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Chapter 12: Big Changes

Tammy paced outside of the rink, her skates over her shoulder. Tommy stood next to her.

"You're sure about this?" He said. She nodded. "They're gonna be pissed."

"I know," She sighed, "But I can't fool myself anymore Tommy. Mom can't afford for us to do both sports. I like hockey, but I love figure skating."

"I'm going to go change," He said, "You sure you're OK?"

"I'm fine little brother," She poked him in the arm. "Go." She stood waiting as Coach Bombay walked up.

"Hi Tammy," He smiled that brilliant thousand watt smile of his.

"I have to quit the team," She spit out. He looked at her.

"Is everything alright?" He asked.

"My parents are getting a divorce," She explained. "My dad moved out, my mom's started working, and there's not money for me and Tommy to keep up with both sports." He nodded.

"We'll miss you," He said calmly. "But I'll explain to the team." She nodded.

"Who are they?" Connie asked as the Ducks headed out of the locker room for their first practice.

"Paxton Day School Huskies," Adam sighed. They all looked at him. "Private school, my dad wanted me to go, probably will for high school."

"So more Cake Eaters?" Jesse laughed. Everyone followed. "Check out the height on that goalie though. Bet nothing gets past him."

"Hey man," Fulton said as Tommy walked out. "Where's your sister?"

"She quit," Tommy shrugged. They all looked at him. "Money."

"I hate money," Connie mumbled, now not thrilled about being the only girl in the league once again.

Jimmy walked out of the rink into the midwinter sunshine, smiled seeing Ellie waiting for him. He walked over and kissed her gently.

"That makes my day better," He said.

"If you hate hockey so much you should quit," She said, "Although I can't wait until next year, when you're my super hot strong Warrior man." He laughed. "But you should quit, if it makes you unhappy."

"I'm not so into the whole being an orphan thing," He scrunched his face, "Since you know, if I quit hockey my father would die of shame and disappointment." She laughed. "Listen about last night,"

"Don't worry about it," She shook her head, "Really, it wasn't a big deal." He nodded. "Just um,"

"Don't brag about it?" He laughed. She nodded, "I don't want to share anything I have with you with anyone." She smiled. They kissed again. A horn honked.

"Jimbo!" Jimmy groaned, seeing Rick sitting waiting for him, "Stop sucking face and get in the car, or I'll tell her brother on you."

"You should go," Ellie shrugged. "I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"And that is our Steve-o," Cal said to the young man standing watching the team practice, "He's our top scorer."

"That's good," Liam Nichols nodded, "But he's not who they're interested in. Is it true that no one's scored on your team all year?"

"Mm," Cal nodded, "That would be because of Julie. Cat!" He called out, Julie looked over at him and raised her eyebrows. She skated over.

"What's up Dad?" She asked.

"This is Liam Nichols," Cal said, "From the Goodwill Games."

"Oh," Julie said, "Hi, nice to meet you. Um, Steve's an awesome player, a real leader, and,"

"He doesn't want to talk about Steve," Cal shook his head with a smile. Julie looked at him, "He's here to see you."

"Me," She pointed to herself. "I, um, cool."

"Would you be interested in going to Minnesota and then California this summer?" He asked. She dropped her jaw.

"I'd be on the Goodwill team?" She said, "For real?" Cal beamed, he'd never been more proud. "But I'm a girl. I'm not even supposed to be on this team!"

"It's not an issue," He shook his head. She had a huge smile across her face. "So is this a yes?"

"This is definitely!" Julie squealed, "Right Dad?"

"Of course kiddo," He smiled, "Get out there, you have to warm up." She nodded and skated away. "She's a good kid, a strong player," He sighed, "A little headstrong though, and she thinks for herself, I can handle her and our captain, but a new team might struggle with that."

"Sure," Liam said, "I can report that back to my dad and to the Goodwill people. They're still looking for a coach, and whoever they pick might want to reconsider, but she's unbelievable she has a good chance."

Lisa swallowed and stared at the pregnancy test. How had this happened? It turned blue, how had it turned blue? She'd only had sex like two times. She was a good girl. Good girls didn't get pregnant when they were seventeen.

"Lisa?" Her mother knocked on the door, "Honey, you've been in there a while, are you sick again?" Lisa opened the door and wiped her eyes. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?"

