Hey, this is Elchikaah Haly, an old Frenchie author. This is my first try as a Fire Emblem fan fic, and my second REAL attempt at a serious fic in ENGLISH. My English isn't too great, but I'm trying my best! This story will center on the three brothers from FE9 and FE10, Oscar, Boyd and Rolf. I'm sorry for making Boyd kinda OOC, but since he's a kid in almost all the story… Well he's still kinda a bully to Rolf and his stepmother, but anyway…

I tried to gather the most of canon information about their back story from the games themselves, but so many things have never been mentioned, so I took opportunities to use freedom for some stuff.

Before I upset fangirls, you probably know Oscar will eventually meet Kieran. There will be no Yaoi between these two, only friendship (though that couple is my favorite one). :p Just telling before someone might get disappointed...

Disclaimer: I do not own Fire Emblem and its characters. Intelligent Systems and Nintendo own them.

Chapter 1 : The little family

Oscar watched the sky as the great circle of light disappeared in the horizon. A radiant smile was forming on his lips. He knew what that meant: the return of his father after a long journey with his master. When all the stars will take place on the eventual black ceiling that was the sky, he will finally be able to feel the joy of having the whole family together again.

As soon as the sun was not visible anymore, the child returned to his work. He was sewing a new pair of pants for himself. These last days, his mother had taught him how to sew since it was a lot cheaper to make his own clothes. He took some fun to give them their final touch and when he was done, he got up from his chair and ran toward the dining room where his mother was, sitting comfortably on her grand chair.

"Mom!" little Oscar exclaimed while holding out his new creation. "Look what I did! New pants!"

The mother threw a passive glare at him and there was a short silence. Bottle in her hand, she turned her head toward the wall, without a word.

"Mom!" the child insisted for an answer. "Come on, check it out! It's nice, huh?"

The woman drank another shot.



The child could feel a sudden chill in his whole body. The voice of his mother was as cold as the snow. The boy shyly moved forwards her, with his head lowered in shame, and he showed her his new pants, but the mother still stared at the wall. Finally he murmured: "How do you find m…"

"Yeah, yeah, they are nice…" she interrupted him.

Her eyes were still pointed toward the emptiness. Small tears were flowing through Oscar's squinty eyes. He wanted to show her how much he was able to succeed with his responsibilities at home. All he wished was to please her. After all, she was the one who taught him how to read, to write, to cook, to sew… well, pretty much everything he knew, since his father was always absent because of his job, but he still felt a more familiar affection toward him. As he returned to his room, the mother looked at his direction, laughed a bit then took another mouthful of drink.

Oscar was crying on his bed. At least his pillow and his cover were offering him a bit of a welcoming warmth to slowly make his sadness fade away, and to reassure himself, he was telling that his father would be back soon. And as he was going to sink into the depth of fun dreams, he heard a knock from the entrance door. Getting up quickly, he threw himself on the floor and ran toward the great door with a huge smile. He opened it and looked above him.

"Dad! You're back!" the child exclaimed in joyful tears.

"Oscar! My son!" the great man replied while opening his arms to take his excited son. He was exhausted from the trip, but he was happy to see his child again. "I missed you a lot, you know? So, tell me about your week!" The man put his son back on the floor and the boy waddled cheerfully.

"Mom taught me how to sew! You want to see the pants I created?"

"Of course, son!" But the man took a more serious look when he noticed his wife was not here for the meeting. "Wait, where is your mother?" the father asked, slightly offended by her absence.

"Hummm…" Oscar muttered, hesitating to answer. "She's drinking again…"

The man let out an exasperated sigh. "I told her to stop that… It will only deteriorate her condition and the baby's one…" He ran toward the dining room, and the child followed him. "Manissa? Are you here?" the man called. He found his wife, still on her chair, but her bottle had been disposed on the table and it was empty. The wife, Manissa, stared at him with her dark orbits, her mouth slightly opened.

"Huh?" she simply said. "Nova, you're back…"

There was a sudden scream coming from her while her arms were closely holding her big belly. Oscar and Nova, the father, jumped from the astonishment. Manissa fell on the floor, rolling horribly on herself and crying from a huge pain. Oscar stuck himself on his father, fearing to even look at his mother suffering that much. "Dad! What's happening to mom? Why is she suffering?" the worried boy asked.

