Prologue and Disclaimer

Amarissia is responsible for the spark which began this story, as well as permission to refer to certain elements of her own writing within. Genesis is back, in his usual bad way. Zack and Angeal haven't seen the last of him! And the Deep Ground Alliance is sure to throw some interesting things into the mix. I can only hope I am worthy of reading!

I don't own any characters pertaining to Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus or anything pertaining to Square/soft/Enix/mutant/other whatever in any way at all. My own characters , when they appear, are just that, mine). :) . To be honest, I also don't agree with quite a bit of the new canon(s) anyway. You've been warned, stay away if you don't like. And I swear Alfred Ashford doesn't have any part in the plot, despite his devious attempt(s) to do so. I'm pretty sure it's Genesis he's after, but I think Weiss has dibs for the moment. Onward!

Before Story Crisis?

And now a word from the helpless minions...I mean the choir. During rehearsal:

Zack: You better take a look at this, Ang. The story gets pretty emo. (Hands copy to Angeal)

Angeal: Zack and I are going to be doing what?

Cloud: At least I don't have to dress up like a girl this time! (laughs happily)

Zack: Hold It. No way I'm being part of the Aeris department. It's in my contract.

Aeris: And just what is that supposed to mean?!

Angeal: It means you're not having your way with him, missy.

Aeris: Which him are you talking about, Mister-I'm-not-inclined-that-way-in-order-to-protect -my-career?

Angeal : (glares at Aeris): The only one you didn't manage to get last lifetime and you know it!

Zack: (sighs with relief) Once again our hero escapes being molested while in drag!

Cloud: I am sooooooo glad not to be you, Zack! (laughs)

(Aeris rolls her eyes and leaves the room)

Sephiroth: Now that that's all settled, does anybody know who let that weirdo in here?

Alfred Ashford: I am not a weirdo, thank you very much! I am Alfred Ashford from Resident Eeeeeevil! And I don't understand why I was banned from the auditions! I make a much better villain than any of you lot. In fact, I make Sephiroth look like a pool boy on steroids!!. When I'm not busy pretending that I'm my own twin sister, that is. Mmmmm, taffeta...But where was I?

Oh yes. I am also waaaay above you all in class,breeding, and endowments! So if you'll all just move over there so that I can demonstrate my enormous talent to the audience...AAAAAAAAAAGGH!!

(Effect: a large fireball completely immolates Alfred, causing him to explode)

Sephiroth: Nobody gets away with talking about me like that when I'm in the room. Nobody! Got that? Good.

Genesis: I thought he was rather charming. We could have used him for a coffee table or something back at the ranch. Weiss, what do you think?

Weiss: Are you kidding?! There's barely room in there for both of our egos, let alone his! Or any more you're right, he was alluring. In a leave-him-chained- and-gagged- in- a-dungeon-for-the-next-500-years- sort of way. How unfortunate.

Angeal: (through his teeth) How did those two manage to score a contract? Why are pup and I being forced to work with them?! When this is over our agent is so fired!!


You see just how popular I am around here at the moment.

Not! Hopefully i'll be able to finish without a full scale mutiny. XD


Chapter One

There was no doubt about it. The three of them were "lost." At least as far as Shinra was concerned. Angeal stood just inside the mouth of the cave. The storm outside was roaring mercilessly, at almost hurricane force. Lightning stuck the ground at irregular intervals, interspersed with the rain, which drenched the cliff face in pools of liquid.

His companions were lolling about next to a fire in the middle of the cave. Angeal wasn't exactly sure how Sephiroth had managed this one. This was supposed to have been a routine survival sortie. Hot, sweaty jungle grunt-work. And yet here the three of them were, miles from nowhere, incommunicado.

When Sephiroth had smiled and attached the GPS monitor to the inflatable ring and thrown it off the cliffside and into the river, Angeal had raised an eyebrow. Zack hadn't made a peep. He seemed to be getting used to this sort of behavior from the two of them by now. Angeal wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing. The fact of the matter was that this was going to be training for the pup, just not in the way that Shinra intended. And by the time the weather let up that ring would hopefully be washed up on the beach of the third continent. Sephiroth would figure something out. Everyone was so afraid of him that they dared not question anything he said. Shinra didn't have a clue as to who he really was, and he was happy to keep it that way.

When Sephiroth opened the radio and other communication devices and rendered them temporarily inoperable, Zack raised an eyebrow. The general said nothing, just smiled a wicked smile. The one thing they hadn't counted on was the storm. It had blown up in the early afternoon and showed no signs of abating. It became rather obvious once they found the cave something was going on. The fact that it contained a complete campsite with enough rations for more than a week and enough bedding for an army was a dead giveaway. If there was one thing the general truly despised, it was being forced to go without comfort.

