Summary: Before Kelly Riley donned a debutante's dress. Before Ellie Cole went boy crazy. Before Lisa Portman changed a diaper. Before Cassie Turner did a line of coke. Before Allie Sanders ever fell in love. Before Julie Gaffney knew what the Eden Hall Academy was. Do you think that the Eden Hall In Crowd didn't have their own drama before the Ducks showed up?

Author's Note: A prequel, I couldn't help myself, don't worry, the sequel will still come, they'll be happening at the same time. But I just thought that it would be fun. Enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter 1: Days Back Then

"So anyway," Elyse babbled, nervous, "I guess I would like kids at some point, I mean," Cal sighed. "Oh God, I did that thing, didn't I? Too much too fast, it's only our third date I should have,"

"No," He laughed, "Elyse it's not that, I just wanted to put this conversation off."

"The kids conversation?" She said, seeing him nodding. "We don't have to have it."

"Elyse," He said, "I have a daughter." She swallowed, "I know, I should have told you upfront, it's just,"

"It's alright," She said, "It's just, you're not married are you?"

"No," He laughed, "I'm divorced, I have been for almost eight years."

"Oh," Elyse nodded, "So how old is she?"

"Julie is thirteen, almost fourteen actually," He shook his head.

"And you didn't lie about your age did you?" She said. He shook his head, "So you were,"

"Seventeen," He nodded, "Yeah, um, Jaime, my ex, she left when Julie was six, and now it's just the two of us." Elyse nodded, "It's just I really like you, and Julie tends to scare women off."

"Can I meet her?" Elyse asked. "I mean,"

"Um," He said, "Well, here's the thing, I've introduced Julie to girlfriends before and," He sighed, "It never ends well. Julie's not," He looked for the right word, "Julie's special."

"I'm sure she is," Elyse nodded.

"No, I mean," He sighed, "She's not like other girls."

"Hey Taylor," Steve Callins said as a group of popular girls whizzed past him and Julie Gaffney. Julie rolled her eyes, if Steve concentrated half as much on school as he did on impressing girls like Taylor Pilkington she wouldn't have to be making sure he was passing the eighth grade.

"Um, hey," Taylor said, "Uh Stan right?" She and her little gaggle of friends walked away.

"It's Steve actually," He called after her. "Why does she have to be so irrestible?"

"Why do you have to be such a massive tool?" Julie raised her eyebrow. Steve rolled his eyes and rumpled his best friend's hair. "Taylor Pilkington can barely read."

"Callins isn't interested in her brain Ten Speed," One of the newer kids on their hockey team showed up. Frank something or other.

"Stop calling her that!" Steve piped up protectively. Julie smiled.

"Whatever," Frank shrugged and walked away.

"He's such a douche," Steve mumbled, "I should kick his ass."

"I don't need you to fight my battles for me Steve-o," She patted him on the shoulder and walked away.

"Oh I know that," He laughed.

"I think Scooter Vanderbilt likes me," Janet Lane said, twirling a piece of her long blonde hair around her finger. Chrissy Fitzsimmons nodded. "I mean, he invited me to Rick Riley's party this weekend."

"I think Allie Sanders is after him," Chrissy scrunched her face. "Besides, I don't think Scooter and Rick date virgins."

"I don't have to stay a virgin," Janet said, "I mean for him, I would consider it."

"You like glued your legs together after Tyler dumped you," Chrissy said.

"Tyler did not dump me!" Janet squealed, "Kelly Riley, that conniving little bitch stole him!"

"With what exactly?" Chrissy snorted, "It's not like Kelly's anymore willing to give it up than you."

"Just because you lost it to Biff Cole on the trip to Jamaica in ninth grade!" Janet crossed her arms over her chest.

"Ladies," Scooter walked over, "Chrissy, can I get a minute with Janet?"

"Whatever," Chrissy shrugged and walked away.

"Hey," Janet said, hugging her books to her chest.

"Hey," Scooter smiled, "So, um, are you coming this weekend?"

"Yeah," She squeaked, "I mean, I guess so, I've never gone to a Riley party, I mean, because, Kelly sort of," Scooter raised his eyebrows. She swallowed, remembering that the Rileys were like family to Scooter, "I'm coming."

"I can't wait," He smiled and leaned down and kissed her. It caught her off guard. "I'll show you the poolhouse."

"Cool," Janet giggled.

Jimmy Riley stood outside of Paxton Day School dribbling a soccer ball. The first day had just ended and he still had a half hour before soccer started.

"Hey Jimmy," He dropped the ball.

"Ellie?" He dropped his jaw. Elena Cole, age thirteen was standing in front of him, but she looked, well, different than she had, she'd grown, at least, she'd grown up. "Um hey." He stood up. "So, how's your first day?"

"Good," She nodded, "So soccer practice?"

"Yeah," He said and noticed what she was wearing, "You're a cheerleader now?"

"Yup!" She smiled happily. "I just made the squad. Go Huskies!" She raised her fist in the air. He laughed. She smiled, she'd missed his laughing, "How are you?"