The man nervously replied while forcing the child to turn himself: "Oh dear Ashera… Oscar, return to your room… You are going to have a new sibling… Don't look; it won't help your mother…"

The child whined another time, but he obeyed his father. He wanted to help the man in this situation, seeing how much he was trembling from all his members. He never saw him that disrupted.

He stayed in his room for few hours, confused of the situation, unable to sleep despite being morning soon. Everything had been so sudden: the comeback of his father, the delivery made by his mother, the eventual birth of a new family member. He felt a little sorrow hearing all the yells from the other room, but as soon he heard the cry of the newcomer, he couldn't contain the joy of having a new companion to play with. Was it a boy? Was it a girl? How will they name him, or her? He rushed to find an old multiple tales book he got as a gift from his father's master. He quickly skimmed through the pages and randomly pointed somewhere on the papers. He found two interesting names on that page: Boyd and Anna. He remembered that tale. Boyd was a mercenary who liked adventures. He found himself in a circumstance where he had to save a beautiful knight named Anna, his superior. Oscar couldn't keep rising up his lips. "Well, dad promised me I can name the baby!" he told himself, all excited. "If it's a girl, she'll be Anna, and if it's a boy, he'll be Boyd!"

He returned to the dining room but he could only find a mix of blood and fluid on the floor, which made him feel a bit sick. His mother and father weren't there anymore, so he decided to follow the noise made by the newborn. He found his family in their room, where his mother was deeply sleeping. Poor girl, he thought. She must be tired. His father, sitting beside his wife on the bed, took notice of the child and showed him a warm smile. He was holding a lamenting little red ball. Oscar approached them slowly and bended his head over the little baby. "Look Oscar! Say Hi to your little brother!"

The boy could only answer with a simple: "W...wow…" He softly stroked the newcomer's hairs. But soon, he noticed how his mother looked sicker than peaceful. He stopped smiling. "How's mom?"

"Don't worry, she'll be fine. She'll probably wake up soon."

There was a moment of silence, and seeing how worried his older son was, Nova gently patted on his head. "Oscar, I did not forget the promise I made. You can give the name you wish for your brother."

Oscar's fear quickly became happiness. "I thought of calling him Boyd! It comes from a tale in the book your master gave me!"

Nova nodded. "Boyd. It sounds nice to my ears. His name will be Boyd then!"


Nova was quite a handsome and optimistic man, pleased to have a beautiful little family. He was a great guard and servant of a rich man of their town who himself was a renowned dark arcsage for keeping the town safe from evil bandits. The father was always working hard to feed his kin and to make his children grow up for the better, but unfortunately, his wife, Manissa, always wasted all the gain he acquired.

Manissa used the love given by Nova to lead an easy and comfortable life, but she wasn't quite satisfied with her state, not to mention she was originally a friend of her husband's previous wife.

Few years earlier, even before Oscar was born, Nova was married to a young woman by the name of Eryl. Both of them were part of the Crimean Knights in the same regiment where they met. From times to times, the army was driving back few small forces of Daein, the eastern neighbor country of Crimea, at their frontier, since relations between the two countries were never friendly. Fortunately, there was never a great war.

But one day, Eryl got pregnant, and as soon as she discovered her condition, she got a discharge from her superior to leave the army temporarily. She returned to her native town, Nabu, a town quite a bit far to the west of the capital Melior. She settled in her parents' house where her mother was still living. Soon after, her old childhood friend, Manissa, a kind of irresponsible woman, asked her if she could live with her and her mother, since she got nothing left. Eryl accepted with bitterness, but she was still her old friend, so she couldn't refuse.

Eryl's mother died shortly after, but it was the wished she always hoped since the death of her husband, so her death was quite peaceful. Following the fairly sad event, Eryl gave birth to a gorgeous green haired boy she named Oscar since it was the name of her great-grandfather she had the chance to know. Both she and Manissa gladly took care of the child with love until Eryl decided to return to the army, after the first month of her son, thinking she could trust her friend to take care of him.

