Quest of Restoration


It has come to my attention that no one is particularly enjoying the second part and as such I'm going to discontinue the story for those of you who don't fall into that category I'm sorry but there really is no reason to continue a story that no one likes. I will however give a brief overview of how the story would have concluded had I continued.

First off the story is sasuhina and the fact that I added Hanabi to make it a love triangle was just to add to the greater conflict. Everyone is complaining that Sasuke should have just chosen Hinata but real life doesn't work that way and I try to add in some realism when I make my stories. Anyways from the last chapter Hinata and her team would've returned to Konoha and delivered news of Izuna's threat to Tsunade.

She would've began mobilizing the entirety of Konoha's forces to repel the threat and subsequently get assassinated. Kakashi would be promoted to acting-Hokage while he prepared Naruto for the role. Izuna would kidnap Ryoko in order to take Hinata hostage. Sasuke would be defeated by Izuna in combat and it would've been revealed that Izuna is the original Izuna having been kept alive by going into suspended animation.

After taking Hinata and Ryoko with him, Izuna would wage war against Konoha with the cloud and stone villages as his allies. Suna comes to the aid of Konoha and Naruto sends Sasuke and his team off to rescue Hinata. Hanabi joins them and together they confront Izuna and his most loyal subordinates. Killer Bee and Naruto have a giant jinchuuriki fight resulting in Naruto losing his left arm and Bee dying. After a lengthy and hard fought battle the Konoha/Suna forces push back and defeat their enemies and everyone rejoices.

Elsewhere Sasuke and Hanabi confront Izuna with Sasuke's team having stayed behind to face Izuna's forces. The classic exchange of insults is tossed back and forth and the final fight begins. At first it seems as though Sasuke and Hanabi are holding their own but Izuna steadily begins to overpower them and is about to deliver a fatal blow to Sasuke when Hanabi jumps in front of the strike and dies a few moments later after a tearful goodbye to Sasuke and Hinata. Hinata in despair at the loss of her sister goes complete ape shit and releases all of her power.

Izuna is taken back by this display and gets absolutely wailed on. Sasuke also in despair in losing Hanabi releases a new power greater than his awakened form. The light from this new form changes Hinata's cursed seal to an awakened seal for in her blind rage the cursed seal had begun eating away at her body mind and soul.

Now with both Sasuke and Hinata powered up the duo battle Izuna and steadily overpower him. In a final burst they kill Izuna and avenge Hanabi. A few months pass and Hinata announces to Sasuke that she's pregnant. Rika and Ryoko rejoice at the news and a baby shower is thrown for Hinata by the entire village.

In the epilogue Sasuke and Hinata's child, a boy named Hinosuke is taken before the Hyuga elders where he receives the title to lead both the Hyuga and Uchiha clans as was dictated in the marriage pact his parents had signed.

Well there it is and while it would've been fun to write out I figured there was no point in writing it if now one is going to read it. while there would have been more inner twisting conflicts this is what would have generally happened over the next ten or so chapters.