St. Pheliosta's Other Princess

By: Bishounen'sFoxyMiko

Co-authored by: DeathNoteMaker

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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): Vampire Game/InuYasha

Pairings: Kagome/? Ishtar/Darres

Warnings: Language, Violence, Angst, Lemons (later on…X3), etc.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, etc.

A/N: This is one of the story ideas that were on Bishie's page! I offered to co-author, and she accepted so here I am! She has allowed me to do the first chapter. : 3 I hope you all enjoy the story! This starts before Duzell appears! XD

Summary: Kagome, with Kirara by her side, is sent home to her world after defeating Naraku. But…it is not her era. Her true home where magic, royalty, creatures beyond myth and vampires exist. Not only that, but in this world, our favorite miko is a princess. A princess of a holy lineage at that!

St. Pheliosta's Other Princess

Act 1, Part I: Summoning Gone Wrong or Right?

"Lady Ishtar, please be very careful with the pronunciation!" A young woman with waist length black hair, and pale skin garbed in a purple silk dress looked at the old man. Her beautiful emerald eyes narrowed in annoyance. "I know what I am doing you old fart!" Three young men stood on the side of the display watching the events between the old man, and irritated young lady.

Two of them were laughing behind their hands, while the tallest of the three sighed. He ran a hand through his black hair, and opened his dark blue eyes. His clothes signified his role as a soldier, but he was really a bodyguard. "I will do fine! I don't have to read this whole thing!" Yes, he was one of the bodyguards of the irritatingly rebellious girl that was yelling.

Locking his eyes on the girl's petite frame, he watched as she stood in the middle of the circle. As she began to chant the necessary components for the spell, Ishtar's hair began to float as her powers lit the circle. Everyone in the room watched in surprise as she then brought her hands out in front of her. She closed her eyes, and then began the most important part. "With my powers I summon another direct descendant of my great-grandfather!"

The old man, though he usually was pretty much deaf to Ishtar's insults or rude sayings. Heard that loud and clear, didn't she know she was the only direct descendant of King Phelios? The coloring in the room went dim before extinguishing completely, making the others in the room sigh in relief. Ishtar only stood in the middle of the room with a disappointed expression on her face. Her bodyguard was about to walk up to her, when the circle glowed once more but this time blinded everyone.

When the light cleared away, everyone opened their eyes and shook their heads. What had just happened? The only thing that had snapped them out of their dazes was a scream from one of the maids. Looking in the direction the woman was pointing in, they all saw another young woman laying on the ground bleeding. All the occupants of the room looked at the woman, and watched as she slowly stood up.

The red wide-legged pants, she had cuts in the fabric. Instead of a shirt, bandages were wrapped around her upper body, but they couldn't see anything because she was lying on her stomach with two swords in her sash. They noticed that red was staining the back of the bandages, and spreading across the stone floor. One of the maids in the room with brown hair made to go towards her, when they heard hissing. Stepping from under the woman's long raven hair, a small two-tailed cat appeared.

The princess and the other women in the room all squealed at the cuteness (though the princess did mentally) of the cat. The one going towards the woman turned her attention back to her original task, when the cat was suddenly engulfed in fire. In the next moment, a ferocious looking feline was hovering protectively over the body of the unconscious female. Roaring at the woman, making her run away. She hissed at anyone coming close. Darres and the other two young men drew their swords.

They had to get the woman from the monster. "Kirara?" Any movement stilled as the woman tried to push herself up from the ground. Her arms trembling as she came close to achieving her goal, only to give out and make her fall back on the ground. A pain filled moan escaped her mouth, as she reached her hand towards Kirara's head.

"Where are we Kirara? Is everyone safe?"

The feline's wild eyes seemed to soften as she nuzzled the woman's hand. "Don't worry I am not going to die…I wont die if only for their sake." The woman let out a ragged breath before falling into unconscious once more, her hand falling limply to the side. Ishtar deciding that since these fools (excluding Darres) still seemed to be stuck in some trance. "If you all would stop staring like idiots, you would realize that she is bleeding to death!"

That seemed to snap them out of it, as they finally noticed their princess walking towards the woman. Darres took a step forward and held out his hand to her. "Ishtar! Don't go near it!" Looking at him with bored look, she decided to ignore him. There was a woman dieing on her floor, and no one seemed to be trying to get her.

Coming near the feline she heard it hiss at her in what had to be a warning. Lifting her hand up she smiled, "I don't mean to harm her…we have to get her some help or she could bleed to death." Kirara looked at her with feral crimson eyes, before they seemed to take on an almost contemplative look. Gazing down at her mistress near her feet, she then nodded. Engulfed in fire once more, she turned into her smaller form and mewled.

