Sasuke and Naruto stood up from the kneeling position together and put their hands into the same sign. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" they exclaimed in unison. Two Sasukes and five Narutos appeared. Three of the Naruto and one of the Sasuke ran towards Madara while the other clone of the Shinobi stayed behind.

Sasuke held out his right hand while Naruto held out his left. Sasuke started to form a Chidori while Naruto formed a Rasengan. Because their hands were so close together the attacks began fusing together. The Naruto clone began applying wind chakra to the attack, which was the opposite of lightning. The Sasuke clone formed the rotating shell to keep the Jutsu stable and soon it was complete. The complete move was a turquoise colored orb with spikes of electricity forming out of it. There were also a multiple crisscrossing halos of blue wind chakra surrounding it. Naruto smiled with his 'devil-may-care' attitude. "Lets finish this bastard." He told Sasuke. Sasuke looked at him and smirked. "I couldn't agree more."

The clones had kept Madara busy and then each of them grabbed a part of him and held him so he couldn't move. He looked at the two originals sprinting towards him holding an orb of pulsating chakra between them. "Here it comes." Naruto yelled. "It's time to put you where you belong!" Sasuke exclaimed. "Futon Rasendori!" they screamed in unison, thrusting their attack right into the middle of Madara. The force of the attack pushed them backwards and then it took affect. The sphere exploded and a crackling tornado of electricity and wind surrounded the clones and Madara. Madara screamed at the top of his lungs as the attack tore him to shreds.

Naruto and Sasuke watched as blood splatter around and on them from their combined technique. When the dust cleared Madara maimed body hit the ground. There were clumps of hair, flesh and body mass missing from Madara corpse. When they examined him they saw that his heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach and other internal organs had been blended together into a soft spongy mass. "So what do you think it would taste like?" Naruto joked. Sasuke looked at him and smiled. "I don't know I guess we will have to ask the poor creature that eats him" he replied. The two friends laughed at their sick joke and sat down.

Sasuke crawled over to Madara and opened the left eye lid seeing as the right lid was missing from the face. "No one can have the secrets of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke glared at the two Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan eyes he held in his hand that had been removed from the Uchiha clans former leader. He quickly formed a few one-handed hand signs that he didn't know he knew and place the eyes in front of his own. In a few seconds the eyes of Madara Uchiha fused with the eyes of Sasuke Uchiha and he could feel the power flowing through him. Naruto looked on in awe. "So Sasuke, you said I could ask you questions when our fight was done. I don't see any enemies around, so can I ask my questions?" he inquired curiously. Sasuke turned around and looked at Naruto with his new eyes. The looked like The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan except for the fact that it had an additional three tome in the center of the pupil swirling in the opposite direction of the outer tomoe.

"Sure let's go back to Konoha. I'll explain everything on the way" Sasuke said his eyes reverting to the normal three tomoe Sharingan. Naruto stood up and dusted himself off. Looking at Sasuke he smiled. Naruto had finally completed his mission. He was bringing Sasuke home. Sasuke looked at his smiling friend and lifted his arm. Naruto lifted his arm and they knocked forearms in a warriors salute. Turning from the carnage behind them the two Shinobi walked towards Konoha, the place they could both call home.


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Yata no Kagimi (Yata Mirror)-Considered to be one of the three sacred treasures. This mirror is capable of reflecting all attacks, and is used as a shield in the left hand hand of Susano'o

Totsuka no Tsurugi (The Sword Ten Hands Long)- Another sacred treasure, the Totsuka no Tsurugi, commonly sheathed in a sake jar held by a third hand growing from Susano'o's right forearm, is an ethereal weapon with an enchanted blade capable of sealing anything it pierces in an eternal dream-like illusion.

Yomi no Kagimi (Underworld Mirror)- A mirror, used by Kami to defeat his enemies, that absorbs attacks and sends them it the Underworld (Hell).

Masamune- Legendary Katana with the power to revive the dead and also able to kill with one thrust.