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AN - This is my first Naruto story and I hope that you'll like it. It is heavily inspired by the wonderful manga My Paranoid Next Door Neighbour by Kazuka Minami. I've taken the Naruto characters and placed the in MPNDN's world. I have also added my own twists and turns to the story. Please enjoy...

Chapter 1.

"What??" A blond boy said as he spewed the rice he was eating all over the kitchen table and his father who was also sitting at the table eating. It was the father saying something that caused the golden haired boy to have this reaction. The boys name was Uzumaki Naruto and he did not like what he was hearing at all.

"What are you really saying old man? Naruto asked, "What do you mean Sasuke will be living with us?" Naruto could feel himself gripping his chopsticks so hard he was afraid they would break. He looked at his father who sat there looking much too pleased with himself. Naruto's mother was running around the kitchen refilling Naruto's rice bowl and wiping up the mess he'd made, she was also looking ridiculously happy Naruto thought with a growl.

"Because" Minato said with a small smile as he was answering his son. "You are both attending last year of high school this year and you'll both have to take your entrance exams to get in to university. Our house is so close and Sasuke-kun's is so far away, just a roundtrip is taking him four hours and that is defiantly not good for his studies, his grades has already been dropping these last few months" Minato continued eating as he gave Naruto a look that seemed to say there now you should be happy getting such a nice young man to this house.

"B-but you haven't mentioned any of this to me and now he's coming tomorrow!" Naruto screamed flailing his rice all over again. He was so not happy with the situation.

"We have a guestroom so it's no problem" Minato said. "Besides it was Fu-kun (Sasuke's dad) that asked me and then you know that I couldn't say no…" Minato continued with a dreamy smile as he thought of his dear "Fu-Kun".

Naruto was shaking in his seat he so angry, finally he stood up and stormed out of the room with a short "I'm going to take a bath" announcement. He padded up the stairs and went into the bathroom and started to take his clothes off. When he was naked he got in the hot water and tried to relax. Naruto was so pissed at his father at the moment. Why did Sasuke have to come?

Uchiha Sasuke was the same age as Naruto and they had been childhood friends. Their dads had been best friends in high school and they continued to be freakishly close to each other. Naruto and Sasuke had been very close from preschool to middle school. They had almost been closer that brothers and they had done everything together. When they had gotten to middle school that close relationship had started to feel like a burden and because of that the once best friends had started to drift apart. By now they weren't even speaking to each other anymore.

Naruto was dead set on relaxing his tense muscles so he started to touch himself in the bathwater, besides he was a healthy teenage boy he had needs. As he released into his own hand he thought.

"By tomorrow I'll have Sasuke in the room next to mine. Dammit! I guess I will only be able to do this in the bathroom from here on out" He couldn't imagine anything more embarrassing than being caught jerking off by Sasuke Uchiha, the stuck up prick. After getting out of the bath and drying off Naruto went across the hall to his bedroom. He put on fresh boxers to sleep in and lay down on his bed. His last thoughts before drifting off were unsurprisingly enough of the Uchiha. They hadn't spoken for so long that Naruto had actually managed to repress that they went to the same high school though in different classes. "I'll guess I have no choice but meeting him tomorrow" was the last thought through Naruto's head before cobalt blue eyes slid shut and sleep finally claimed the boy.


The next morning did not find Naruto in a better mood as he kicked open the door to his classroom. "Morning." He said sourly to his friends who were already in the classroom waiting for lessons to start.

"Morning Naruto" His friend Kiba said, pulling on Naruto's red tie for his school uniform. "We've told you not to open the door to the classroom with your foot, it doesn't suit you. You're much too cute for such shenanigans." Kiba continued as he pinched Naruto's cheek. The other boys nodded and agreed with Kiba. This did not help Naruto's mood. He swatted Kiba's hand away from his face and glared at them to the best of his abilities. "I'll open the door how I damn well please!" He growled and continued his glaring.

"Oh dear did something happen?" Another of Naruto's close friends Haku asked when he saw Naruto's expression.

"Aww what happened to put my Naru bear in a bad mood?" Kiba taunted as he put his arm around Naruto.

"Get off me!" Naruto tried to pry Kiba's arm off. "You're making me irritated."

"No" Kiba said. "I wanna stay like this close to my Naru bear" he continued making kissy noises at Naruto.

"I told you, I don't like people touching me!" Naruto exclaimed and elbowed Kiba in the stomach to get loose. He stalked away from his friends to his seat where he sat down and put his feet up on the table.

Naruto was so tired; he had not slept well his mind filled with thoughts of the Uchiha. His father had told him to find Sasuke and walk home with him at the end of the school day. "I have never even talked to him at school" Naruto thought. "Not to mention I'm in the regular department and he's in the advanced one, the class for geniuses. Our classes are in different buildings, we never see each other here at school." Naruto sighed, Schoolwork and intelligence was just one more thing Sasuke was better than him at. "From now on we're going to be living, eating and sleeping together…Nooo stupid mind don't go there, get out of the gutter!" Naruto could feel himself blushing at the thought of sleeping with the Uchiha. He did not like the prick like that, so there! He didn't know who he was trying to convince… He groaned and rested his head on his arms.

