Ocean's 3

Part 6

Week 34 Challenge

Tank and Ranger finished showering in the cubby hole of a bathroom they had in the broom closet of a room at this single's thing. Talk about multi-tasking, if Ranger was in the shower, he could hit the toilet if he needed to take a leak, and brush his teeth at the same time. Not that he did, that would be unsanitary his Momma would say. Tank being bigger would have more of a problem, he could get wedged in there and the hotel would be ripping out fixtures to get him out.

He groaned in the small, stuffy bathroom. Enough with this single's SHIT! The fat lady has sung and Ranger was the light. This single stuff was over. Stephanie was his! They were leaving!

Looking as himself in the mirror while standing in the shower, he has a black eye, cuts and scrapes, and those are just from the talking and cooking classes. He didn't get this battered on most missions.

He and Tank came out to the patio it was a sea of single people. The classes were over until tomorrow, so everyone was on the beach having a good time.

Saying to Ranger watching the activity, "I have a feeling it can only go downhill from here."

They saw Lula relaxing in a chaise lounge, a muscular man in a Speedo was bringing her an umbrella drink. Another was fanning her.

Just as Grandma and her Lederhosen fella went by in the water riding one of those banana boats, she lost her yellow bikini top.

Stephanie had just finished up playing volleyball on the beach with 5 golden tanned Hunks in very small swimsuits. One had given her water. She was wearing a next to nothing leopard print bikini. Tank saw his friend gulp one, then twice.

His now darkened eyes never leaving his woman. He squared is shoulders, let out a breath, "Not necessarily. Gentlemen, today we go to war," determination registering on his face even with sunglasses. He marched across the hot sand heading straight where Stephanie was standing with the man, Phil, the one he paid off to dance with her.

She and her partner Phil were getting ready for the couples sack race. This was his limit. His woman was not getting in a big potato sack with another man. He had enough of this single's stuff. As far as he was concerned, both he and Stephanie were in a committed relationship. With the last few deliberate steps in the sand, he stalked over to Stephanie.


With his strong arms, he tossed Phil out of the burlap bag. He landed in a sand castle. Next, sack and all, Stephanie was over his shoulder.

"Hey, I wanted to try the sack race!"

"I have a sack for you! Mine!"

"Where are you taking me, Ranger?"

"Someday," he whispered to her loud enough for her to hear over his shoulder. "But, first, you're meeting my Momma."

Grandma, Lula, and Tank were waving at Stephanie as Ranger carried her down the beach to his waiting Porsche.

"Think Batman will be upset when he finds out everything was charged to Rangeman."

"Lula Baby, he's going to be too busy to care. I think we can put this under 'Training & Education'. All tax deductible."

"Think you can add in a few other expenses like paying for my wedding to the Lederhosen guy, Fred, and a honeymoon in Frankenmuth? He owns a windmill we're going to live in." Grandma said.

Doing a high five with her, "Granny, I think I can work with that. Step into my office. I'm a wedding planner now. I got this matching making down pat," giving Tank a big bear hug. Pointing down the beach to Ranger and Stephanie kissing, "There goes a success story."

"That you do, Lula Sweetie. Ranger just doesn't what hit him yet."

The End