Smiling in triumph, she then turned towards everyone. "If you all weren't acting so stupid we could have helped her sooner!" Everyone sighed at the rude behavior of their princess. Why did she have to act like such a bitch? 'Though she is right…'

Darres stepped forward and picked up the woman bridle style by Ishtar's orders. She was carried into the medical ward, where she was then laid down into one of the beds. Ishtar sat next to the bed and watched as the nurses started to tend to her wounds. The "monster" cat was lying next to the woman with a concern look, and Ishtar wondered what exactly were they? Her emerald eyes then drifted towards the woman, and an excited smile slithered onto her face.

This young woman had to be a direct descendant of Phelios!

She appeared after she did the incantation, and so she had to be! Looking her over, she had to admit that she was very beautiful. She even looked to be the same age as she did, but her chest was bigger. A fact she was kind of irritated to notice. The swords that were by her side couldn't be picked up by anyone except her. One of the maids tried to pick it up, and was thrown back.

The fact that she had the swords meant that she was a warrior of some kind.

Also one of her swords was a Holy one.

That further proved it in her mind.

"Oh my god! Who would do such a thing!?!"

Snapping out of her thoughts, she looked towards her relative and her eyes widened in shock. It looked like something had impaled her through the stomach!! She watched as the nurses and doctor worked to stop the bleeding, and what after seemed like an eternity they accomplished that. Wrapping up the woman's wound, the doctor said that she would be fine.

After all of them left, Ishtar gazed down at the woman.

Bringing a hand up to her face, she sighed.

"Are you really a relative of mine…or are you just a summoning gone wrong?"


Turning towards the door, she saw Darres looking at her. Standing up with a sigh, Ishtar moved towards the door. Halfway out the door she looked back at her possible family member. The moon shined from one of the windows illuminating the mysterious female warrior. After the door was shut, Kirara moved to lay next to the woman's head.

Curling up and wrapping her tails around her, she fell into a light sleep. She would protect her mistress in this new place.


The Sun rose over the horizon, and crept up the length of an occupied bed. Wrinkling her nose in irritation of the light, electric blue eyes snapped opened. Shooting up from her lying position, one Higurashi Kagome; also known as the Shikon Miko, the supposed reincarnation of Kikyo, True reincarnation of Midoriko, and the vanquisher of Naraku, looked around the room in caution and confusion. "Where am I?" A jolt of pain shot through her body and her hand went to her midsection.

"I remember fighting that demon…and then being impaled by its sword trying to protect those children…why I didn't use a barrier is beyond me…"

A mewl from her side made her turn her head slightly. Seeing the nekomata, she smiled. "Kirara." The neko jumped into her lap, and then mewled at her once more. Petting her companion, a sad smiled appeared on her face.

"Where are we?"

Kirara only tilted her head to the side, before mewling making Kagome smile some more. So even Kirara had no idea. This whole place felt so different from her time and Feudal Japan, besides the stone floor and structure of the room screamed foreign to her.

"You are currently in the kingdom St. Pheliosta."

Instantly Kagome was on her feet, and her two swords were drawn. Her body in a stance that was practically beaten in her subconscious, her eyes narrowed. The morning's light glinting off of the deadly metal that was pressed against the intruder's neck. "Who are you?" Kagome hissed in a completely hostile voice. The girl in front of her was about her age, as far as she could tell.

Her eyes also drifted over towards the other occupants in the room, an old man, and three younger men. The taller of the younger men had his hand on the hilt of his sword. She smirked inwardly, "Where exactly is this St. Pheliosta?" Everyone seemed to look at her as if she had a second head. One of the young men, the one with brown hair seemed to look at her as if she was retarded.

"Are you some kind of idiot? How can you not know where St. Pheliosta is?"

An anger vein appeared on her forehead, and her right eye twitched before she took a deep breath. In the blink of an eye, she sheathed her swords and flipped back towards the bed. Landing on the other side without making any noise in her landing, she glared at them. "I wouldn't know where this St. Pheliosta would be, because I have never heard of it." Looking at them with narrowed eyes, she scowled.

"I wouldn't know where I am because I am obviously from a different world."

End of Chapter 1!

Yay! I am finally done with the first chapter! It's is Bishi-chan's turn to do a chapter, whenever she does it! I am sorry if anyone thinks that it is too short. XD This was basically the introduction, so I hope you all enjoyed it. I'll see you guys soon!

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