That being said, if you consider yourself to be mature, enjoy :)

Inspired by the song Imagination by Jill Scott.

6. Green


Anya can't believe the way Dimitri is touching her.

His long fingers tenderly caress her soft hairline, her shoulders, her back, her feet, and everywhere in between. Every now and then he gently kisses the delicate corners of her mouth, and all she can do is close her eyes and wish that this night never had to end.

She loves him. God, she loves him so much and so fiercely she fears that the force of it could shatter her completely.

She returns his soft kisses, aching for him in more ways than one as they tumble in the large bed in their room aboard the boat that slowly snakes its way up the Seine, past the green oaks that line the avenues and the sleeping houses nestled in the quaint neighborhoods of the City of Light.

Anya is lost and found in her new husband's arms. She can feel his love, too, right down to her toes.

There is heat and sweat and sighs and only a little pain, and she can feel past his skin into his very energy. Everywhere they touch, she can sense it, humming just below the surface.

She wishes desperately that they could stay like this forever, so tangled up in each other that neither can tell where one starts and the other begins, he breathing for her and she for him. She feels like the moon is under the sheets with them now, illuminating her whole world.

It's too much. Joyful tears seep under her closed eyelids, but Dimitri lovingly kisses them away. When he finally speaks, his words are whispered on a bed of clouds.



He squeezes her shoulders a little, concern creeping around the edge of his voice.

"You're shaking…are you alright?"

She nods vehemently.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No, no. I – I'm fine. Just…don't stop what you're doing."

He doesn't, and Anya finds herself wondering how stars got inside the room.