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Chapter 8.

Naruto yawned and blinked his bright blue eyes open as the sun shone in on him from the window across the room. He tried to stretch and flinched as pain went through his muscles; it was a good kind of pain though, the kind you can only get through hot, ruff sex. Naruto blushed a bit as he thought about the night before, Sasuke had been insatiable and it had been close to dawn before they had fallen in to an exhausted sleep. Naruto turned his head towards the bedside table to look at the alarm clock; it was close to lunch time meaning they had slept the whole morning away.

Naruto turned his head again and watched his lover; it still thrilled him beyond words that he could call the raven his and last night they had become lovers… many times over. Sasuke was still asleep and Naruto marveled at how beautiful he was. Sasuke was totally relaxed; all the attitude that was usually etched in the raven's features was gone in his sleep. The charcoal grey lashes feathered his cheeks; they were so thick and long that any woman would be green with envy to possess them. Sasuke's breathing was deep and even and although he was asleep his pale, strong arms had a possessive hold around Naruto's waist.

Naruto gingerly stretched out a hand and touched the other's face with his fingertips. He traced the arched eyebrows, the straight nose and those full tempting lips. Naruto blushed a bit more when he thought about what those lips had done to make him unravel and go crazy in the velvet-dark hours of the night. Naruto continued his journey over the raven's smooth skin, caressing the strong pillar of his neck and continuing down the chest. Naruto could see goose bumps rising up on Sasuke's skin in the wake of his fingertips.

"I'm so completely in love with this person," Naruto thought as he continued stroking the other's skin. "It feels like my heart is going to jump out of my chest. How did I survive spending five whole years away from him?"

Suddenly Naruto felt a bit mischievous and he carefully wiggled out of Sasuke's grip without waking him. He sat up on his knees and looked down on the dark haired boy. He pulled the sheet down so that he had an unobstructed view of the taller boy's body; every single inch was beautiful, from the inky black hair on top of his head. Down to the equally inky colored happy-trail that led from his navel and down to the patch of curly hair surrounding his cock and all the way down to his cute little toes. He let his mouth follow the same path that his fingertips had taken earlier and placed small butterfly kisses all over Sasuke's face, neck, chest and stomach. Naruto could hear Sasuke sigh in his sleep and a very potent evidence that he liked the treatment he was receiving started to rise.

"Am I brave enough to do this?" Naruto asked himself while he giggled nervously. "I really liked it when Sasuke did it to me yesterday and I want to make him feel good, well here goes nothing…"

Naruto carefully placed himself between the raven's legs and looked at his arousal. He touched it lightly with his hand and felt its velvety smooth surface and ridged veins. The blond then bent down and licked a line from the root to the head of Sasuke's member.

"Hmm, the taste isn't that bad. A bit salty," Naruto thought as he continued to lick the rod as though it was a popsicle. After a while he got braver and put the head of the member in his mouth and gave it a tentative suck. He startled when Sasuke groaned loudly in his sleep and raised his hips to get his cock further inside Naruto's warm, wet mouth.

Naruto saw Sasuke's moaning and twitching as a good sign and smirked a bit to himself…Well smirked the best he could with a cock lodged in his mouth.

"This is addictive!" Naruto thought. He felt a sense of great power; he could make Sasuke moan and trash in pleasure. He went back to the task at hand or rather mouth with more vigor.

Sasuke woke slowly with pleasure streaming through his bloodstream like fire. Every single nerve ending was concentrated to the part of his body that was wrapped in wet heat. He tried to buck into that glorious warmth but something stopped him. His brow furrowed and he forced himself to open his onyx eyes a sliver, what he saw made him think he died and went to heaven.

Sasuke's black eyes met electric blue ones filled with love and lust, golden hair on a head that bobbed up and down between his thighs.

"Oh God Naru!! What are you doing?" Sasuke croaked out.

"I'm waking you up love," Naruto replied. "You like?" He continued as he went back to sucking.

"Yesssss! I like…I like it too much. If you continue I'm gonna come!" Sasuke told him between panting.

"That's the whole point." Naruto said and then quickly swallowed him to the root. He repressed his gag reflex and swallowed a couple of times around Sasuke's cock.

It became too much for Sasuke when he felt Naruto's throat constrict around his member, it felt as if the golden haired boy tried to milk him dry. With a scream Sasuke released thick white ribbons of cum down Naruto's throat and his whole body shuddered with the effort of keeping himself from thrusting even harder down Naruto's throat and choking the boy.

