Haruno Sakura sighed pitifully and buried her head into her knees as the gentle waves ebbed and flowed against the sandy beach. Her eyes were red from crying. The sun was beginning to fall now, but Sakura didn't care. Even if she went home, it wouldn't take away the confusion and mixed emotions that were running through her mind.

Her thoughts were completely wrapped around the single event that had happened that day that changed her life: Hyuga Hinata, one of the biggest bitches in the school, had admitted her lover for her in the worst way.

Closing her eyes, Sakura thought back...

Everyone had already gone to lunch, but one person was already preparing for next period. Sakura was busy taking out her books for Ninja History out of her locker when a seductive voice from behind said, "Hello there, Sakura-chan..."

She didn't even need to turn around to tell it was Hinata; the uncomfortable chills crawling up her spine were enough.

Hyuga Hinata was well known throughout Konoha High as a punk and a bitch; she even had her own small female gang, which her little sister Hanabi was second-in-command of. She always wore tattered clothes, chains on her pants, and her hair was always a bit messy and short. She even wore a spike collar. She was also slender and well-built, with nice-sized breasts and a tight ass. Despite being the same age as Sakura, she was a bit taller, mainly due to her platform shoes.

In the past, Hinata and her groupies were caught several times for smoking out in the school parking lot. Along with all of that, she also had a tattoo of a red Chinese dragon going up her right forearm.

Sakura, who was a teacher's pet and A+ student, wanted nothing to do with her. Sakura disliked people who shirked their duties or who failed tests because she was secretly vain and a perfectionist. This may be one of the reasons she was one of Hinata's favorite people to pick on. She would either smack her around, steal her wallet, or even punch her in the crotch. Sakura didn't like Hinata at all.

"...What do you want, Hyuga-san? I'm getting ready for class..." Sakura replied, her back still turned to the other girl.

"Oh, Sakura-chan, why do you have to speak so coldly to me?" Hinata asked with a slight giggle, "You know I just want to be friends with you..."

Sakura turned around to face Hinata; the Hyuga girl was wearing rather cheap make-up, Sakura noted mentally, as if something like that was important.

"Hinata-chan, if you wanted to be friends with me, then there would have been no need for all that torment you put me through day after day after day!" Sakura snapped, her temper growing thin.

Hinata smiled innocently and pushed Sakura up against the lockers.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?"

"Something I suddenly felt like doing...shut up and enjoy it..."

Then, without any other warning, Hinata pressed her plump lips against Sakura's. The Hyuga's tongue flailed about inside Sakura's mouth, and a trail of saliva hung from their lips when they seperated for a breath of air.

Before Sakura could even cry out, Hinata went back in again, and the kisses became more and more passionate. Pressing one arm up against the top of the lockers, Hinata used her free hand to grope Sakura's right breast, squeezing it gently in her fingers.

Hinata smirked when she felt Sakura's nipples perk up.

"You...like it, don't you?" Hinata purred during a breath for air.

Sakura looked like she was going to start crying. Stammering, she asked, "W-W-Why are you doing this...? Don't...don't you hate me? Please...stop. I'm begging you..."

Hinata smiled at Sakura's downcast expression. "My dear...didn't you ever hear the saying: 'you always hurt the one you love'? Well, I love you...deeply."

"You're...you're...you're a lesbian, then?"

"Yes, Sakura. I am a lesbian. A lesbian who's head over heels in love with you. And you're a lesbian, too. At least...I'll make you become one."

Sakura let out a small groan as Hinata pulled her into another passionate kiss once again. She tried to fight the urges swelling up inside of her, but it was difficult. She could feel her tongue wrapping around Hinata's and hitting against it. The Hyuga girl was too good of a kisser for Sakura to hold back.


A trail of opaque liquid slid down Sakura's thigh, and Hinata's eyes seemed to flicker with delight for a moment.

"That was easier than I thought, turning you into a lesbian." Hinata chided as she wiped some of the liquid off onto her hand, and then she her fingers clean.

Sakura's back ran down the locker and she fell down on her ass, her eyes wide at what had just happened to her. She was still feeling wet down at her crotch, and she wanted to scream. 'I...I actually had an orgasm! And it was from Hinata kissing me! Oh my god...'

Patting the poor pink-haired girl on the cheek playfully, Hinata said, "If you ever want that feeling again, come and see me. Then we can start going out...okay? Here's my phone number." Taking out a small piece of paper, Hinata slipped it into Sakura's pocket.

And with that, the crazy lesbian bitch spun around on her heels and walked off down the hall, leaving Sakura to sob loudly to herself...

Sakura drew some pictures in the sand with her finger as she thought about it over and over.

'Hinata...she's such a bitch; I hate her so much, but...she's so amazing and beautiful and...a damn good kisser! Seriously, I'm getting so horny just thinking about her right now! ...God, she really did turn me into a lesbian! Or maybe I'm just a masochist. I probably am...damn her!'

Scooping up a handful of sand, Sakura finally came to a decision. Tossing the sand out onto the side, Sakura pulled the piece of paper out of her pocket and read it: it was Hinata's phone number.

Hoping for the best, Sakura took out her cellphone and punched in the numbers.

"Hello, Hinata...um...this is Sakura. Can you come and meet me at the beach?"

'Hopefully we can work everything out and have a REAL relationship!' Sakura thought when she finished her call.

By the time Hinata finally arrived, the sun had gone down and the moon shone brightly in the night sky.

"Hello, Sakura-chan. You wanted to see me?" Hinata asked as she walked onto the beach, a deviant smirk on her lips. A lone cigarette was also hanging out of the corner of her mouth, but she soon disposed of it.

Taking in a deep breath, Sakura said, "Hinata...if you really want me, if you truly love me like you say...maybe we can be together..."

Hinata pumped her fists in the air and exclaimed, "YES! I KNEW ALL THOSE KISSING LESSONS WOULD PAY OFF!"

Sakura put up a hand to stop her. "But..." Sakura continued, "You promise not to mistreat me anymore, right? You won't...you won't hurt me anymore?"

Hinata chuckled. "Why the hell would I hurt my girlfriend? Anyway, I'm glad you didn't tell the principal or anyone about what I did. I got in trouble for making out with Kurenai-sempai once..."

"...Isn't she married to Asuma-sempai?" Sakura asked.

Hinata snickered to herself, but she didn't give any direct reply.

Silence, and they stared deeply into each other's eyes. And finally...

"Hinata...kiss me again." Sakura said quietly.

Hinata didn't want to disappoint, so she did as was asked of her.

A/N: Yes, I know there is no beach in Konoha, but this is AU, okay? Also, should there be another chapter? Like a epilogue?