All things considered, it had gone well. The shields had been lowered and the creature had left, breaching a hole in time and space. They had seen it leave earth on the screen, the energy slowly disappearing in what seemed like a big red slot. Before leaving it had said that it could not return the already snatched energy, but that all the people they took with them would be part of them and be in the light forever.

All well that ends well if you had Torchwood standards, none of the team had gotten beaten up, smashed, kidnapped or killed Yep, a good day's work. For normal human standards of course, this was a day out of hell. One hundred and thirty-five death in one day. People being evacuated, big light bulb in central Cardiff. Everyone was paranoid and terrified.

PC Andy had called Gwen to see what she was going to do about it and she had answered the same as she always did with Andy. "Don't worry, everything is going to be ok, we'll take care of it."

They all worried though, the entire team was now back at the hub. Owen had had a field day finding ways to deal with the bodies.

"We could shoot them in the heart and blame it on a poor homeless guy turned sharpshooter."

"We could chop them up, organize a city fair and have a big barbecue." A comment that had earned him hateful looks from everybody, nobody had forgotten their encounter with cannibals.

Finally they had decided that no explanation would be adequate and they returned the bodies to the morgues, retconning the morgue people so they'd forget all about torchwood requisitioning the corpses. Ianto had written a press communiqué owning the energy dome to a problem with Cardiff's electricity network, also explaining the loss of electricity throughout Cardiff that day. There would be a lot of speculations, investigations and questions but nobody would think of blaming an alien life form for all the deaths. Human's had a great capacity of denial and self-deceit, the clever ones would be retconned as need be.

It was the end of another busy day, by the time all corpses were returned and all paperwork was done, it was past two AM. Gwen had gone home already, wanting to be with Rhys. Tosh and Owen had left not long afterwards, Tosh teasing Owen about his lack of insight he had that same morning, calling the spike 'just an upward movement'. Owen took it well and put his arm around Tosh's waist, a gesture Jack knew meant nothing to Owen, but all sorts of things to Tosh.

Ianto was ready to leave, he looked tired but good, as always. He turned to look at Jack.

"I'm off Jack, been a long day."

"Do you mind if I walk you home? I'm not really tired, as I don't need sleep, and I could do with a walk."

Ianto grinned, he knew that even if he said no at first, Jack would convince him eventually.

It was a quite walk, none said much, well they said nothing at all, Jack held Ianto's hand and when they got to his apartment Jack just followed Ianto inside. Jack hadn't asked and Ianto hadn't stopped him. Ianto flung himself in the couch while Jack stood at the door, unable to make up his mind to stay or leave. He watched Ianto, laying on the couch eyes closed and felt so at ease.

"Can I stay? I promised to cook for you, remember?"

Ianto smiled, his eyes still closed, too tired to open them right now.

"it's almost three AM, Jack. Hardly cooking time."

Ianto made Jack nervous, not many people could do that. He really wanted them to be together again, but he had never had to try really hard with anybody before. He had always been in control. Now, sometimes he thought Ianto made him soft… well when he didn't make him hard that was.

"I was thinking more in the line of breakfast." He monitored Ianto's reaction.

First his eyes opening fast, his face, the face of a shocked man, then slowly relaxing, followed by a mocking look and a big glorious smile.

"You are incorrigible. Do you really think anything is going to happen Jack? Look at me. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't get on my feet, ever again. I don't even have the energy to take off my clothes, let alone take off yours."

Jack stood up, took Ianto in his arms and carried him in the bedroom. He started to take of Ianto's shoes, his tie, unbuttoning his shirt. All the while Ianto laid back hardly able to move.

"Jack, I really don't…"

"Shush.. please don't argue."

Jack finished undressing Ianto he took his own clothes of and slipped under the covers. Ianto was almost sleeping, fighting to keep his eyes open.

A sleepy voice said "You won't get lucky tonight Captain Harkness." but even so, as always, Ianto laid his head on Jack's shoulder, his arm loosely around his waist, falling asleep slowly, his breathing light.

"I consider myself very lucky, Mr Jones" he said, kissing the boy's soft hair.


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