Naruto swallowed most of the white liquid but some of it escaped his mouth and trickled down his chin. Sasuke looked at the golden angel and almost came undone again. Naruto's hair was a mess of bright blond tresses, his blue eyes was half hooded and filled with wonder, his lips were swollen and bright red from the activity he'd just preformed and that small trickle of Sasuke's cum on his cheek. The boy was beautiful!

Sasuke grabbed Naruto and reversed their positions so that Naruto lay under him on his back and Sasuke hovered above him.

"I love you!" Sasuke said and then devoured the smaller boy's lips, tasting his own essence in the deep kiss. He took Naruto's breath away with the passionate kiss.

Naruto shivered with pleasure, the familiar scent of Sasuke overwhelmed him and intoxicated him. He surrendered to his feelings of desire and clung to Sasuke's strong pale shoulders completely unable to let go. Naruto moaned as Sasuke's lips covered his own again and again as Sasuke's tongue probed his mouth and danced with his own tongue.

"Relax…" Sasuke said as Naruto almost started to hyperventilate. "I'm going to give you nothing but pleasure." He nibbled on Naruto's ear and started to stroke Naruto's member gently.

Sasuke's lips moved from ear to neck to chest driving Naruto crazy with desire. He felt dizzy from all the sensations and his hands clutched the sheets beneath him.

"Dobe…Hold me instead of the sheets," Sasuke told him and put Naruto's arms around his own neck. Naruto was quite out of it even though he was the one who had started this little love session. He kept his arms around Sasuke's neck where the dark haired boy had placed them and felt the strong muscles bunch under smooth skin as Sasuke moved above him.

Between kisses Sasuke whispered Naruto's name over and over again. The tone of voice that Sasuke used almost made Naruto feel drunk, before this he didn't know that his name could sound like that…So beautiful, for the first time Naruto really liked his name.

Naruto desperately wanted Sasuke to feel as hot as he felt so his hand traveled south and took a hold of Sasuke's member. Sasuke grew completely still, like a marble statue with his teeth still buried in the juncture between Naruto's neck and shoulder, sucking and biting to mark the blond as his. Then he looked down with amazement at Naruto but the blond was too busy fondling him to care. With his other hand Naruto stroked Sasuke's shoulder, neck and back. He didn't have much experience in things like these but Naruto had never thought that a boy could have such smooth skin. Sasuke's skin felt like smooth cool silk beneath his fingertips, everything about the raven was just perfect.

Naruto realized that he loved to touch Sasuke like this and even more amazing was that he was allowed to do it; the raven was his just as he belonged to Sasuke.

Sasuke propped himself up on his elbows and looked down on Naruto with a smirk. The effect of the smirk was lost though as his eyes were filled with love. Sasuke took Naruto's hand off his shoulder and kissed the spaces between his fingers, Naruto had no idea that something so simple could feel so erotic. The sensation made him tremble all over, when Sasuke saw that he looked very pleased with himself.

Sasuke showered Naruto with kisses as Naruto's penis stood at full mast between them, Naruto felt so hard that he was afraid he was going to burst. Naruto felt as if he might faint when Sasuke paid attention to his erection and fingered the small slit that was Naruto's most sensitive spot. Sasuke's eyes felt as if they could look straight in to Naruto's soul as he watched him. He quickened his pace and Naruto's hips quivered in reply.

Sasuke gave Naruto one more scorching kiss and then he pulled Naruto's knees apart and upwards towards his chest. Naruto felt an emptiness when Sasuke's mouth left his own and moved down between his legs. Just Sasuke's hot breath against his inner thighs caused Naruto to shiver even more and he opened his legs wider to make more room for the raven.

"Just enjoy yourself." Sasuke told him as he swallowed his dick. Naruto had to admit that Sasuke was a master with his mouth; his tongue could do things you only dreamt about in your dirtiest dreams. Naruto gave up and floated on feelings just as he had done the night before. Sasuke finally emerged from between Naruto's legs and smiled reassuringly at the blond. When their bodies pressed close together Sasuke entered Naruto and his member felt so hot it actually felt as if it burned and imprinted itself inside of Naruto.

"Are you alright?" Sasuke asked him in a concerned voice. "Do you need a moment to adjust?"

