St. Pheliosta's Other Princess

By: Bishounen'sFoxyMiko

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St. Pheliosta's Other Princess

Act V, Part V: Which Prince, Which?

After what seemed like hours (although it was only just one hour) of watching Laphiji and Kagome's spar drag on, showing swift sword techniques and many spells combined with their blades. Now both the eldest of Pheliosta and the second prince of La Naan were in a standoff, staring each other down with their blades poised with their stances. Both were also breathing heavily from exertion as beads of sweat trickled from their brows.

Kagome gave a breathy chuckle with an upturn of her lips, "How about we continue this spar later today? Maybe after Seiliez's fight in the preliminaries… or maybe after lunch?"

After the slight twitch of Laphiji's lips and a nod, the second prince of La Naan slid out of his stance along with Kagome before sheathing his sword. Once Kagome had done the same, he walk with her to where her sister and his elder brother stood.

Ishtar came up to them with a towel in hand, talking excitedly about how amazing her older sister was while fighting Laphiji as one of the servants present, when watching the two sparring, handed Laphiji a towel as well.

"That was so cool, Kagome! You and Laphiji were moving so quickly that I couldn't see anything! You definitely earned your reputation back home!" Ishtar was grinning so much as she wrapped her arms around her older sister. After seeing Laphiji and her sister's spar, and combine that with her fight with Vord at the beginning of the tournament, there was no doubt in her mind that Kagome would win! Although, it seemed that Laphiji would be considered a match for her sister than most swordsmen.

Her thoughts about Kagome or even Duzell or Darres winning the tournament and the bet with Aunt Ramia, Ishtar quickly stepped back from Kagome, "Whoa, Nee-san! You really worked up a sweat!"

"What? Can't stand the smell?" Kagome smirked as she dabbed the towel on her chest and neck before dabbing her face.

Ishtar just laughed before linking her arm with Kagome's, leading her away from the two La Naan brothers, "Not really but it would be nice if you got a bath."

"Yes, yes. I understand." Kagome replied as she continued to let her sister lead her away before turning back to Laphiji and Seiliez, "Thanks for the workout, Laphiji! I really had fun! Oh, and Seiliez, after I get cleaned up a bit, Ishtar and I will meet you at your room."

The two brothers watched as the twin princesses left, but not before Kagome mentioned to Darres about his time to fight at the coliseum. Once they were out of hearing range, Seiliez turned to Laphiji and asked, "So what do you think of Princess Kagome's skills with a sword? Do they meet your expectations?"

Laphiji was silent for a while as he wiped the sweat from the back of his neck before he answered, "Her skills and techniques are of a foreign origin… but very effective. Far more elegant than the style we were taught. She's a very formidable opponent. And her spells, although simple are very effective as well. It's just a shame she won't be able to use them during the tournament."

Seiliez nodded, accepting his brother's evaluation of the elder princess' skills with a sword. He trusted his brother when it came to reading another's skill in magic and swordplay. Turning to where the two had just sparred, a sweatdrop formed on the side of his head as he looked at the damage done.

"Although… how are you going to explain this to Mother…?"

The second prince of La Naan looked at the damage as well but with a blank expression, taking in the broken statue he had sliced and other parts of the area that were crushed and/or sliced.

Oh, yes… how was he going to explain this to their mother, Ramia when she doesn't really believe that Kagome could really fight?


Duzell gave a stretch as he got up from his morning catnap. Earlier, after breakfast, Ishtar dropped him off in their room with Kirara as she went to watch Kagome train, even though he wanted to Kagome train as well. But he was still fine with it since he was able to take a nap before Ishtar took him with her and her sister to Prince Seiliez's room.

His ear twitched when he heard the door open and revealed the twin heiresses of his enemy's throne. The younger twin was chatting away about her sister's skills during sparring while also saying, "It's just a shame that you didn't somehow get his blood for Duzie to test if he was Phelios's reincarnation."

"Although, in some ways, I doubt that he is." Came Kagome's reply as she entered the room. Her attire and sweat-covered form made the vampiric Kyawl pause, not able to move his eyes away from the elder princess's form which brought on thoughts that were anything but innocent with the miko princess's sweat being caused by other activities rather than training.

Said thoughts made him release a purr of pleasure before Ishtar's voice spoke, "How do you think he's not Phelios's reincarnation?"

Making her way to the closet that held the towels, Kagome answered, "Well… his very aura is thick with magic. So much that I can practically taste it in the air around him whenever I'm close to him… like when we first met and he kissed my hand, at the breakfast table, and right when we were sparring. The magic that flows off of him is covering his own unique aura or even practically merged with his own." Finally getting a towel, she added, "The guy's like a living and breathing Rune."

