After Severus took the potion, Madame Pomfrey figured out exactly how old Severus was, he was seventeen months old

After Harry became a dad for real, he moved into Grimmuald Place, only for a while though because he was restoring Godric's Hollow. His friends came and visited Severus and Harry all the time and Severus was always happy when " Uncle Draco" arrived

It's been a month since school was let out and Dumbledore said Harry could have the teaching job and hopefully finally beat the curse that's been on the D.A.D.A. job since Tom Riddle wanted it. Harry wasn't the only one who got a teaching job that year, Draco became the Potions professor and head of Slytherin, and Hermione took over Muggle Studies. Ron was the odd ball and he worked at the Ministry with his dad

" I cannot believe my relatives lived in a dump like this" Draco said making a face

Ron hit Draco over the side of the head

" Hey what was that for?" Draco asked

" Don't be a prat" Ron said

Draco glared but didn't complain about the place anymore

" SEVERUS COME BACK HERE YOU SCAMP" Ron, Hermione and Draco could hear from upstairs and they could hear a giggling Severus

" Come on, I need to get your nappy on" Harry said

" No" Severus said with a giggle

It took Harry another minute to catch his son and another five to get the nappy on

" Wow it's sure different raising a real one year old then it is raising a one year old with adult memories" Harry thought to himself as he dressed Severus in a black t-shirt with a cauldron on it

" You want Hissy?" Harry asked accioing the snake which made Severus squeal with delight when he saw it

Harry smiled at that

" You ready to see Uncle Draco, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione?" Harry asked

Severus just smiled

Harry picked Severus up and carried him out of the bedroom and down the stairs where said "Aunt and Uncles" were at

" Hey you guys" Harry said

" Hi Harry" Hermione said, " Hi Sev" Hermione said in a baby voice

" Hi" Severus said

" So did he learn any new words since the last time we were here?" Ron asked

Harry smiled, " Severus who's that?" Harry asked pointing to Ron

" Won... Won" Severus said happily

" Did he just?" Ron asked

" Yep... Uncle Won" Harry said with a grin then he pointed to Hermione, " Who's that?"

"" Severus said clapping his hands, he liked this game

" Ooh very good Severus" Hermione cooed

"" Severus said again, ""

" Can you say Draco?" Draco asked

"" Severus said slowly

" Draco" Draco said slowly

"" Severus said again

Harry smirked, " Draco, you're, just get used to it"

" Ok... Sev, who's holding you?" Draco asked

" Severus turned around, " Dada"

" No... Harry" Draco said

" Dada" Severus said firmly

Harry smiled, " That's right Sev, I'm dada"

Severus smiled and hugged Harry to make a point

" I think it's weird not having him as a godfather" Draco said, " We were close"

" And now you can return the favor and be close to your godson" Hermione said

Draco smiled

" So... any word on your father?" Harry asked giving Severus to Hermione since Severus wanted to go to her

Draco shook his head no, " Not since I told him I didn't want to be a Death Eater and I never wanted to follow... Voldemort"

Draco and Ron still shiver when they hear Voldemort's name

" You got to get over being afraid of his name" Hermione said and then turned to Severus, " Isn't that right Sev?"

" Yes" Severus said with a giggle, he had no idea what anybody was talking about but he asumed that was the answer his auntie wanted to hear

" Easier said then done, it's only been a few months since Voldemort was killed" Ron said

" Yah, don't remind me" Harry said taking Severus back and hugging him

They took Severus to the park and Hermione packed a picknic, Severus liked the swings and the slides, of course he had to be on somebody's lap when he slid down because it was a big slide. Draco mostly went down with him

" Let me guess, Sev took you to the park all the time when you were young?" Harry asked when Draco took Severus down the slide for the tenth time in five minutes

Draco's answer was a big smile and a nod and took Severus down again

during lunch, Hermione set out the blanket and got the food ready and had Severus sit on her lap and Ron would roll the hissing ball back and forth with him

Severus giggled every time the ball hissed at him

This is mostly how the summer holidays went, well except for Ron who could only come over on the weekends

Harry could finally move into Godric's Hollow a month before school started, which meant two weeks before he had to be at school and make lesson plans and have meetings before the students come

" Wow I can't believe it's been a year since Severus turned seventeen" Harry thought to himself

Harry's house in Godrics Hollow was an exact replica of James and Lily Potter's house

" Home sweet home" Harry said the first time he stepped inside

" Home?" Severus asked

" Yes Severus, this is our new home"

Severus shook his head no

" Yes" Harry said

" Not home" Severus said

" Severus we moved here" Harry said, " Come on, I'll show you your new room"

" Woom?" Severus asked

Harry smiled and nodded and picked Severus up to carry him upstairs

Harry walked into the room that looked like the one he lived in when he had his parents, the room had blue walls with green snakes and cauldrons on it

When Harry first decorated the room, Hermione protested that the snakes would be too scary for Severus

Harry was hoping Hermione was wrong

" Nakes" Severus said happily

" Do you like snakes?" Harry asked

" wuv nakes... and dada" Severus said and he hugged Harry

" Dada loves you too" Harry said with a smile

" Dada tory?" Severus asked

" You want a story?" Harry asked

Severus nodded

Harry smiled, Severus probaby knew it was close to nap time and he had to have a story read so Harry went to the little bookshelf that had Severus's baby book on it and let Severus pick one out, then they got comfortable on a rocking chair and Severus cuddled into Harry and Harry began to read