Chapter One;In Trouble

"Bella dear." my mother Renee's voice filled the house,This was my last day at this place and I would be gone to Charlie's.Of course she has been trying to keep me with her,But she has Phil now they will be moving from Forks any day now to go to Florida.It's not that I don't like the sun but I just dont wan't to move fully to a place where every where from my clothes to the ghostly shade of white me skin is,Is unwelcome.Charlie on the other hand had moved away from Forks to Newfoundland when I was 5 I have gone there every summer and I have one really great friend named Jasper over there,Here I have Jacob who I will miss like crazy he is the brother I never had.I walked down the stairs into the kitchen mom was experimenting with some mexican dish,It didn't really look safe.

"You called?" I asked her quietly.

"Yeah now this is the last time im going to ask dear are you sure you wan't to go to Newfoundland?I rains alot there as well."she asked looking worried.

"Mom I made my decision when you said you and Phil were going to Florida and you know what Im like when I make a decision on something."I tried explaining to her,"So yeah im still going to Charlie's,Besides I haven't seen Jasper since last year I wonder if Rosealie has changed her outlook at me."I finished giggling a little bit.Mom looked a little downhearted but that was all I could do I am only on this planet to virtually please myslef and no one else,I left and went back to my now empty room and fell on my bed.A tear ran down my face and my cell phone rang.

"Hey Jake."I said knowing it was him since he was the only one with my number besides my parents.

"Bells im going to miss you so much."He boomed in the phone,I could hear snickering in the background most likly Quil or Embry.

"Im going to miss you to Jake,But I have to I would of had to move anyways but this way im sure Charlie will let me come visit him and Billy were tight and im pretty sure he would let you both come visit as well."I told him.I heard him sigh on the other end.

"I know,Listen Bells there is something in one of the boxes I helped you pack its from me I made it,Dont forget me."I could hear him get a little emotional on the other and then the Dail tone once come in.Any other time I would have called him back but I was on the verge of crying and I don't think either of us could handle it,Id call him when I was safely in Newfoundland.

I fell into an uneasy sleep without any supper either.I kept having this dream where Jasper and his twin Rosalie switched personalities and she was my best friend and Jasper was iffy about me.Towards the end there was a big muscle guy without a face and took Rosealie away from being my friend.Weird.I woke up and turned off my alarm before it actually came on and walked like a zombie to the bathroom and showered useing Strawberry shampoo.Such a normal scent.When I got out,wrapped up in a towel I wen't back to my room and blow dried my hair and put it up in a messy pony tail,I slipped into a pair of jeans and black t shirt with a white sweater and ran downstairs.Mom had made me a fairwell breakfast,Chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate sause.Once I finished that it was time to leave,I hugged Phil and Mom and grabbed my Wuthering Heights book,My carry on item,and ran out to the rent a car I had got the day before.I could see mom crying in the rearveiw mirrior but I really couldn't dwell on it much.I was going to be in Newfoundland in a mere few hours.Once I got to the airport I handed the key into the lady at the rent a car desk and waited for my plane to be called.Once I was safely on the plane I put my head back on the seat,I never really enjoyed these plane rides from the gross food to the guy that snores that just so happened to have to sit next to you.I sat there next to the window reading my book,I don't know how long I was reading the book but the guy next to me was poking me.

"What?"I asked impatiently.

"We are here.I thought I would tell you,You looked really into the book."The snoring guy said.I smiled apologized and thanked him and walked off the plane,Where I could see my dad waiting for me.Once he saw me a grin came to his face and the next thing I know is im plowed to the ground and crushed into a hug.I saw the blonde hair of my attacker.

"JAZZ."I squealed hugging him back.

"I missed you so much Bella."Jasper smiled at me as my dad and a girl that looked like a pixie stood there smiling at us,Jasper helped me up still hugging me tightly.

"I missed you to Jazz,But I would love to breathe."I joked with him and he let me go and the pixie girl latched herself onto him I said Hi to my dad,We really didn't show much emotion towards each other but it was more an unspoken thing we had.We knew the other loved just as much as the other.