Duzell took this time to transform into his 'Ishtar guise', wanting in on the conversation. Once he was fully transformed, he pulled the sheet from the bed around himself and spoke, "That doesn't mean that there isn't a chance of him not being Phelios."

"There's still also the factor that his magic's of both the holy and neutral variety. And I'm thinking if he was push to do so, he could also use black and blood magic. But with him being raised within a holy family, it would just go against him to use that type of magic. Because of this, I don't think he can be Phelios's reincarnation." What Kagome said was the truth with what she sensed from the dark and silent prince, most especially after he showed a bit of his skill in their sparring match.

"Despite the reasons you speak of, I'll still need to test his blood." Duzell reminded as he watched Kagome go to her wardrobe and picked out a dress for her to wear when they go to visit Seiliez in his room.

"I know, Duzell. Maybe during my next spar with Laphiji, I'll try getting a little blood sample for you to test." With that, Kagome went to draw her bath with Ishtar coming in from behind her with her older sister's favorite scented soaps.

Out of habit, Duzell followed behind them but froze at the doorway when he witnessed Kagome stripping, unwrapping the bandages from around her torso and untying the obi that held her hakama up, letting the leggings fall and gather at her feet before letting her undergarments follow.

The reincarnated vampire couldn't stop his eyes from wandering on the princess's exposed flesh, from the swell of her exposed chest to her the flare of her hips and down. And despite the faint scars that he could see, along with the scar on her side, Duzell could see any flaws that deterred her beauty.

Ishtar's voice brought him out of his thoughts once more, making him quickly turn his eyes away as his face became slightly red.

"Hey, Kagome. I've got a question." The younger princess asked, handing a bottle of scented soap for Kagome to pour in her bath.

(I'm just going on a whim from how the water was drawn for the bath, pay no mind)

"Sure, ask away." Kagome replied, oblivious to Duzell's predicament as she poured the soap in the tub. Once the water was at a proper level where it's full but won't overflow once she stepped in, Kagome stepped in, letting the heated water sooth her taut muscles and letting the scent of the soaps calm her nerves.

Duzell kept an ear open as he stood at the door, keeping his eyes away from the nude female whom was currently bathing. He was also curious as to what Ishtar's question was.

Taking a seat on the ledge of the bath, Ishtar looked to her sister before asking curiously, "If… you were forced to choose to marry only one of Ramia's three sons… whom would you agree to marry?"

The vampire, forgetting that one of the princesses was naked, almost got whiplash when he turned to where the twins were while Kagome looked at her sister without a blink while not really expecting her to ask that kind of question.

After a pause, Kagome asked curiously, "Supposedly, if I had no other choice? Or…"

"… Just out of curiosity about her tastes in men?" Duzell asked, not really liking how this conversation was turning out, although he had no idea why. True, he admits that the elder princess was attractive in her own right but he didn't know why he was so on edge when it came to even the mention of other males wanting her hand in marriage.

"I mean without this tournament and if you had no other choice but to choose among the heirs of La Naan. Who would you pick? Seiliez, Laphiji, or Vord?"

"Why the sudden curiosity?"

It was Ishtar's turn to pause, trying to choose her words carefully. After a while, Ishtar spoke, "Well… I'm really just curious since, despite that they're family, they're practically strangers to you…"

Letting her words sink, Kagome nodded in understanding. What Ishtar was trying to as was if the princes of La Naan family were their only choices, whom would she pick among the three…

Looking to her sister in the eye, Kagome answered truthfully, "If I had to pick one of them… I would call dibs on Laphiji as my first choice." And it was true; her first choice would definitely be Laphiji. Her choice of choosing him over his two brothers was just enforced after sparring with the tall and dark man. She most definitely would love to have a man she could fight along side with.

Duzell then raised a brow, making his way to where the sisters were and asked, "Your first choice?"

Looking to Duzell, not bothered that he most likely could see her naked, answered, "Yeah. Before, I-f it really came down to it… I don't think I would've been able to make up my mind in choosing between Laphiji and Seiliez." With her answer, she started to scrub her body of the sweat and grim that collected on her skin during her training and her sparring match with Laphiji.

"You wouldn't choose Vord at all?" Ishtar asked, pretty surprise at her sister's answer. And although she found Kagome's answer of choosing Laphiji as her future husband (supposedly speaking), she didn't really find it that strange since, in a way, her sister and the second prince looked good together.