"I," Lisa swallowed, "I um, I'm sorry Mom!" She hugged her.

"What's going on?" She whispered.

"I um, I wasn't just sick," She said softly, "I missed my period and I just took a pregnancy test."

"Oh," Mrs. Portman gasped and covered her mouth. "It was," Lisa nodded. "You're sure?"

"Mm hm," Lisa whimpered between her tears. "Mommy, I'm so sorry, I really," She gulped.

"Patrick?" Mrs. Portman said seriously. Lisa nodded. "OK," She said. "Honey, go lie down, you're going to want to in a minute. Have you told him yet?"

"I just found out," Lisa whimpered. Her mother nodded.

"OK," She sighed, "Just go lie down."

"I'm not sure about this," Tyler sighed as Kelly straightened his jacket. He was trying on the tails for her debutante ball which was now about a month off.

"You look great," She kissed him on the cheek. "This means so much to me Ty." She whispered.

"Are you OK?" He said. She nodded.

"I just have to get going," She kissed him. She had therapy. She didn't tell Tyler she was in therapy. He'd never responded well to that kind of thing.

"You seem distracted," He said. "Since Mexico actually."

"I'm fine," She nodded, "It's just cotillion, and school, you look so great." She kissed him again. She sighed and walked out and saw Rick waiting outside.

"You're going to be late," He said. She stuck out her tongue and smacked him in the stomach. "Look kid, either get your license or start showing up on time." She crawled into the backseat seeing Jimmy already in the front.

"Hey Jim," She said, "How was practice?"

"Fine," Jimmy said. "How's Tyler?"

"Perfect," She laughed. Once she got into the doctor's office she smiled at the receptionist.

"Hi Kelly," She said, "She's ready for you."

"Thanks," Kelly walked in, "Hi Dr. Schaeffer." She sat down.

"Hi Kelly," The doctor smiled. "Sit down. What's going on with you this week?" Kelly sighed.

"A couple weeks ago a bunch of us went to Mexico," Kelly said, stretching her sweater over her thumbs sitting indian style on the couch at Dr. Schaeffer's office.

"A bunch of you?" She asked, "Who's that?"

"My friends, my brother's friends, a few of the seniors," She said. "My boyfriend."

"Tyler?" Dr. Schaeffer said.

"Mm hm," Kelly nodded, "And it was weird, because I really thought that the trip would be good, for me and Ty, but I mean, he wants to have sex."

"Do you?"

"I thought I did," Kelly whispered, "But in Mexico, I didn't even spend that much time with Tyler. I spent most of the trip with Scooter."

"Scooter," Dr. Schaeffer nodded, "That's your brother's best friend?"

"Yeah," Kelly whispered. "He's been really really nice to me this year. And to Jimmy too." She sighed, "It's weird, because normally all I think about when I'm tired is my mom, but lately, I think about Scooter."


"Yes," Kelly nodded. "But that's normal right? To get crushes."

"At your age absolutely," Dr. Schaeffer nodded. "But why do you like him."

"He pays attention to me," Kelly whispered, "He's nice, and smart. He listens, he doesn't judge. We read the same books, and like the same things. My mom really liked him. She thought he brought out the best in Ricky." She laughed, "I don't know, he's just nice."

Patrick stood stunned looking at Lisa on her bed.

"Are you sure?" He said. She nodded. "I um," He swallowed. "How much?"

"What?" She whispered.

"I mean," He said, "We're seventeen Lee."

"Patrick, I'm keeping the baby," She said. He looked at her. "I was hoping we'd, I mean, that you'd be here."

"Lisa," He touched her face, "Baby, I'm not ready for this. Not by a long shot." He kissed, "Don't you want to keep having fun?"

"Is that all this is to you?" She swallowed. He looked at her and swallowed, "Just fun, fooling around?"

"What was it to you?" He said.

"I love you," She said, "I thought you loved me too."

"Lisa," He whispered, "I'm sorry, I can't do this." He walked out. Lisa buried her head in a pillow and started to cry.

"Lee," Dean bounded into her room, completely over excited, "I got it! They picked me." She wiped her eyes, and sat up, "For the Goodwill Games, I'm going to California." He looked at her, and frowned, "What did he do to you? Did he hurt you?"

"Oh Dean," She sighed, "I'm pregnant." He stared at her and dropped his jaw.

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