Naruto shook his head and urged Sasuke to continue, it felt so amazingly good. As Sasuke began thrusting harder and deeper inside him Naruto held on tight to shoulders of the boy that he thought he'd lost forever. He still couldn't believe that five years of solitude and misunderstandings was finally over. Just being able to touch Sasuke like this made Naruto's eyes tear with happiness.

As they came together Naruto could feel their hearts beating as one.

"I love you…" He whispered in the raven's ear. "I really truly love you, always have and always will."

"I love you too, you know that," The dark haired boy answered as the pair of them slipped into a deep dreamless sleep again, tightly wrapped in each other's embrace as the sun still shone in on them from a cloudless sky…


Sai's breathing was ragged and sweat shone on his skin as Kakashi loosened the silk ropes that had been used to tie Sai's wrists to the headboard. It amazed Sai that all through their fucking the cat ears on top of his head was still there, he'd thought they'd fall off in round one.

"So are you still disappointed that you couldn't get your darling Sasuke-Chan?" Sai asked as he flexed his hands to get the circulation going in them again. The bell on the collar around his neck jingled as he moved.

"Nah," Kakashi answered with a sideway glance at the black haired boy in his bed. "Sure Sasuke-kun is dead sexy but I was never really serious about him. Most of all I wanted to get a rise out of him, see something crack that perfect ice mask that he always wears. You know my sense of humor. Getting to mess with that blond kid was just a well liked bonus," Kakashi chuckled.

"Besides who could ever be disappointed when they have such a sexy little kitten in their bed?" Kakashi continued and leaned over to touch one of the cat ears. "You have no idea how fucking hot you are Sai," Kakashi told him.

Sai blushed at the compliment and leaned in to Kakashi's touch. "Oh wait," He said "I have something for you." Sai got up and leaned over the edge of the bed to rummage through his bag. Kakashi appreciated the view of Sai's full pearly white behind bending over very, very much. Eventually Sai got back on the bed holding a book.

"This is from Naruto-kun, he saw that you were reading this series and thought you might like the latest installment. It's not out in stores yet, the condition for you to get it is that you leave him and Sasuke alone from now on," Sai told Kakashi seriously.

Kakashi followed the book with his eyes as if hypnotized, he was almost drooling. "Where did that blond joke get a hold of this treasure?" He asked with a trembling voice.

"Apparently the guy who writes these books is Naruto's grandfather." Sai answered him.

"WHAT??" Kakashi screeched. "You mean that I have tormented the great Jiraya's grandson… What shall I do?"

Sai laughed at the silver haired man's panic. "Relax Kashi, Naruto-kun is a forgiving kid and he's already given you this book. Just leave him alone from now on and everything will be fine."

Kakashi calmed himself at Sai's words. "You're right of course. It is as I always said; Sasuke sure knows how to pick 'em. I told you the first time I saw that blond kid that he was FULL of sex appeal and I'm always right.

Sai hid a smile and nodded at Kakashi, he remembered very well what the teacher really had said about Naruto but he was wise enough to keep his mouth shut. Instead he stretched and showed Kakashi all of his smooth pale skin. The bell on his collar jingled again and caught Kakashi's attention.

Kakashi let the book slip from his fingers and turned to embrace the raven.

"My my, I think this kitten is in grave need of some more of my milk…"


Eight months later.

Sasuke and Naruto loaded the last of their stuff into the car. They were finally moving into their small apartment together, they had chosen one within walking distance of the college that they were both attending.

The past months had been amazing, Naruto and Sasuke had gotten to know everything about each other and they had even managed to get some studying in. They had both passed their exams and were now on their way to the university of their choice. It was close by so that they could visit both their families often. They would never have escaped Minato and Fugaku even if they had wanted to, those men were scary and somehow they knew everything.

Naruto was happy because as it had turned out both Kiba and Haku were also attending the same college and that meant he would have his boyfriend and his best friends with him as he set out to take his first steps into the adult world.

Naruto only felt excitement as he and Sasuke moved to sit in the car. He waved good bye to his parents as Sasuke started the engine. A whole new chapter of his life lay before him. He didn't know what he would face and sure that was a little scary but still Naruto felt secure. He knew that whatever lay before them and whoever they would meet, he and Sasuke would face it together.

Naruto smiled at Sasuke and took his hand as they drove away from everything familiar and known.

"Bring it on," Naruto thought. "With Sasuke by my side I can do anything!"

After all the future was wide open…


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