Kagome shook her head at Ishtar's question, "Although, I admit Vord's handsome in his own right with the unique mix of tanned skin and light colored hair… I can't really see myself with him since he has this are about him that makes me see him as a younger brother."

Ishtar smirk, "I have a feeling his ego and pride would be hurt if he heard you say that."

"What I'm saying is the truth." Kagome added as she went to wetting her hair.

The vampire within their care furrowed his brows slightly before asking, "And if you couldn't choose Laphiji, you would be fine with Seiliez?"

"Well, Seiliez shows that despite his weaknesses due to everything Ramia most likely told him while growing up, he has great inner strength and he also is kind hearted which is great on an emotional level." Kagome reasoned before adding, "Both of Vord's older brothers have traits that I would look for in a future husband. And it has nothing to do with bloodlines so not even Keld will have a say in my choice." Kagome then went to washing her hair, pouring the shampoo into it. A while into her scrubbing, Kagome pause and asked, "Since you now know whom I would pick. Who of the three would you pick, Ishtar?"

Ishtar gained a sheepish look, "Well, to be honest, I can't really see myself with Vord or Laphiji since I find them gross… so I'd pick Seiliez if I had no other choice."

Kagome looked at her sister with a look that silently asked 'are you serious?' and verbally asked, "And how do you find Laphiji and Vord gross? Is Vord too masculine for you? Is Laphiji too dark and silent for your tastes"

"I don't know… when I look at Laphiji, I always feel… uncomfortable around him and can't seem to talk to him. As for Vord… he seems a bit on the cocky side." Ishtar couldn't really put her reasons into words. But she guessed it was mostly because she loved Darres and couldn't see herself with anyone else if she had to choose a husband.

The elder princess and vampire just sighed and let the subject drop as Kagome picked up in scrubbing her scalp. Her lips slipped into a smirk at the memory of the subtle twitches of Laphiji's lips, signs of near smiles when they were sparring. During those moments, he was truly handsome.

Yes, she definitely wouldn't mind having him as a husband… despite blood relation (although, he's still basically a stranger to her).

Duzell looked to a wall, giving the bathing princess at least a little bit of privacy before he remembered something and asked said princess, "Earlier when the two of you were walking in, Ishtar mentioned something about fighting someone during training… you were fighting Laphiji?"

"Ah, yes. He came up to me requesting a sparring match." Kagome answered before pausing to submerge herself in the water to rinse her hair. After surfaced, catching her breath and wiping the soapy water from her eyes, she continued, "Although he didn't say so verbally, he seemed curious about my skills with a sword."

Duzell then turned to Ishtar as she explained, "Laphiji and Kagome were practically on par in speed and skill. Most of those who was there could hardly keep up with them. Not to mention they really did a number on the statues during the little spar. And before coming back, Kagome promised to have another spar with Laphiji."

Kagome then chuckled, rinsing off the stray soapsuds in her hair, "I'm really looking forward to it too… I hadn't felt a rush like that in a while. He's even more fun to spar with than fighting Vord during the tournament."

'If I was at my peak in power… I would make sure to give you a challenging spar you would never forget.' Although Duzell was initially thinking about a sword fight, it immediately led to more… less than innocent thoughts.

Both princesses noticed that their Vampire Kyawl was a bit red in the face before Kagome asked, "Hey Duzell? You okay? Your face is getting a little red…"

Those words made Duzell stiffen before quickly excusing himself to avoid answering any questions as to what was the cause of his face reddening.

Curious yet slightly worried about the vampire's departure from the bathing room, Kagome and Ishtar looked to each other before shrugging.

Seeing that he fingers were getting slightly pruned, Kagome stood from the bath and grabbed a towel before wrapping it around her self and stepping out of the tub.

While she was drying herself, Ishtar noticed one feline was missing and asked, "So you know where Kirara went to, Nee-chan?"

Pausing in her drying herself, Kagome looked out the room they were in and into their bedroom. Aside from seeing Duzell back in his Kyawl form, Kagome couldn't see the nekomatta anywhere in the room. "Don't know. Maybe she's walking about in the castle, looking for mice or maybe even exploring. She'll turn up later in the day."

The miko princess wasn't worried about her feline friend in the least since said feline could take care of herself, despite her appearance. But a part of herself couldn't help but be curious herself on where Kirara could be.

Shoving the questions aside, Kagome started getting ready for her and Ishtar's visit with Seiliez…


Meanwhile… a pair of red orange cat eyes watched Laphiji as he made his way to his bathing quarters…

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