Angeal and Zack quickly set up camp, while Sephiroth made up the fire. Neither bothered to ask how the general had managed to get the feather soft fireproof mattresses up the cliffside, let alone the linens. He was only too happy to let the two of them discard their shirts and work up a sweat heaving things around. Sephiroth made up for it, however, by preparing a gourmet meal from rations. And items he pulled from the backpack Angeal had forced Zack to tote without allowing him to see the contents.

Sephiroth seemed to have inborn natural grace. It showed in everything the man did- how he moved, the way he spoke, how he held a sword...and the manner in which he performed. And yet, Zack was quick to note, he was never sure of being noticed when his eyes strayed to the motion of hands. Hands that were deft and sure enough to quickly strip away the armor that covered his supple chest. Hands that could caress, lift, and invade. He closed his eyes and savored the moment, imagining them.

Truth be told, he loved the hands of Angeal the most, of course. Whether clad in fingerless leather gloves or gauntlets, there were few nights Zack spent alone that he did not imagine that touch. A moment ago those hands had touched zack, causing him to draw in his breath. Just the thought of being touched by him made Zack shiver.

That thought was interrupted by the embrace of Angeal, who was now moving against the small of his back. Sephiroth reached down and gently guided his head lower, to an angle that would allow him deeper access. Zack drew him in eagerly. The coolness reminded him somehow of fresh water , followed by a sweetness.

Sephiroth used his hands to support Zack as Angeal drew his arms back. Zack moaned around Sephiroth as he reached beyond his neck to caress and pinch. At the same moment he felt Angeal press against him, spreading him gently, but momentarily. The first touch caused him to shudder just a little, but hands kept him gently pinned.

Zack felt himself straining the air with every thrust. He longed for that shattering moment when everything stood still and he seemed to float for a while, only to be brought to earth again by the sound of his own voice. The fact that he was pinned almost without breath had brought him to an edge that both frightened and exhilarated. He was safe within these hands, he knew. Because of that, he would let them take him anywhere they chose to guide him.

It was for this reason that he moaned in frustration when Angeal pulled away, leaving him deeply aroused and wanting to fall more than ever. In a moment they had changed positions, and Zack found himself suckling the fingers of his mentor. He took them in greedily.

"Sing for him, puppy. The way you would for me." as he spoke, Angeal removed his fingers, slid into his mouth, and was quickly engulfed in the warm tightness that he adored. Angeal could only admit to himself that he loved the way Zack caressed him so gently, opening deeper when his hands tangled in that lavender scented hair. He knew that he would never love or fuck this way again, and he was thankful for it. It made all the time following orders and all the wild goose chase practice sorties worth it. He just wished those bastards Genesis and Lazard would have left the boy alone.

Months- no, years of rebuilding trust, tears, the worries Zack might never recover enough to do this again- were being left behind, he hoped. There seemed to be so little time left before he had to explain the impossible. Killing Genesis was the least of the problem. It was how pup would have to cope, or might cope, once he knew. But that was some time off, and right now was all that mattered. He held all his love within his hands.

Sephiroth bent forward to lap the tears that had began to run involuntarily from the corners of those beautiful eyes with his tongue. The pause between the two men had allowed the sensations to rebuild, to an almost excruciating pitch. Zack allowed himself to be pinned between the two men. Zacks eyes rolled back as he writhed. He felt himself falling and the world went black, for what he thought was a few seconds. Then he felt two pairs of hands caressing his face, and he could breathe again. He opened his eyes. He was lying on his side, in between Angeal and Sephiroth. " I love you puppy." Angeal whispered. "Be good for me." His hands gently turned Zack towards Sephiroth, who drew him into a long, silent kiss.

Later, as they watched him sleep, the two had a conversation

"I'm sorry if it hurt when he called my name. Pup didn't mean it. It's become a reflex with him because of what happened. But we can use that later." Angeal grinned in the darkness.

"He really loves you, you know that." Sephiroth paused. "I find him...beautiful. It is unfortunate that I have a strong predilection for blondes at the moment. But I am grateful. After all that I've suffered at the hands of Hojo lately, I needed it."

"He'll make a good soldier, Seph. I just haven't figured out to explain the inevitable."

"About our deterioration?"

"Yes. The fact that the two of us are in no better a position than Genesis hasn't occurred to him. Or if it has, he certainly hasn't mentioned it. My worry is what he'll do when he figures things out. In the heat of battle, I made a promise. I swore that I would never leave him alone. Trust me, I meant every word of it. If I had known that Genesis would become corrupted, and that the same could happen to me, I'd have thought the better of it."

" It is no better from my side. I envy your ability to love, to make someone yours. We can only hope that the cure they promised us is found. The thought of having to leave my little bird behind distresses me. It is fortunate that neither he nor Zack have been noticed nor touched by Hojo. If the two of them ever find out the real truth about what we suspect, there will be dire consequences. I've done everything I can to conceal the nature of our relationships. It's only a matter of time, Angeal. The truth will come out. Shinra will fall. That is the only thing any of us can be sure of.".