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Chapter Sixteen;Beep

Still in Edward's Point of View.

I wanted to scream tell everyone to hurry up and stop moving so damn slow. It was as if she was dead at the speed they were moving I needed to do something. I walked away from the scene in need of air. I saw Emmett's jeep pull up to the scene some police guy was saying they weren't aloud on the scene. I stomped over to him.

"Let them in, they are family." I mumbled to him. He finally stepped aside and I was engulfed in one of Emmett's bear hugs.

"Dude, if we only knew he was there we would have stayed and hurt him real bad." He boomed, could he ever be a little quiet.

I wiggled out of his arms, how I do not know but I did. I looked over at Alice her face was buried in Jaspers chest they were both teary eyed, as was Emmett, Carlisle and Esme. Carlisle walked over to me.

"How did you know where I was?" I asked.

"It's all over the news son." Carlisle stated putting a hand on my shoulder. 'You are a mess Edward, all of Newfoundland saw how destroyed you look.'

The EMT's had Bella on the stretcher with a blanket over her. Oh, no, no, no this cannot be happening to me. When something goes right in my life, it is taken away from me. I felt a new batch of tears well up in my eyes. I tried to run towards the Ambulance but Emmett caught me.

"Edward, come with us." He whispered in my ear. I did the only thing I really wanted at the time. I punched him. 'Edward don't go punching me you know it won't work.'

He shoved me in the back of the Jeep, Alice and Jasper on either or my sides to make sure I do not make a run for it. Mom and Dad went to talk to Charlie on the incident. I put my head in my hands and just cried. I cried until I got a headache.

"Edward, we are home." I heard Alice's tiny voice from next to me. I got out like a Zombie and walked into the house Twilight came running and mewing at me. I picked the tiny kitten up and hugged him. He knew something was wrong with me. I walked all the way to Bella's room and layed down on her bed inhaling her sent. Twilight started to purr, he fell asleep just before I did.

There was an annoying knocking coming from somewhere in the room, I had too much of a headache to anything about it.

"Edward, it's me Alice, wake up." I heard her say from the side of her room.

"Go away." I mumbled into the pillow. I then took a big whiff of Bella's smell Strawberries and Freesia. How am I supposed to live like this? And Alice being herself did not listen and came right in.

"Edward, get up. She is not dead but she is just barley hanging on you have to get to the hospital, she is in a coma." Alice said to me.

Bella was not dead, she is barley hanging on. The love of my life is in a coma and I may never get to her voice or catch her from her klutziness again. I needed to get to that hospital. I was not going alone, Twilight is coming with me. He would want to see her too.

I messed up my hair, and brushed my teeth after asking Alice to find Twilight for me. I slipped into some clean clothes and took some for Bella if she ever woke up. I was not ever going to leave her side. Since my Volvo is still at Wal-Mart I took my Vanquish. Right now I didn't care how dirty this car got I needed to make sure my Bella was going to be fine. I left the bag with Bella's and mine extra clothes in it in the car. I grabbed Twilight's carrier and brought him in, Carlisle made his way to me.

"Edward does Bella normally talk in her sleep?" He asked me.

"Yeah, why?" I asked.

"She has been saying your name over and over now for and hour." He told me. In all I really wanted to laugh. He showed me all the way to her private room and let me in. A woman I have never seen before was stationed next to her bed. I layed the carrier down and let Twilight out. He immediately wanted to be up in my arms; I picked him up and went over to the other side of Bella's bed. Her head was bandaged up and her left arm was casted up once more, other than that, there was nothing else I could see that was wrong with her.

"Who are you?" the woman on the other side of the bed asked me.

"Edward Cullen, Bella's boyfriend." I told her quietly. Sticking my hand out for her.

"I am Renee her mother. I seen you on the news Edward you looked so sad. Like a part of you was ripped away." She told me as she took my hand.

"It felt like it." I told her, Twilight jumped from my arms and softly on the bed.

"It will be ok Edward. Bella's a fighter she will pull through." She told me. I really wanted to believe her.

It was getting quiet in the room minus Twilights constant purring and the beeping monitor, when a horrified looking Jacob ran in the room with a very pregnant looking Cindy. Jake took one look at her and just cried. I could understand why they have known each other for ages. What must Jasper be feeling oh god.

"Jacob." Renee said getting up and hugging him. She was now crying again as well. I got up offering my seat to Cindy she looked so tired. She gladly took it.

"Renee, is she going to be alright?" He asked her through tears.

"I'm positive Jacob, they have Dr. Cullen looking after her." She told him. He looked relived. Renee then looked at Cindy. ' Who's the girl?'

"That's my girl friend Cindy." Jacob told her. She looked like she was almost 6 months along or something ( A.N I forgot the gender of the baby if I said it, I know that's terrible and I cant find it when I re read so by my pleading friend I'm changing it. Bella does not know what it is yet.)

I went to leave the room to give them some privacy but Cindy grabbed my arm.

