Unfortunately Severus didn't get an answer that night

" How did it go son?" Harry asked

Severus walked into the house with a frown on his face

" That well huh" Harry asked a little disappointed

" She... didn't answer... said something about the time not being right" Severus said

" Well, you still have a chance" Ginny said, " Was there anything wrong with the date you two went on?"

Severus nodded, " Rettop and Kcalb"

Harry sighed, " Now what?"

Severus shrugged, " They've been dealt with... I'm going to bed"

" Severus if she didn't say no, then there is still a chance" Ginny said putting a comforting hand on her son's shoulder

Severus sighed and nodded, " Sure Mum"

That night Severus dreamed of the day he called Lily a mudblood, though it was a little different, both sets of Lily's were defending him and both sets of bullies were bullying him, by making him go upside down on his broom and James was about to take off Severus' pants and Rettop was cheering James on

Both Lilys stopped Potter and Rettop then Severus snapped at both Lilys

" I DON'T NEED HELP FROM FILTHY MUDBLOODS. MUDBLOODS MUDBLOODS..." Severus's mind kept saying over and over

Severus woke up in a cold sweat

" Maybe that's why she won't marry me" Severus thought, " She still doesn't forgive me for calling her that filthy name"

Severus couldn't wait any longer, he got out of bed, got dressed and snuck out of the house and hurried over to Lily's house, climbed a tree to her window and knocked

It took about five minutes for a sleepy eyed Lily to answer

" Sev? What's wrong?" Lily asked sleepily, " What are you doing this early in the morning"

" I had a nightmare" Severus said

" So take a potion" Lily said

" Lil I have to know, will you marry me?" Severus asked

" I'm not answering yet" Lily said

" Why?" Severus asked, " Don't you love me?"

" You know I do, we both admitted it" Lily said

" Then why won't you marry me?" Severus asked, " Is it because I called you a rotten name?"

Lily looked surprised, " What are you talking about?"

" In Fifth year when I called you the M word, is that why you won't answer me?" Severus asked

Lily shook her head no, " That is not the reason, I knew and know you didn't mean it"

" Then what is it?" Severus asked, he had a worried look in his eye

Lily sighed, "Sev... we're only 18... I'm not... ready"

" Oh... we don't have to be married, we can just be engaged" Severus said

Lily shook her head no, " I'm not ready to be engaged yet either... I just want to date for a while longer before we get serious and you start proposing and I answer"

" Oh, why didn't you say something?" Severus asked

Lily shrugged, " I was thinking of all the times we've had together... I told you this was going to take a while"

Severus sighed, " So, just dating for now?"

Lily smiled and nodded

" Ok" Severus said with a smile, " I can handle that"

" Oh Sev" Lily said with a smirk

" Yes?" Severus asked

" This is really romantic, you sneaking out at night to come see me and climbing the tree like this... and very muggle" Lily said with a grin

Severus grinned too

" Just don't let my parents catch you" Lily said and with a peck on the cheek, she had him leave

" I still have a chance" Severus said before he fell asleep

Sorry for the very long wait and short chapter. Major case of writers block and just very busy with RL and other stories. Thank you for staying with me. :)