"You really do look troubled Naruto" Haku said looking worried. "What has happened?" Naruto was not in the mood to answer and was glad when the teacher walked through the door and class started.


"Ok, you can do this" Naruto thought to himself as he was making his way to the building that housed the advanced classes. As he opened the heavy wooden doors and went inside in his hunt for Sasuke he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. It was a very uncomfortable feeling and it sent shivers down his spine.

"Hey are you from the regular department?" A tall boy with long dark hair and pale eyes asked him. The longhaired boy stood in a group of boys all of them looking at Naruto a bit funny. He was wondering to himself if he should just try to ignore them.

"Well what's up, are you looking for someone special?" A redhead with dark circles under his green eyes asked as the whole group of boys started to move closer to Naruto.

"N-no…I'm fine, I know what class he is in." Naruto answered as he was trying to get away quickly.

"So unfriendly" the one with pale eyes said as he walked forward and grabbed Naruto's wrist.

"Yeah stay awhile, tell us your name" the redhead added as he took a hold of Naruto's shoulder.

"What's with these freaks?" Naruto thought while trying to squirm his way out of their hold. As he was trying the boy with the pale eyes took a hold of his chin and looked him in the eyes. "Come to think of it you're totally my type." Pale eyes said as he caressed Naruto's face.

Naruto panicked, twisted and kicked until he got himself free and then took off into a run down the corridor. "I'm in a hurry, sorry." He shouted as he put as much distance between himself and the weird boys as he could.

"Were they trying to flirt with me?" Naruto thought. "What did he mean by touching my face? The atmosphere here is so different compared to the regular section. It feels like everyone here is leering at me… It's gross!" By this stage Naruto had managed to freak himself out and when he felt a hand on his shoulder he let out a not so manly shriek and tried to attack his assailant. His hand was very easily caught and Naruto found himself looking into deep onyx eyes.

"Oh S-Sasuke…" Naruto said and to his embarrassment he could feel a blush creeping up his cheeks.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?" Sasuke looked just as cold and aloof as usual; pitch black hair in perfect order and the small rectangular glasses on his nose.

Naruto could feel himself getting aggravated. "What do mean what am I doing here? You're the one suddenly invading my house." He shouted.

Sasuke looked kind of bothered and grabbed Naruto by the hand. "This way, hurry." He said as he pulled Naruto along until they got to an empty classroom which they entered. Sasuke closed the door behind them. He turned to Naruto glared the Uchiha glare at him for a while and then sighed loudly.

"Haven't you heard all the rumors?" He asked Naruto.

"What rumors?" Naruto answered looking like a living question mark.

"There are a lot of gays in the advanced department. Good looking guys should stay away if they're not in to all that". Sasuke told Naruto while giving him a curious look.

"Huh…WHAT!" Naruto shrieked, blushing redder than a boiled lobster.

Sasuke just raised an eyebrow and smirked at Naruto's discomfort. "You really do stand out with that golden hair of yours. You really must be a dobe, even after being stared at, attacked and harassed you still don't get it…That's why you shouldn't come here again. You're too stupid to survive the advanced department."

"Who the hell does he think he is?" Naruto thought angrily but he couldn't come up with a reply to put Sasuke in his place so he just stood there silent and blushing.

Sasuke gave him another infuriating smirk, "By the way, I'll be staying at your house from now on so best regards." He said in a bored tone.

"The childhood friend that I knew has changed so much, when did he become such a bastard?" Naruto thought. He didn't know why but the thought of Sasuke being so different towards him made him kind of sad. "Oh that's why I came." He answered Sasuke. "Um m-my dad said that we should go home together…So I figured I should see if you're up for it. Doesn't matter to me if you don't want to…" Naruto said fidgeting. He could not stop thinking about how handsome his former friend had gotten.

"Let's go together!" Sasuke answered instantly. "Let's meet in front of the train station. Here is my cell number and e-mail." Sasuke said handing Naruto a card. "Use that if you need to get a hold of me again. Now you should head on back to your own building and remember, don't come here again." Sasuke finished his little speech and started to open the door and let Naruto out. Naruto looked kind of dumbstruck but heard the bell for class so he hurried away. Sasuke stood in the doorway watching Naruto's hips sway as he was running towards his own building.

"Heh, cute…" Sasuke closed the door and headed to class…

"I guess Sasuke kind of settled everything." Naruto thought as he sat in his class daydreaming. "I've been worrying about this meeting since yesterday evening. I was shocked at how much he'd changed. But I was also relieved that we at least could talk to each other, although I didn't do much talking…He's just so good looking." After these thoughts Naruto fell asleep in class and slept like a baby.


"You're a part of the family from now on." Minato said to Sasuke beaming at him over the dinner table. Naruto's mom Kushina nodded her head and agreed.

"Please, help yourself to anything. Fu-kun left his precious son in our care didn't he?" Minato continued while trying to force food down Sasuke's throat.