"Edward, you have to stay. If Bella wakes up and you arnt here she will be devastated she has grown into you its crazy when I'm on the phone with her you and Twilight are the only things she talks about." Cindy told me.

"Thank you Cindy. Do you think she will make it?" I asked her.

"She is a fighter. I promise you she will be just fine. Minus the arm and leg." She giggled a little.

"So, Cindy how far along are you?" Renee asked.

"5 and a half." She beamed.

"Oh. Are you sure you are ready for this?" Renee snapped at her.

"Renee." Jacob said with anger.

"Guys don't fight Bella is hospitalized right in front of us it's not the time." I wanted to yell but I kept it down. Carlisle walked in ah nice helpful blanket.

"How is she doing?" He asked.

"The same I guess." I told him.

Bella's Point of View

I could hear faint voice all around me. It was like everyone was football field lengths away. Why cant I open my eyes.




That is not annoying at all. Am I dead? What about Edward I love him to much to be dead. What about my fans? who will break it to them.

What happened to James? I hope that, that pig headed jerk got what he deserves. Wait is that my mom? Edward? Jacob? Cindy …She is pregnant she should not have come to … oh my am I in a coffin. I am dead I know it I am dead. Why must this have happened to me? I wanted to scream Edward's name. Can I move my mouth?




Make that noise go AWAY. Isn't this supposed to be peaceful? Isn't death supposed to be peaceful, why cant I be like normal dead people. Gosh. This sucks.

"Oh, my Bella I miss you so much. I do not know if you can hear me right now. Jacob is here along with Cindy and your mother. Cindy is looking pregnant now, She is having a boy his. They are naming him Luke. Renee wanted to yell at Jacob and Cindy saying they weren't ready for a child. I have never seen two more ready people in my life.'

'I'm so so sorry this happened to you. I could have prevented it if I came with you. I will never forgive myself for it. Come back my Bella. Me and Twilight need you now more than ever.'

Then the voice was gone, It sounded like Edward. Oh my god am I being buried right now? He sounded sad but not the 'my girlfriend just died sad' where am I?




And what is with that awful beeping.

"Edward". I heard my voice croak. Dead people cant talk. That means I'm not dead. Now to try and open my eyes. One at a time I get them open and see painfully blinding lights.

"Turn the lights off." I moaned. I felt something lying on my stomach, Twilight.

"Bella, I'm so sorry I didn't mean for it to happen." Edward started apologizing.

"Oh be quiet, Edward. I'm just glad I am here and not where ever he was going to take me." I told him.

"How are you felling?" He asked me.

"Tired, and like I just finished a kick boxing match." I laughed.

"Oh Bella, I though I was going to loose you." He said putting his head down.

"Edward I am here. I'm fine." I told him.

"Your head is Bandaged and your Left arm and leg is broke how is that fine?" He asked me.

"Simple. I'm not dead." I told him.




Well that is where that came from. Annoying beep from hell. Carlisle came in the room followed by Cindy. Where was Jacob?

"How are you feeling Bella?" Carlisle asked.

"Better." I smiled weakly at him

"I can't believe that happened." Cindy said rushing over to my bed.

"Yeah, and I can't believe you came here on an airplane pregnant." I said to her.

"I am fine, don't worry about me." She told me her eyes just beaming with excitement.

"Where is Jake?" I asked her, Carlisle was now poking at the cords and stuff that were hooked up to me.

"Jacob and your mother are out talking to each other." Edward growled. I looked up at Cindy.

"Your mom doesn't think its right for me to be pregnant by him so early in life." She sighed.

"That woman can't say much at all." I growled.

"Bella you can go home in about a week once we are positive your head is fine." Carlisle smiled at me leaving the room.

A whole hoard of people came in the room. Alice and Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie, Julia, Esme, Charlie. All carrying a balloon, card or teddy bear of some sort.

"You didn't need to buy all that stuff." I told them.

"Bella, Bella, Bella you should know us by now we are going to spend a lot of money." Alice chimed as if it is an everyday thing. I just rolled my eyes.

"Well did you at least remember my Laptop?" I asked her.

"Duh." Emmett laughed giving me the bag he was holding, I took my laptop and turned it on and waited for it to turn on.


Everyone looked at me.

"What I am hungry." I laughed. Everyone just stared 'I want food' I groaned.

"I will get you something Bella." Esme said leaving. Charlie also left, it was like he couldn't look at me like this. Did I really look that bad?

I was knocked out of my thoughts by Emmett, giving me on of his huge bear hugs. Then everyone was around in this huge group hug.

"Bella, they thought you weren't going to make it." Rose told me. I looked at everyone in horror.

"Honestly?" I asked. 'That's really messed.'

"Your fine now. Carlisle said you would make a full recovery." Edward said taking my free hand. I yawned.

I couldn't believe something like that had happened, how close to death was I in all honesty. That had to be the scariest thing someone has ever said to me.