A/N: I fixed the whole Gaara/Sasori scene by making it longer, and adding some stuff, such as making the actual result of the battle ambiguous. What is Gaara's ultimate fate in this fic? So, check it out before reading this chapter, okay?

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Once Kiba regained consciousness and finished screaming at Rock Lee, the training session was finally able to start.

"I can't believe we're actually going through with this..." Kiba muttered under his breath as Gai began the first lesson.

Throwing his hands up, Gai exclaimed, "Alright! Let's start off with a small quiz! Who can answer this question: What is the name of the source of energy that empowers taijutsu?"

"Uh...your own physical and mental capabilites?" Sasuke guessed.

"Is it love?! It's love, isn't it?" Naruto asked.

Gai shook his head. "WRONG! IT'S...THE POWER OF YOUTH!"


Rock Lee stood up and cried, "Hey, shut up! Gai-sensei is not a liar!"

Kiba sighed and said, "Kid, this creepy old pervert's forced you to live in the fuckin' woods for 5 fuckin' years by nothing but claiming it'll make you 'stronger'! Face it; he's a liar!"

"But it did make me stronger! Remember when I punched you?" Rock Lee shot back.

"Ugh...don't remind me..."

Before the two boys could argue anymore, Gai stepped in between them and proclaimed, "I THINK A NICE FRIENDLY WASH IN THE HOT SPRINGS AT THE MOUNTAIN TOP WILL HELP EVERYONE CALM DOWN! THEN WE CAN START REALLY TRAINING!"

Kiba gasped so loud he swallowed a fly, and then he screamed, "OH GOD, ANYTHING BUT THAT! I AM NOT GETTING NAKED IN FRONT OF YOU TWO! THIS IS WORSE THAN WHEN I FOUND OUT ABOUT FUTANARI! ...Then again, I did jerk off to it, so it wasn't all THAT bad..."

"Hell, yeah! You always have the best ideas, Gai-sensei!"

Unable to argue, Naruto and Sasuke just sighed as they followed a reluctant Kiba and the two 'Green Beasts' through the forest...