My Son's Friend

Summary: Shin brings home his soccer buddy Naruto and Sasuke starts to fall for his sons' friend. What's a father to do? And how will Shin take it when he finds out? OCness

Pairings: SasuNaru, ShikaTema, NejiTen, KibaHina, KakaIru, and more later on!

Disclaimer: Never have, and probably never will own Naruto…

"Dad, I'm home!" Shin shouted as he ran to the kitchen. A blue eyed blonde stood in the doorway waiting for his friend. A raven haired male with his reading glasses on came down the spiral stairway. The male looked up from his book to see the blue eyed angel in his doorway and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. The blonde looked at Sasuke and smiled and politely bowed his head. "Ah! Hey dad, hope you don't mind me bringing home a friend. He's from my soccer team." Shin said as he made his way to the door to hand his friend a water bottle.

"Hello Mr.Uchiha, my name is Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto smiled up at the tall male and held his hand out. Sasuke didn't respond and Naruto looked at the raven oddly.

"Dad? Are you alright?" Shin asked his father.

Sasuke quickly came out of his daze and took Naruto's hand and shook it. Naruto smiled and shook back.

"Sasuke Uchiha, you can stay as long as you'd like."

"Me and Naruto are gonna be in the game room dad. Let's go!" Shin said as he grabbed Naruto by the elbow and dragged him away.

Naruto lay sprawled on the couch as Shin went upstairs to take a shower. Sasuke went into the game room to check up on his son and Naruto but only finding the sleeping blonde. Sasuke looked down to Naruto lovingly and brought his fingers to the blondes scarred cheeks.

"Shin's lucky to have a friend like you." Sasuke said. Naruto leaned into the touch and sighed. A small smile graced Sasuke's face as he watched Naruto sleep.

Shin trotted down the spiral stairs to wake Naruto so he can go home. 'Its pretty late, I wonder if he's awake ye…' as shin looked through the glass slide door he saw his father standing in the game room. 'What's he doing?' Shin walked over to the glass door and deliberately made noise to get his fathers attention. "Hey dad, what's up?"

"Ah, I came to check on you and Naruto but you were gone." Sasuke said as he turned to his son. "I think it's time for Naruto to go home, its getting late." Sasuke said as he walked past his son and into the kitchen.

"Hey Naruto, get up." Shin said as he shook the blondes shoulder.

"Mmmn… fifteen more minutes'… auntie…" Naruto mumbled as he rolled over onto his right shoulder. Shin sighed and decided to wake him up the way his father did.

"Snooks!" shin shouted. Right then a young German shepherd slid across the wood floor and slid into Shin's feet. Shin smiled down at Snooks and looked over to the still sleeping blonde. "Sigh… you sure are a heavy sleeper." Shin bent down and looked Snooks in the eyes. "Okay Snooks… 'Wake- up'." Snooks eyes lit up by the command and bounded over to the couch and attacked Naruto's face with slobber as he hoped up and down.

"Gaaaaah! Get off!" Naruto yelled as he shoved the dog to the side and off the couch. "Grossss…" Naruto mumbled as he tried to wipe the dog slobber off his face.

"Don't worry Naruto, you need a shower anyway." Shin chuckled as he rubbed Snooks head. "Its almost dark out, you should get home."

"Oh… you're right." Naruto said as he got up from the couch and followed Shin to the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow at school. And tell your dad I said bye." Naruto said.

"See ya!" shin said as he shut the door and walked into the kitchen where his father was. "Hey dad. Naruto told me to say goodbye to you for him." Shin said as he opened the fridge.

"So you made a new friend?"

"Yeah, he's a cool kid. He's a sophomore."

"A sophomore? Aren't you a senior?" Sasuke cocked an eyebrow as he stared up from his paper work.

"Yeah, but he made the J.V. team and we varsities had to do a drill with them and… yeah that's it." Shin said as he took the carton of orange juice out.

Shin screwed off the lid and was about to drink but got smacked up side the head by his father.

"How many times do I have to tell you? No drinking from the carton!" Sasuke said as he took the orange juice away from shin.

"Oh yeah… why don't you get that stick up your ass removed…" Shin mumbled.

"What was that." Sasuke said as he glared at his son.

"W-w-what was what dad?" Shin said as he took two steps back.

Sasuke gave Shin a small smile and walked up to his son.


"Daaaaaaaaad! Let me in!" Shin shouted as he pounded on the house door. Shin slid into a sitting position and stared up at the sky. "Stupid bastard…" Suddenly Snooks came out the doggy door and sat in front of Shin wagging his tail. "Okay Snooks go to my room and get the key on my desk. Go on boy." Shin said as he pushed Snooks back through the doggy door. Moments later Snooks bounced out the doggy door happily. "Good boy Snoo-" Shin stared at the smiling young pup and smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand, because Snooks came back with his chew toy.

Shin spent 5 hours outside. While Snooks chewed on his chew toy next to the mad brunette.

"Hey Shin!"

"Oh, hey Naruto" Shin said as he opened his locker. "Ummmm…. Can you do me a favor?"

"Sure. What?"

"Well the varsity team and I are going to a party, and I'm spending the night at Nejis' house, so can you tell my dad?"

"Umm… sure no prob." Naruto said with a grin. Shin nodded and shut his locker.



Sasuke put down his reading glasses and walked down the spiral stairway. Sasuke looked through the glass of the door and smiled lightly before opening.

"Well this is a surprise." Sasuke spoke as he looked around "Where's Shin at?"

"Shin told me to tell you that he'll be at a party with the varsity team and then spend the night at his friends' house." Naruto smiled.

"Is that all?" Sasuke said. Naruto furrowed his brows and looked at his feet. Sasuke smiled and moved to the side. "Would you like to come in?" Naruto quickly looked up and nodded his head.

Sasuke shut the door and walked into the kitchen with Naruto close behind.

"Sit." Sasuke said as he got out a glass of milk and a plate of cookies. "Here." Sasuke said as he took a seat on the other side.

"Thanks!" Naruto shouted as he took a cookie and shoved it in his mouth. Sasuke looked up and noticed that Naruto was staring.


"No offense but… you and shin look nothing alike."

"He hasn't told you?" Sasuke chuckled softly as he stared at Naruto. Now Naruto was curious and leaned forward in his seat. "Well you see… Shin isn't my real son; I adopted him when he was twelve."

"Oh… so… umm how old are you?"

"Hahah, I'm only 27." Naruto stared at Sasuke for a long moment. "You know… he makes me feel old when he calls me 'dad'. He only does that because he always wanted to say that." Sasuke smiled at the thought. Naruto looked at Sasuke and stood up. "What's wrong?" Sasuke said as he stood up as well, worriedly looking over the blonde. Naruto turned and walked out of the kitchen and to the door. "Naruto! What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?"

"No! Its not you…"

"Then what?" Sasuke was suddenly pulled by the collar of his shirt and kissed roughly. Sasuke's eyes widened in shock as Naruto's were closed tightly. When they parted, tears escaped Naruto's eyes.

"I'm… s- sorry…" Naruto cried as he hugged Sasuke tightly. Sasuke still in shock looked down at the blonde. Sasuke sighed and patted Naruto's head and smiled. Naruto wouldn't let go as he cried into Sasuke's shirt.

"Shhhhhh… calm down." Sasuke spoke as he combed his fingers through his golden locks. Sasuke lifted Naruto's chin up and looked Naruto in the eyes. Sasuke smiled lovingly and bent down slowly and kissed Naruto softly on the lips. Naruto's eyes widened in shock but then slowly closed as he wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck.

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