Chapter Seven: Ash

I felt something burning my eyelids, namely the sun, and I sat up with a groan... What a night... I had the most realistic dream. I dreamed that May had come to me in the night, told me she loved me, then we started making out...

"WAAA!" I jumped right out of my sleeping bag when I realized it had NOT been a dream. May slept with me?! Well, not in the traditional meaning of those words, but she had still slept right by my side all night?

I looked down at her, shy lay on her side, her hands folded under her head, sleeping sweetly.

I reached up and began feeling my face all over. May and I had kissed each other in virtually every location in which exposed skin could be found, without undressing. My skin felt foreign to me, as if some contaminate hadn't been applied, and no longer belonged to me.

'What was that, last night? Had I fallen for May, or was that simply lust?' I briefly pondered.

"Hey, look who's up?" oh, great... Brock knew... I was fully aware that he would torment me about last night for the rest of my natural life.

Brock grinned, "You little scoundrel! Look at her, she's completely exhausted. I tired to break you two up twice, but you kept at it, you animal!"

Brock chuckled to himself, but even I could tell that something was on his mind.

May began to stir. She moaned, and sat up.

"So... how was last night? You passed out before I could be fully satisfied. I hope you don't mind that I slept by your side all night." May smiled.

"Uh.. no, it was sort of relaxing..." truth was, I couldn't remember much of last night, but I couldn't tell her that.

"Oh, you say the sweetest things, Ash!" May hugged me tightly, so tightly I felt like I was going to burst.

Brock sweat dropped.

"uh... do you two want some breakfast? You must have worked up some appetite last night."

Before you could say "pikachu" I was at the table, eating whatever it was that Brock had prepared. I could hear May giggling, but it mattered little to me right now.

I looked around the table.

"Hey..." I stopped eating, "where's Misty?"

May froze, Brock looked down, and Pikachu sighed.

"Um... Ash... Misty saw you two last night, and she left." Brock finally broke the uneasy silence.

"Why did she do that?" I demanded

"Ash, you dolt! Do you even realize what you did last night?"

I wanted to tell him that I had thought it was all just a dream, a momentary escape from reality, but I decided against it.

"What do you mean, Brock?"

Brock simply shook his head. May took my hand, and led me away from the table.

"Come one, Ash, let's sped the rest of the day together."

AS I looked over at Misty's empty seat, and her sleeping bag with lay by the side of the path, a strange sort of pain shot through my chest. It was a odd sort of pain... Sort of like a grip that pulled and tugged I don't know what it was, but it caused me to let go of May's hand. Without a word, I walked over to my backpack and took out my most prized possession: the little bait Misty had given me. I would occasionally take it out, form time to time, when I felt lonely or alone. It was strange, but it reminded me that Misty would always be there for me, and that I could always trust her... Her, not May.

I looked up at May, who stood above me, a look of confusion and anger.

"Perhaps another time, May..."

May shook her head and walked off.

I sat back down on the ground, my mind in turmoil. What was happening to me? Was this what falling in love felt like?


"You know," Misty spoke up, "that gift I gave you has something written on it... and I put a little surprise inside it too."

"Really? Huh, I guess I will have to check that out sometime... Right now, all I want to do is catch up with my best friend."

(End Flashback)

Had I truly fallen for Misty? My best friend? Had she... Fallen for me? Is that why she left, because she thought...

I quickly dug into my backpack, and took out a small box. I opened it, and took the small object out. It was a golden pokeball, with an inscription upon it.

I squinted as I tried to read what was written on it.

"Forever Yours: Love, Misty" it read.

Curious, I proceeded to push it's button, and open it.

As the top folded back, I could see a small, red pillow, in the shape of a heart.

I picked it up gently, and turned it over. There was a small message written on it: "My Heart"

A cold chill ran down my spine... I had broken Misty's heart last night, and it had been all my fault!

I stood up, and began to run in the direction I felt Misty had gone. I ignored May's pleas to return, I ignored the pain in my legs as I forced them to continue to run. I just had to find her, I had to tell her the truth.

Pikachu ran beside me, for he was the only one fast enough to catch up with me.

I knew what I had to do... I knew that I had to make things right again.

Throughout my travels, I had known that there was something special about Misty, something that no other girl I had ever met had. Now I knew what it was. She had my heart, and I had not even realized it. I hoped against hope that I could find her, and tell her how I felt. I clutched both Misty's bait, and her precious gift. I HAD to find her... She was, and had always been, just the girl I was looking for.


Ends with Song (Just the Girl)

Ambezua: Wow, big change in Ash, eh? Not so dense for now, right? Well, not exactly... That's the end of part 1, I hoped you enjoyed it! Part 2, is coming soon, and it has a LOT more action. Part one, is basically just an explanation of how Ash became aware of his dilemma, and the next two parts explain how he truly discovers the girl meant for him.