ok! I know that there are tons of stories like these but I reeeaaaallllly wanted to try it. I did have some help from my friend xedwardxxloverx. She wrote all the guys parts and i wrote the girls. so yeah big thnks to her! ummmm...what else? nothing i guess. So enjoy!!


IrritableGrizzlyMan: Emmett

BiteMe64: Rosalie

Shopaholic99: Alice

Mr.Sensitive: Jasper

MindReader107: Edward

KlutzyGirl19: Bella

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IrritableGrizzlyMan: HEY!!

KlutzyGirl19: Hi Emmett!

Shopaholic99: Hi!

IrritableGrizzlyMan: HI

BiteMe64: hey!

IrritableGrizzlyMan: hey Rose

BiteMe64: hi Emmy

MindReader107: Hello?

KlutzyGirl19: hi Edward!

MindReader107: Hi Bella. How are you today?

KlutzyGirl19: I'm great! how r u?

MindReader107: I'm...okay.

Shopaholic99: what's wrong Eddie poo?

MindReader107: Emmett's holding me hostage

IrritableGrizzlyMan: hahaha

BiteMe64: Emmett!

Mr.Sensitive: this is quite entertaining

Shopaholic99: hiya Jazzy!

Mr.Sensitive: hey Alice

KlutzyGirl19: Emmett let Edward go now!

Shopaholic99: how are u jazz?

Mr.Sensitive: I'm quite odd

Mr.Sensitive: everyone's feeling different things, so i'm not quite sure how I feel

IrritableGrizzlyMan: I WILL NEVER LET HIM GO!

Shopaholic99: aw want me to come sit with you?

KlutzyGirl19: OH YOU BETTER!

Mr.Sensitive: yes please...

IrritableGrizzlyMan: MAKE ME!

Shopaholic99: ok come on over! Bring ur laptop with u

KlutzyGirl19: Rosalie? can you help please??

Mr.Sensitive: walks over to Alice and sits on her lap

MindReader107: EMMETT!

MindReader107: GET. OFF. ME.

IrritableGrizzlyMan: HAHA

IrritableGrizzlyMan: NEVER!!

KlutzyGirl19: EMMETT!!


KlutzyGirl19: gasp

MindReader107: Oh no you did NOT just make fun of my Bella!

KlutzyGirl19: Grrrrrrrr!

KlutzyGirl19: Oh Rosalie!

BiteMe64: Yes Bella?

IrritableGrizzlyMan: OW!! EDWARD, STOP!

MindReader107: Mwahahaha!!

KlutzyGirl19: do u think u can help Edward kill Emmett?

BiteMe64: of course!

BiteMe64: EMMETT!!

IrritableGrizzlyMan: ...yes...?

BiteMe64: Let. Edward. Go. Now. And. Apologize. To. Bella.

IrritableGrizzlyMan: NO

BiteMe64: Emmett...

IrritableGrizzlyMan: eh?

BiteMe64: don't make me come and find you

IrritableGrizzlyMan: try me

BiteMe64: fine

BiteMe64 has left the chatroom

KlutzyGirl19: Thanks Rosalie!

IrritableGrizzlyMan: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

IrritableGrizzlyMan has left the chatroom

KlutzyGirl19: Edward? are u ok? Talk to me!!

MindReader107: Phew! thanks, Bella

KlutzyGirl19: sigh Np! I'm glad ur ok!

MindReader107: Of course I'm okay. I'm indestructible, love.

KlutzyGirl19: yea well so is Emmett

MindReader107: That's where you're wrong.

KlutzyGirl19: ??

MindReader107: We have ROSALIE on our side, remember??

KlutzyGirl19: of course I remember! this will be fun!

MindReader107: hahaha

Shopaholic99: Can I help!? Please! please! please!

KlutzyGirl19: Sure!

Shopaholic99: YAY!

Mr.Sensitive: YAY!

MindReader107: haha poor Jasper. Alice's excitement is too much to contain.

Shopaholic99: I'm sorry jazzy I'll try to reign it in a little

Mr.Sensitive: bow chicka wow wow

KlutzyGirl19: umm...

MindReader107: jasper, I wouldn't...

Mr.Sensitive: AHHHHHHHHHH!!

Mr.Sensitive has left the chatroom

Shopaholic99: Crap…JASPER!!

Shopaholic99 has left the chatroom

MindReader107: uh-oh

KlutzyGirl19: Wtf??

MindReader107: he was...erm..."feeling" Emmett's and Rosalie's feelings for each other

KlutzyGirl19: shouldn't Rosalie be like killing Emmett now?

MindReader107: exactly.

IrritableGrizzlyMan: HELP ME!!

IrritableGrizzlyMan: SHE EVIL!

KlutzyGirl19: That's what u get Em!

IrritableGrizzlyMan was forced to leave the chatroom by BiteMe64

MindReader107: lol

KlutzyGirl19: hahaa!

MindReader107: poor kid never had a chance

KlutzyGirl19: teehee!!

MindReader107: I love you, Bella

KlutzyGirl19: I love u more Edward!

MindReader107: Nope. Not possible.

KlutzyGirl19: yes it is possible

KlutzyGirl19: and very true!

MindReader107: shakes head

KlutzyGirl19: yup! I love U more!


MindReader107: I can deal with that.

KlutzyGirl19: hehe me too!

Shopaholic99: Calm down Jasper

Mr.Sensitive: I don't wanna

Shopaholic99: Why not?

Mr.Sensitive: cus...

Shopaholic99: I'm going to need a little more than that!

Mr.Sensitive: but Bella's making me tired...

Shopaholic99: you're a vampire you cant be tired

Mr.Sensitive: yes I can. Bella's feeling tired, and she's making me tired

KlutzyGirl19: sorry Jasper

Mr.Sensitive: it okay Bellie

Shopaholic99: Bellie?

Shopaholic99: What's up with that nickname??

Mr.Sensitive: it's pwetty

KlutzyGirl19: uhh

Shopaholic99: Jasper? Are you okay?

Mr.Sensitive: hehehehe

KlutzyGirl19: wtf??

Mr.Sensitive: hehe i like being tired!!

KlutzyGirl19: uh oh! He's getting yawn delusional! It happens to a lot of humans when they get tired

Shopaholic99: oh no...Jazzy?

Mr.Sensitive: hmmm?

Shopaholic99: why don't you try relaxing? getting as close to sleep as possible?

Shopaholic99: it might help

Mr.Sensitive: lays on bed mmmmmmmmm...

Shopaholic99: good Jazzy! Good!!

Mr.Sensitive: yawn

MindReader107: finally...

IrritableGrizzlyMan: yawn damn u Jazz...damn u...

MindReader107: Bella...commere...I need u as a soft, warm pillow...

KlutzyGirl19: why don't...u...come...here?...im...tired...too! yawn

MindReader107: ur...so...far...away...

KlutzyGirl19: do...u...want...me...to...drive...like...this?...I'll...kill...myself

MindReader107: NO!

MindReader107: i'm coming, i'm coming...

KlutzyGirl19: i...thought...so! yawn

Shopaholic99: Jasper...feeling...any...better?

MindReader107: yawn

Mr.Sensitive: snores

KlutzyGirl19: mmmm goodnight...sleep talks

MindReader107: drops on floor

Shopaholic99: collapses next to jasper

BiteMe64: stupid...stupid...Jasper!

IrritableGrizzlyMan: falls on top of rose

IrritableGrizzlyMan: zzzzzzzzzzzz...

BiteMe64: owwww

BiteMe64: snores

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