"That's right; please don't hold back on anything." Kushina added loading more food on Sasuke's plate.

"Okay, thank you very much both of you." Sasuke answered all smiles and charm.

"Who is this guy and what's with the change of attitude?" Naruto thought glumly as he sat quiet besides Sasuke. "Last night I was all depressed about Sasuke staying over but now I think it might be tolerable after all. It might give us a chance to get to know each other again. No matter how much we both have changed Sasuke's still my childhood friend."

"Sasuke-kun if you're finished, why don't you go ahead and take a bath..." Kushina suggested as she started to clear the table.

"Actually I thought I could go after Naruto. I still have to organize my room." Sasuke answered politely.

"Oki doki" Naruto said quickly longing for his bath and the sort of relaxation he could only get behind a locked bathroom door from now on. He hurried up the stairs and went in to the bathroom.


Naruto came out of the bathroom only dressed in pajama pants and a towel around his neck. His golden hair was still damp and curled around his face. "So hot" Naruto thought. "I tend to get all dizzy when I do you-know-what in the bath." He turned the doorknob to his room but stopped in shock on the threshold. There on Naruto's bed laid Sasuke reading a book. He had unbuttoned his shirt and was showing of a perfect pale chiseled chest and stomach. He had also taken off his glasses and his black piercing eyes were half hooded as he gazed at Naruto.

"You look so sexy…Showing off your nipples like that." Sasuke said lazily to Naruto.

"W-what…Sasuke, what the hell are you doing in my room?" Naruto shouted. "And saying weird things to…" He mentally added.

"Studying obviously." Sasuke replied totally at ease and relaxed on Naruto's bed.

"Study in your own room!" Naruto said throwing his wet towel in Sasuke's face.

Sasuke calmly picked the towel from his face and dropped it on the floor. "It's no big deal; I just wanted to see your room. It hasn't changed much since I used to play here as a child. I'm actually kind of relieved." Sasuke said.

"Oh…What was that before down in the kitchen?" Naruto asked. "You're a completely different person when we're alone. Tell me honestly is this the real you?" Naruto went to the bed and sat down on the edge while he was waiting for Sasuke to answer him.

"Hmm I wonder…He he." Was Sasuke's reply. "Aren't you better off not knowing what my true character is?…" Sasuke said as he started to slide his fingers down Naruto's back. His fingertips barely brushing the skin of Naruto's spine. Naruto jerked as Goosebumps appeared on his skin. He shivered and scooted forward to get away from the touch.

"Q-quit that! You know my back is very sensitive…" Naruto said blushing.

"Yup, but that's all the more reason to touch it. Sensitive places are more sexual right?" Sasuke whispered huskily.

"Se-sexual…? Stop talking like that!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Say Naruto" Sasuke said leaning closer to Naruto. "Did all your hair grow out down there?" He pointed towards Naruto's groin.

"Huh? What the hell are you talking about?" Naruto asked.

"Oh come on we're about even now." Sasuke stated.

"What does my hair growth down there has to do about getting even somehow? Naruto said. He didn't know what Sasuke was talking about.

"Oh" Sasuke said looking serious and a bit sad. "Then I was wrong. You started to act cold in sixth grade after I said "It's growing already" and showed you. You hated that I matured faster…I always thought you were jealous of me." Sasuke told Naruto.

"Are you stupid? Why would I get jealous of that…There just pubes." Naruto said. "I-it wasn't that that I…" Naruto blushed and couldn't finish.

"You what?" Sasuke asked. "It's been on my mind all this time…That I did something to make you hate me. I was going to apologize and ask you to forgive me but I just couldn't do it. Eventually we just stopped talking and drifted apart."

"He's thought about me all this time?" Naruto thought. "I wish I could tell him…"

"Naruto" Sasuke said. "You don't have to tell me now, since I'll be living here for a while but please tell me when you think you can. Oh by the way. I could tutor you in English if you want. All you have to do is ask." He said changing the subject to a less serious one.

"Really? Thanks..." Naruto answered. "He is in the advanced department and I could use the help…"

"Also…I can teach you all you need to know about THAT. If you want to try it out I'm always available, ok? Sasuke said with a smirk.

Again Naruto looked like a living question mark. "What do you mean THAT??"

Sasuke snickered and leaned in towards Naruto. "What? Are you pretending to be innocent? I'm referring to…Sex." Sasuke licked Naruto's neck and breathed in his ear "I'm really very good…"

Naruto just sat there, he couldn't move a muscle. With another snicker Sasuke rose from the bed with catlike grace and moved towards the door. "Good night" He said in the doorway. "Sweet dreams…" He smirked and closed the door behind him.

Naruto still blushing buried his face in his pillows. He knew he wouldn't get any sleep tonight. He'd been wrong when he thought having Sasuke in the house would be tolerable. He'd forgotten what a bastard he was. Naruto knew now that having Sasuke next door would be hell, pure hell. In more ways than one. He groaned as he put out his bed light. Naruto could still feel Sasuke's tongue on his neck…It was going to be a looong night…

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