Sadly, Manissa was simply capable of playing the child minder because Eryl did it with her. Now that she was gone, taking care of the child alone was very difficult, and she even began to hate him. Things got worse when she placed him under the straight sun without noticing and he became blind for a while because of the intense light. Luckily, he could see again after a while, but his eyes became sensible to light, his eyelids were almost practically closed permanently. Manissa felt a little bad for his condition, but she just told herself that it wasn't her own son anyway.

Eryl returned to her husband in the army, although she was killed not long after in a battle, right in front of her horrified man. Nova couldn't take that lost anymore, so he resigned himself to rejoin the son he never met and the friend of his late wife.

Manissa wasn't very cheerful to learn that her friend died while she was with her husband, and she accused him of killing her, indirectly. The man decided to not say anything against her attacking words and he took all the blame. He found a new simple job to gain money for her and for his son, since the military life wasn't appealing anymore. With some time, he began to give some affection for that woman, eventually resulting of another child. Manissa actually never loved him as much as she never loved Oscar, even though he was a fairly intelligent kid, but even so, she could at least take advantage of the material goods Nova provided her.

Weirdly, the man never questioned about the eternal squint of his son, luckily for the woman, as he always thought it was a birth defect. While the truth could be easily hidden, Manissa was not a good liar. Fortunately for her, she was smart enough to not make the same mistake again with her own son.


Their mother had been gone for some commissions that day, and Oscar was calmly playing with his little brother in their room. He delicately threw a big but light ball. "Here, catch, Boyd!" The little boy backed away of one step but he awkwardly fell on the floor. The ball pounced on his head but Boyd laughed. "Heh, at least you are making progress!" Oscar remarked him with a proud smile on his face.

Boyd picked up the ball, but as he was going to throw it, there was a noise at the entrance door, and then there were voices. Oscar recognized his mother, but he could hear a new voice he didn't know: it was from another man. Curiously, he left Boyd alone for a moment and ran toward the door. It was really his mother… kissing a stranger. As soon as the woman noticed her squinting son, she gently threw away her new charming prince and she became red as an apple. She glared for an instant at the boy and she turned away from him to stick herself with the man again with an unenthusiastic smile. "Oh, I forgot to tell you…" the woman began. "This is my son Oscar."

The man, who appeared to be a rich individual, observed the child for a moment. "Hum, with those closed eyes, I thought he couldn't even notice me!" he joked. But Oscar didn't find it funny. He could feel anger, the anger to see his mom with another, the anger to see the other being so disrespectful, all while his father was gone.

"Aw, don't be so hard on him!" Manissa defended, to Oscar's surprise. Even so she still had that mocking smile. "You know, in spite of his appearance, this child is actually very bright. He just squints all the time because his eyes are sensible to light, nothing more." She turned to her kid. "Then, Oscar, say hi to this man!"

The boy made the irritation gone from his face, but he still kept certain bitterness toward the man. "H... Hi… Mister. Pleased to meet you…" His voice was weak and awkward by the fear of his mother.

After Oscar finished his misleading words emptied from all positive emotion, Boyd slowly came along in the scene. Oscar could see a little fear on his small face. The little boy walked toward his big brother while keeping his eyes on his mother. "Mom?" the scrawny child timidly said.

Slight irritation showed on Manissa. She didn't want to see her two children in that present time. "Oh, and this is my second one…" she revealed to her man with some repugnance. Luckily for her, the man unexpectedly burst out laughing, which made the two kids jumped out of surprise.

"Two?" the man exclaimed. "Whatever, it doesn't matter to me!" Then he lowered his voice and Manissa lend her ear to him. "We will only go together to your humble room…"

The woman whispered in return. "Oh, I was thinking the same thing. Just don't pay attention to these two. As long as I order them, they will not bother us."

But Oscar heard everything. Manissa took the man by his arm and dragged him cheerfully to her room as she closed and locked her door. The two children looked at their direction without saying anything. The eldest brother hugged the younger one and he could only let out a shameful "Mom…" from his lips.


"I'm sorry, Manissa, but this is an important matter. My master insists that I accompany him in this three days travel. I hope you won't miss me too much!"

The woman shed few fake tears and nervously stroked her husband's hairs. "Oh sniff…" she whined. "My dear Nova, good luck and take care of yourself!" She displayed a weak sympathy smile then managed to give him a kiss.