"I'm OK," He shrugged. She nodded, "I heard your dad got married."

"Yeah, number four," Ellie sighed, "She's kinda nice. She knows my name so it beats the last one." She looked down. She was afraid to ask him what she wanted to say next, "How's Kelly?"

"She's good," He said. "Biff?"

"Good," She nodded, "Um, Rick?"

"He's Rick," Jimmy shrugged. Ellie laughed. "Um, Cassie'll be really happy that you're a cheerleader." Ellie smiled.

"Riley, come on," Nick Parsons, the soccer team's striker said, "Hey Ellie."

"Hi Nick," Ellie waved and walked away. Both Jimmy and Nick stared.

"Dude, when did Ellie Cole get hot?" Nick said. Jimmy shrugged. "You've got dibs though."

"Nah," Jimmy shook his head, "It's not like that with Ellie. She's like a sister," He stopped, "More like a cousin."

"She's fucking hot is what it's like," Nick smirked. "I'm gonna go talk to her."

"No Nick," Jimmy said, but he was already gone. He frowned, if Ellie was like a sister or cousin, why did he care if Nick hit on her? He didn't even care when guys took out his real sister.

"Ellie!" Nick caught her.

"Oh hi Nick," She smiled.

"Listen, if you're not busy this weekend, wanna hit the mall of America and see a movie?" He said.

"Sure," She smiled, but her heart sank. There was only one Paxton soccer player she wanted to ask her out and it wasn't Nick. Not that Jimmy seemed to notice her. And she was wearing a bra and everything now!

Lisa Portman ran down the middle of the hallway on the way into school. She was late already.

"Lee," She felt herself getting pulled in the other direction.

"Patrick, I'm going to be late," She mumbled, he kissed her and she giggled.

"No you're not," He laughed, "Because we're not going to school today. Come on!" He pulled her away.

"Pat, we can't cut," She said as he looked around and snuck them through the back doors, "It's only the third day!"

"We don't need school," He cupped her face, "Once I get the band off the ground and move to LA."

"That's your plan," She said, "I need school."

"You're gonna be the Pattie to my Eric baby!" He kissed her, "My muse, I need you."

"Eric stole Pattie from his best friend," She looked up at him, "And they both cheated on each other constantly and they're divorced now."

"OK we'll find another rock and roll metaphor then," He laughed, "But the point is that I need you with me Lisa."

"I'm going to class Patrick," She said and started to walk away

"But I thought we could," He grabbed onto her coat sleeve and then pulled her close, "You know," He kissed her.

"Mm," She whimpered, "No." She pulled away.

"I heard Italian girls were easy!" He shouted teasingly after her.

"I heard Irish boys were used to waiting," She teased back. She'd been dating Patrick Martin since summer, despite her mother and half of her friend's warnings that he was bad news. The whole thing sounded so very bad 50s movie, which sort of made it more attractive. Like Pat was James Dean and she was Natalie Wood.

"Lisa," Kevin Norris said, "Um, hi."

"Oh, hey Kevin," She waved, "I meant to call you back. I'm sorry I didn't."

"I was calling you back," He shrugged. "What's going on?"

"Ok, I know it's early but I'm already way behind in Pre Calc," She said, "And you're so good at Math, and you took it last year, and you're in Calc now, so I was hoping."

"I'll help you," He said quickly. She smiled, "Um, anything you need really. After school?"

"I have to drive Dean to hockey practice," She said, "But maybe at five ish?"

"Sure," He said, "I'll come over."

"Great," She smiled, "Thanks, really. I should get to class." She sped off.

"I'm such a sucker." He groaned and walked away.

"Cassie!" Rick Riley chased after his oldest friend.

"Hey Ricky," She said, "Um, how was move in?"

"Good," He said, "Listen, I'm going out to dinner with my dad tonight, I mean, me and Kelly, and he said I should invite you and Scooter along."

"I can't," She said, "I made some plans with um, these people I met over the summer."

"Those JFK kids?" He said.

"Mm hm," She nodded. She looked at his clothes, "Rick, what are you wearing?" She laughed.

"Oh," He looked down, "Um, it was the first time we went school shopping, without um," She nodded, he didn't need to finish, "And Kelly had to take care of her stuff. He still hasn't found everything, you know."

"Sure," Cassie said, "We'll go shopping tomorrow, you can't go all year in that."

"Thanks Cass," He laughed, "And um, one more thing, what's going on with your roommate?"

"Allie?" She swallowed, Rick nodded his eyebrows up, "I um, think she likes Scooter, why?"

"No reason," He shrugged, "See you around OK?"

"OK," She said, "Tell your Dad I said hi, and my mom said that if he needs anything, you know, now that you and Kelly are back here and it's just him and Jimmy."

"Yeah," Rick said, "I'll tell him. You're best Cass." He hugged her and ran off.

"That's me," She sighed and walked the other way.

Well? What do you guys think? I plan on updating it a little bit at a time, and of course, keeping up with the series as it is.