"Bella,I'd like you to meet someone very special to me."Jasper said smiling at me.

"Ok."I said.

"This is Alice Cullen,She is my girlfriend I have a feeling you two will be awesome friends.Alice this is the girl I was telling you about this is Bella."Jasper said beaming.The pixie girl came up and hugged me she was sure strong for someone so small.

"Nice to meet you Alice."I stated,This was great I had a new friend and I haven't even made it out of the airport.

"Well Bella I hate to leave you but I have to have Alice home soon,I will come over later and we will catch a movie and catch up on a yers worth of stuff."Jasper said hugging me one last time and takeing Alice's hand and leaving the airport.I didn't need to worry about getting bags since I had sent them all to Charlie before hand.

"Ready to go home?"Charlie asked putting his arm around my shoulder.

"Ready as ever."I smiled at him as we walked out to his cruiser I hopped in the passenger side.

"I have a surprise for you when we get to the house."Charlie stated.I couldn't wait even though it only took about 10 minutes to get from the airport to our little house in Portugal Cove St Phillip's.

"Thanks Dad."I told him.

"No problem kiddo,Now I would like the truth on why you are actually moved back here."Charlie said in a somewhat stern voice that was kinda creepy.

"Because Dad,It's way to much of a change im used to this colder climate and in Florida everything from my clothes to my apperance is very unwelcome.And Phil isn't my favorite person in the world but don't tell mom that."I said smiling as we pulled into the driveway that we shared with Jasper and Rosalie's parents,There was an older looking truck sitting in the driveway it was a faded red colour and a Chevy and It looked very durable I could just tell they don't make trucks like that anymore.

"Like it?"Charlie asked me.

"Thats mine?"I said in awe.

"Well yeah you knows that Rose would never be caught dead in it."Charlie laughed at me.

"I love it,Thank you so much."I almost squealed.

"Its alright."Charlie said.I got out of the crusier looking at the truck it was so simple,then it started to rain,Typical Newfoundland weather.I laughed as I waited for Charlie to unlock the house so I could dry off,The house hasn't changed since the last time I was in it last summer.The kitchen walls were still the bright yellow my mother had painted them just after they got married and I was born.Through the house the only thing that had any drastic change was my room.Instead of the old blue colour that it was.I convinvinced Charlie to let me paint it,Now the walls were pink with Dark purple and sea foam green,It did look awesome,Jasper and I did that.My room as of right now was full of boxes that were screaming to be unpacked.I grabbed a cd that was on my desk it had Jaspers writing on it.I placed it in the player and started unpacking clothes first I had everything put in it's resectable places and I started with material posessions,On top of one of the boxes was a chain with a homemade wooden wolf hanging from it.There was a note under it.I picked up and read it.

Dear Bella,

I miss you already if you are reading this.I made this wolf and was planning to give it to you for your birthday but since you were moving away I thought you would like it now.This is really hard.I could tell you everything.Even though im close to Embry and Quil they arn't the same as having you there to tell.You keep my secrets safe.You are like my sister,And your the best sister I could ever ask for.Now before I leave of Bella I love you and I miss you so much.And even if you meet some studdly man and he sweeps you off your feet I will always be here for you and that will never change.


The water in my eyes brimmed over and I was now fully crying but laughing at the same time.I stopped packing and grabbed the phone regardless of the fact of long distance I needed to call Jacob.It rang five times and cut into his voice mail.

Yo people apparently im not by my phone so leave one.

Hey Jacob when you get this call me back asap I need to talk really bad.

I hung up the phone and sighed,I still had a few boxes left to unpack and they are mainly books,I just shoved them into my closet being to tired to put them on the shelf.I went to the kitchen and made some chicken Mr Noodles and ate them and cleaned my dishes.The door bell rang and Jasper walked in.He sat across from me at the table and grinning to the end of the world.

"I'm not going to like what im about to hear am I?"I asked.

"Not really."Jasper said still grinning,Either he wet himself,he bought me something expensive or there was going to be a party for me.

"Spit it out then Jazz if im not gunna like it don't keep it from me any longer."I whined which just made him grin even bigger.I was really in trouble.