After, the father turned to his son. "Oh, and you too, Oscar! Help your mother to take care of the house and Boyd! He will probably need you!"

The boy threw himself on his father. There was some panic on the kid, and Nova noticed it, but he thought it was only a simple fear of missing his daddy for the three next days. "Please" the child begged. "Don't go for too long! Come back quick, okay?"

Nova kindly patted on his head. "I'll do my best, son. Just listen to your mother and everything will be fine!" He moved away to the door and he sent them a hand. "Well, later, my little family!"

There were only few minutes after the departure, Oscar was minding his own business then he heard some frantic noises coming from his parents' room. He decided to peek an eye inside and he found, to his shock, his mother packing her stuff in a bag. "Mom?"

Manissa turned around. "Oh! Yes, Oscar?"

"What are you doing?"

The woman positioned the last elements, clothes and money, in her bag. "I'm leaving, of course!"

The child sensed a sudden chilliness traveling through his heart by this revelation; nevertheless he tried to keep his cool to confront her. "You are going… all alone?"

A sigh could be heard from his mother's mouth. "Listen, boy, we are going to be rich if we go with that new man! I'm not going to miss this rare opportunity to live a better life!"

"B… But you will leave us?"

"Well, you have to come too! And your brother too!"

So the woman ran, with her bag in her hand, toward the children's room where Boyd was serenely sleeping. Oscar followed her, dread flowing through his veins. "What about dad?"

At this question, the woman stopped walking. She began to laugh maniacally. "Nova… Your dad? Come on! He's never home! How does it matter? Leave him!"

After these words, she harshly grabbed Boyd by his hands, brutally waking him up from his deep sleep. The little boy had the shock of his life. "Mom?" he managed to say before being wildly dragged by his mother. He began to cry from the stun and the pain, which truly angered the older brother.

"MOM!" Oscar yelled. Now he wasn't afraid of her anymore. "Stop it! You are hurting Boyd!"

Manissa stopped. She was being confronted by her stepson yelling at her and she let go off Boyd in the process. The confused and crying small child hurried to his big brother who tenderly took him in his arms. Oscar gently stroked the little one's head. "Don't cry, Boyd…" he reassured with such soft and calm voice. "Everything will be okay, I promise…"

The mother could feel an impulsive temper in front of this scene. She screamed. "Oscar! How dare you defy your mother? Why do you want to stay with your 'good for nothing' father?"

The child started to shiver, but kept his calm. "Dad… loves us… You don't…"

"Ah! That's it? Fine! Rot here with your useless father, but I'm taking Boyd with me!" And then, she grabbed the little boy from the older one's arms and she brutally dragged him with her once more. Boyd cried, hurt by his mom's strong hands, and anger consumed the older brother again.

"Leave Boyd alone!" Oscar ordered, though he knew his mother won't listen obviously. "You won't get anywhere with him!" Furiously, he used his foot to kick her in the legs, and she lost hold of the little one. She barked in pain while weeping Boyd returned to his brother. The woman expressively exploded.

"DAMN YOU BOY!" the mother bawled in a fury. "You're going to pay for this!" After this last statement, she lifted up her fist and filled it with all of her energy to violently strike the older child on his face. He got thrown off on the floor, always holding his whining little brother in his arms. Terror taking over the little one, Boyd stopped crying and did not dare to look at his mother again. Oscar let go off the little brother by an arm to rub his agonizing face with his shaking hand. There was blood on his lips and his nose.

Manissa got up straight, looking proudly of her shot but also slightly ashamed, always with her fist firmly ready for another attack. Her heart was beating madly; she fixed her two kids with her mind filled with horror, the horror of knowing what she can do to a child who was not really hers. Now, she realized she will never be able to gain their trust after what she had done. But she will not admit her shame.

Keeping her head up, she said with a calm and cold tone: "Hmph! That's what you get for defying your mother. Go to hell…" She took her bag and she left the house once for all, leaving the two children in their unsure fate.

An unusual long silent moment reigned at home. Boyd remained quiet; Oscar softly stroked his brother's hairs muttering few optimistic but sad words. Then he cried.

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