May, Misty, and I

by Ambezua

Ok, first of all, this is another series COMPLETELY unrelated to my last series. I have decided to focus more on the character development of my characters more, as well as the details of what each of the characters is going through at a given point in time. To be up-front, this three-part series deals with a love triangle between May, Misty and Ash. Brock and Pikachu are the only two other characters that are involved. Sorry, no Team Rocket in this one! Each chapter will be from a different point of view, sometimes of the same events that happened in the last chapter. In each case, the name of the chapter will also be the point of view for the chapter. Of course, I will not reveal who actually ends up with Ash until at LEAST the last of the three parts. I may simply leave it a bit open ended, just to be a bit cruel... Please R&R, and enjoy! (oh, and I have included songs that I found particularly fitting... Listen to them at the indicated locations, if you wish.)

Chapter One: May

Theme song: (Could it be)

I walk along the path, my feet slightly dragging. Perhaps it serves me right... Why is fate so predictable? Why must I suffer this unbearable burden along with me wherever I go? I look up at my two traveling companions. My tormentor walked up front, with the wide smile, proud gait, and deep brown eyes. I could almost swear that those eyes acted as the doorway to his spirit, they always seemed to betray his mood. His best Friend, and constant companion, held onto his head, much like a young child. but, he was not a child, he was a small, yellow creature named a Pikachu. The two of them had stronger bond between them than any other friendship they held. I sighed, and glanced over my shoulder at my other traveling companion. He was watching me again... Darn it. I decided that I didn't really care if he watched me or not, the pain was becoming unbearable. I hastened my pace and caught up with the source of my agony. I walked beside him, and gazed longingly into his deep, brown eyes. For a time, at least, I tried to forget the truth. I tried to fall back into the world in which everything turned out the way I wanted it to be. His eyes remained focused forward, oblivious to my intense gaze.

Then, the little fellow perched upon his head looked over at me. It was a curious sort of look, a mixture of surprise and wonder.

"Pika?" he tilted his head slightly to the side.

Ash, for that was the name of my tormentor, suddenly realised how close I had gotten to him.

"You feeling alright, May?" his tone was filled with a concern.

'"Uh, yea..." I lied, shrinking back a bit, "I just wanted to ask if we could put up camp soon, I am getting pretty tired."

"but, if we keep walking, we might be able to get to the next pokecenter before it gets too dark."

"I would rather not pitch a tent in the dark, come on, Ash. It's getting very late."

"Alright, May, have it your way."

Brock, for that was the name of my other companion, have me a uneasy glance as he slid his backpack from off of his shoulder. I was almost certain that he knew the truth about me, about the real reason why I wanted to camp outside. What he was about to do almost confirmed my suspicions.

"Hey, Ash, It's your turn to gather firewood. May, how about you help me prepare the food?"

Brock knew that Ash hated being sent off to get the firewood, especially when I volunteered him. Ash looked a bit dejected, but didn't seem like he was in the mood for an argument with Brock. then, I got an idea.

"You know, I don't really mind, Ash. You can help Brock, I will get the firewood," I offered.

Ash and Brock exchanged confused looks.

"But, May, you gathered the firewood last time, besides, I thought you were tired," Ash looked back at me.

Even his mere gaze drove me crazy. I could almost feel myself melt.

'I have it so bad... I didn't know how much longer I could bear it. I might end up doing something very rash if I don't find a better outlet soon' I thought to myself.

"Um.. it's ok, besides, you look like you need more rest than I do, " I ran off into the woods before either of them could object further.

How could this happen... At first, it seemed like nothing to be worried about, a simple pain that would pass away as quickly and unexpectedly as it had appeared. but, no. the longer I refused to gratify it's demands, the more it grew and cut into me. I wondered if I would eventually just explode, freeing me of my living hell. I frantically searched around for a few fallen limbs to use for firewood. They would begin to worry if I didn't get back soon.

When I arrived back at camp, the tents had already been pitched, and the sleeping bags laid out on the ground. I threw the wood down in a pile, then looked over to Brock. He held out a lighter to me, without saying a word. Yes, he most certainly knew my secret. Ash, however, as he rushed over to obtain his bowl of strew, obviously remained oblivious. Why did I have to fall for such a dense boy? Yes... I had fallen for him, more deeply than I had ever imagined possible. I had never believed those stories about unrequited love, but now it was my reality. It had eaten away at me. I didn't eat as much at meals, and it was starting to effect my sleep. the only way I could calm myself was when I could creep over to his sleeping bag and lay over on the ground next to him. I would listen to his rhythmic breaths, and gaze upon his tranquil face. I would pretend that he was sleeping right next to me. The mere illusion of it would soothe my pain, and allow me to sleep soundly. It was a temporary remedy, which I feared would lose it's effectiveness over time.

"May? Are you ok?" Ash loomed over me.

"Oh, yes, I'm fine." I replied. I looked down at my half-finished bowl of stew that lay before me. I didn't want food, I wanted Ash. Here, now, and forever. I pushed the bowl away from me, and laid my head down on the table.

"May, are you sick? You hardly eat anything anymore..." Brock picked up the discarded bowl. He knew that I was sick... Love-sick. He simply enjoyed seeing me in agony, in desperate need for something that I would never obtain. My situation often reminded me of patently awaiting a slow, painful death.

I decided not to answer Brock's questions. I simply walked over to the tent and zipped the door closed ofter me as I climbed in. I looked through my backpack, and took out a small, brown book. I flipped to one of the last few pages. I quickly wrote: "Another day without telling Ash that I love him. Tomorrow is his birthday... Perhaps I can finally get him to notice me if I do something extra special for him. I was thinking about a birthday kiss... After all, since I am going to die soon anyway (of unrequited love) I might as well go out with a bang..."

I slammed the book shut. Tears began to well into my eyes... I couldn't bear it any longer. I needed to see his face again. I listened carefully for the tell-tale sounds of Brock's raspy snore. I unzipped the tent slightly, and looked out into the dark night sky. I couldn't hear a thing. Quickly, I changed into my pajamas, and stepped out into the night air. It nipped and bit at my exposed skin, but I continued walking anyway. I stopped where I knew he lay fast asleep... Him... The one who held my heart in his hands and didn't even know it. I laid down next to him, as had become my custom. I tried to calm myself, as I had done before, by my close proximity to Ash. However, I still couldn't sleep. It just didnt seem real enough anymore. I crawled back to my tent, casting one last glance toward his sleeping form. He seemed so... inviting... and calm. I sighed once more. Being with him seemed like an impossible dream. I laid back down, and fought hard to quiet my mind and fall asleep.

Ambezua: Does May have a chance at Ash? How far will she go? Next chapter...