Alternate universe.

I have had a few really interesting ideas for new stories. Im gonna get started on them pretty soon. This is one of them. Jamie and Tommy switch places.

The next two that I will start soon are going to be, Tommy and Shay switching places, except Tommy is still going to be in Boyz Attack not a rapper. :P

The other one will be Jude and Sadie switching.

I am also thinking about writing a Season 5 for everyone. And maybe rewriting a season 4 with Jude choosing Jamie but it will probably still be a Jommy. The season 5 I write might be a sequel to that one but who knows?

Okay so here it is! Jamie and Tommy, swapped. There are a few changes, Tommy is Sadie's boyfriend, Jude and him are friends, he is 19, freshman in college, studying music. Jamie is also 19 he is a producer and still an ex-boybander. Darius runs G-major. Jude still won Instant Star, and Tommy is her best friend, he just happens to be Sadie's boyfriend also. Jude is 17 when she won instant star.

Its gonna be all in Jude's POV.


So I won this singing contest called instant star. I always dreamed of making great music and this is my chance. Im sitting in the lobby of G-major awaiting my doom, yeah im waiting to meet the music mogul himself, Darius Mills the king of hip hop. G-major just looks like a regular old recording studio, just like I always imagined. A little more platinum than I imagined but pretty close. Im sitting on a couch people in studios playing music, and half the around me look like they are completely lost.

Not me. I am exactly where I am supposed to be, about to start making great music with my right hand man Tommy. He will tell people to call him Tom part of his new college image, but when you've known the guy since you were 4 the name sticks. Tommy is my best friend, has been ever since we moved into the house.

Now he is dating my sister, Sadie. Imagine every trophy on the planet, my sister has 98 of those trophies, i guess she wants to show me up or something, but I don't care, she can be better than me, as long as im here, guitar in hand. Sadie is 3 years older than me. So her and Tommy are closer in age than me in him, but I don't care.

My mom and dad divorced when I was 15, turns out my dad kept taking all expense paid vacations to explore Yvette, his travel agent. My mom ended up eloping with her divorce lawyer and ever since then my dad pays rent for the house, our childhood house and mom and Don have been honeymooning for about a year now. I've never met Yvette and I will never want to. For now I can just appreciate the money, until I can make my own. Sadie is jobless so you can imagine the torture at home.

Good thing is Sadie starts college in a month which means she wont be around much, but she is still living at home, the U of T isn't very far away. The bad thing about Sadie going to college is Tommy is going with her, they are both leaving for school. Sadie is majoring in business and Tommy in music.

So now that I've spilled my life story, here we are back to me sitting on a couch with Tommy waiting for my new boss and my record contract.

"Man, this will be great, I'm gonna be making music, and one day, when your gonna be my producer and be the best in the business." I say to Tommy with a wide smile. Sadie decided to tag along, she was always jealous of the carefree relationship me and Tommy have. We are laughing and taking and sadie is sitting across the way glaring.

"Tom, could you get me some water, im parched." Sadie says in a need voice butting in to the conversation me and Tommy were just having about our future in the music industry.

Tommy looks over at Sadie a little surprised, "Sadie, I cant just walk over there and get you some water, here," Tommy says extending his arm to hand her 2 dollars, "Go buy something out of the machine." Tommy said. Sadie walked off huffing and puffing in anger. "I swear she is gonna drive me poor."

"don't worry one day I'll have enough money to support all three of us. But im still not so sure I want to share with you." I said playfully with a wide grin.

Tommy acted hurt, "Aww, girl, you've known me forever and you wont even help a guy out, that's just cruel." he said with a smile matching mine.

'Girl' that's my nickname, no one else's. At least that what I'm convinced of, Tommy has never called me anything but Jude and girl, im pretty sure its all mine because I've never heard him call Sadie that. I love it, it's a little piece of Tommy that all mine, that I don't have to share with Sadie because she is dating him. I realized it was quite between us and I looked down at the floor, just then I heard a deep voice coming towards me.

"There she is, our instant star." Darius said walking towards the couch.

'stand up Jude, respect, he's your boss' I thought to myself, I stood up and tried not too look too desperate for a music career, but I couldn't help but smile wider than ever. It was really happening, "That's me, Jude Harrison, but you probably know that, and your Darius, you're my boss."

"And manager, comes with the contract, Jude we are gonna make you into a star, it wont be to hard since I'm running the show." Darius said with a cocky smile.

I was a little confused, "Well, that's cool, I mean all I really want to do is make great music."

"And you will, when your ready, for now, we gotta get you noticed." Darius continued as his smile got wider.

Now I was really confused, Tommy had gotten off the couch, to stand next to me and Darius quickly took notice, "Who's this, boyfriend?"

"No, best friend." I replied.

Darius gave Tommy a once over and said, "Well, from here on out, you too are a publicity couple, go out and do crazy things, get married, run around naked, whatever, just get you noticed." Darius said.

"What? I didn't win to become a celebrity wash out, I want to make music." I said getting frustrated.

"Like I said you gotta work your way up, people know who you are, they will buy your albums." Darius explained.

"Well, cant I do, good publicity things? Like free concerts, or, soup kitchen?" I asked desperately trying to save my dignity that Darius wanted to destroy.

Darius let out a slight, 'hmph' and then looked from me back to Tommy, "Compromise, you two, soup kitchen downtown on Saturday, got it, good. We'll talk contract when your famous enough for my time."

