A few years passed, Severus asked Lily to marry him once a month for three years and she kept saying no, personally Severus thought she liked driving him insane by saying no. Finally there was a day she said yes. Severus wasn't planning on proposing this day, but Harry urged him to. Saying that Trelawney saw something wonderful on this day happen.

Severus was very skeptical, never believing what that woman had to say, but even Grandpa Dumbledore and Grandma Min urged him to propose today along with all his aunts and uncles, for the life of him, Severus couldn't figure out what was so special about today

Severus took Lily on a picnic lunch and then they went flying for a while, he was very nervous like he is every time he proposes, this time he hoped everything was perfect since everybody kept pushing him to propose

Lily and Severus were out since lunch where they had a picnic, and then for dinner, Severus took her out to a nice restaurant, after they ate, they took a walk in the park waiting for a firework show to start, once it started, Severus enlarged a blanket for them to sit on and watch the fireworks, after the finale of the show, there was one more big firework, and it said


Lily really liked this proposal... no... she loved this proposal, she saw Severus down on one knee with the ring out

" Yes Severus, I will marry you" Lily said with a grin

Severus laughed with joy and grinned, after he put the ring on Lily's finger, he spinned her around and kissed her

Lily laughed too, " You want to know something Sev?"

" What?" Severus asked once he calmed down

" This is the anniversary of the day we first met when we were toddlers" Lily said with a grin

They both started thinking about the first time they met

Lily, you have some visitors" Linda said walking over to her daughter and picking her up

Now Severus was shy and he indicated for his mummy to pick him up

" Oh now you're being shy?" Ginny asked

" Up mummy up" Severus said lifting his arms up

Ginny picked up her son

" Lily this is Severus and his mummy Ginny" Linda said to her daughter

" Sevus" Lily said

" I Sevus... this Hissy" Severus said indicating the snake

" Hi" Lily said

" Hi" Severus said

" Why don't you two play while we mummys talk?" Linda suggested, " Lily you can show Severus Leo"

Lily's eyes lit up and nodded and wiggled down, Severus did the same

" Come Sevus, I show you Leo" Lily said and they toddled over to Lily's bed where a lion was at and she picked it up

" Leo is Lily's favorite stuffed animal, she takes it everywhere" Linda explained

" Same with Severus and his Hissy" Ginny said with a smile

Severus laughed, even though it was childish, they both really loved those stuffed toys

" Come on, lets go tell our family the good news" Lily said with a smile

Severus nodded, they went to the Potter house, the Evanstons and Potters knew Sev was going to propose today and Lily was going to say yes. Everybody was at the Potter house, The Weasleys, Malfoys, Sev and Lil's friends, Dumbledore and McGonagall, everybody who made a difference in Severus's life was there

" Hey hey, it's about time my daughter said yes to you, you've been asking her every month for years" Henry said with a laugh

" I know" Severus said with relief

" That just proves how much you love our daughter, and we cannot wait until you are a part of our family, we already think of you as part of the family, but now it will be for real once you two are married" Linda said with a smile

The girls started gushing over the ring

" Oh it's so pretty" Rose said

" I love it" Lily said

" Why did you wait so long to say yes?" James asked

" This day is very special, it is the anniversary of the first time we met when we were toddlers and became best friends" Lily explained

" But he proposed to you every month for three years" James said

" Yes, but never on this day, he proposed once a month, but he never proposed on this date" Lily said with a grin

" You mean if I just proposed to you three years ago on this date you would have said yes?" Severus asked

Lily grinned cheekily, " No, we were too young the first time you proposed, but maybe last year if you proposed then then yes I would have... I'm glad the way it worked out though"

Severus smiled, " Me too"