I just gaped, "I pictured that going differently in my mind." I said to Tommy. He was a little surprised too, I guess he didn't figure he would get sucked into something like that. "I guess, this means your fake cheating on Sadie" I said trying to ease his surprise.

Tommy smiled at that and opened his mouth to say something when sadie came up beind him and cleared her throat.

What Tommy sees in sadie I have no idea. I know she is my sister and I should love her, well I do, and I don't mean that she's ugly because she isn't but her personality is, she is very needy, especially when it comes to Tommy.

"What's this I here about Saturday, soup kitchen, can I come?" Sadie asked.

"Im not sure ask Darius, that is if you make it through a conversation alive." I replied. Tommy laughed a little Sadie continued looking at us with a sneer that never left her face. Well at least not when I'm around. "Besides what are you going to do? Help people? Not likely." I said and Sadie's sneer grew. Tommy tried not to laugh at that comment but couldn't hold it in. Sadie's glare turned to Tommy.

She was furious, "Fine, you guys can walk home!" she said and stormed out. When she ran out, me and Tommy should have felt bad, but instead we turned to each other and cracked up in laughs. We linked arms and walked out the door being sarcastically merry as we discussed my sister.

Me and Tommy had a long walk home form G-major, but I didn't mind, I loved spending time with Tommy, since he started dating Sadie we barely hang out anymore.

"What's on your mind girl?" Tommy asked obviously knowing I was thinking about something.

I looked up at smiled small, "Nothing, I was just thinking, we never hang out anymore and I miss it."

"Yeah, but Sadie's got me on a short leash." Tommy said regretfully.

"Then why are you still dating her? I mean you complain about it all the time, why don't you do something about it?" I asked.

Tommy looked at me again as we continued to walk down the street no longer linked at the arms. " I know, but I like her a lot, she's cool, when we are alone, I was gonna talk to her tomorrow when we go out for dinner." I nodded and we finally reached my house. "See ya tomorrow?"

I smiled at him getting my keys out, "You got it, I probably should head to G-major and then we can do whatever, Sadie will want to come."

"Well what do you say we just hang out, the two of us, since we never get to anymore." Tommy said.

"How are you going to manage that?" I looked at him baffled at how he planned to ditch Sadie, the girl was like hot glue, no matter what you do, she hard to get off.

"I'll just give her one of my credit cards and tell her that she can treat herself to the mall, I'm clever, girl. I know what makes Sadie tick." I laughed at him, and said goodnight, "Night girl." he said walking towards his house.

I let out a breath as I stuck my keys in the door and walked into my house. I looked at the time in the kitchen, 11, wow that late? Better get some sleep.


I cant sleep, maybe the excitement is getting to me, ugh three o clock, I yawned maybe I'm more tired than I thought, and away I go.

Where am I?

Oh look there's Tommy. . . Wait I'm in G-major. Why is Tommy here?

"Hey Tommy" I say.

What is he doing?

Tommy is standing right in front of me, what's going on?

Wow, too close! Oh jeez, he's leaning, what should I do? Lean! Jude! Lean! I leaned.

Wow talk about electric.

"Jude" he say's softly after, "Jude" he repeats in a shrill girl voice.

"It was a dream." I say waking up to see Sadie in my doorway screaming at me.

Sadie gave me her usual sneer, "Duh, that what people usually do when they sleep, dork. Get up! Darius called he wants you to stop by G-major."

I groaned as she slammed the door on her way out. I regretfully got out of bed when I heard a knock on the door and I heard Sadie and Tommy's muffled voices talking. I cant believe I had that dream about Tommy, I mean he's good looking and all but he's been my best friend as long as I can remember, and not to mention he is dating my sister.

Snapped out of my thoughts by Sadie's squeal of happiness, Tommy had given her his credit card. I rolled my eyes and finished getting dressed, I went into the bathroom and applied my makeup and brushed my hair. When I walked downstairs I saw Tommy sitting on the couch and Sadie in the kitchen.

"Coffee?" I asked yawning as Sadie pointed to the pot that was still half full with coffee. "Well, I have to get down to G-Major, Sadie what was all the squealing about?"

"Oh, Tommy gave me his credit card and told me to treat myself to a day just for me, and he's giving me his car for the day!" She said grinning widely, "Well, I guess I'll go now, bye." she finished kissing Tommy on the cheek as she walked out the door.

"Wow, Tom Quincy, international man of mystery." I said looking at him as he turned my way getting off the couch.

He squinted looking at me in a sexy suspicious way, he leaned in, 'Oh my God.' I thought, when he got just close enough he grabbed my coffee pulled away and sat back down on the couch. I was stunned, I was nervous, I was in ecstasy.

"G-Major?" Tommy said snapping me out of my phase. I nodded and walked out the door, Tommy setting the cup on the counter, we got into my old mustang, my baby, my dad helped me pay for it and I fixed it up, with occasional help from Tommy, I'm such a grease monkey.

Tommy got in on the passenger's side, "So, how should we spend our day Harrison?"

"You know Darius might have it planned out already." I said sarcastically hoping that wasn't the case as I started to drive in the direction of G-Major.

So tell me what you guys think! I mean I knows its pretty different from Instant star, but a lot of my others stories are going to be follow up from different episodes and all that so I wanted to write a few alternate universe ones to keep it original.

Jamie will come in the next chapter and I plan on putting Spiederman in the story, because, well because im in love with him. :

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