Well, I was going to do this like, a loooong time ago, but blame my laziness! Yes, blame it, BLAME IT FOR ALL I CARE! School's starting………. –goes and sulks in a corner...- And before you read on, just to tell you, Hyoutei has a school transfer thingy with it's sister schools…I SEARCHED IT ON WIKIPEDIA! They also have dorms for those people…

Warning: includes OOCness. You've been warned.

Genre: Humour

PS: My OC isn't a Sue. She's like EVIL, sorta like me. And I'm no Sue.

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It was a normal day at Hyoutei, like most of you know, Hyoutei will NEVER EVER be a normal school. So, transfer student, Kerri McLeod (from Hyoutei's sister school in England, Britain) walks on Hyoutei's campus.

"Oh, nice." Kerri is a mix. Her mom's Japanese. That's probably why she looks Japanese and doesn't have that awful accent. "I wonder what kind of crack I can play here at Hyoutei." And one more thing, she loves playing crack on people. (A/N: That's why she's at Hyoutei!!)

Noticing someone different on campus, Choutaro Ootori decides to greet the stranger.

"Hello, are you new here?"

"Eh?" She looks up. Kerri sees a boy with silver-ish gray hair. "Yup!" Now, how do you say that again…oh right! "Kerri McLeod desu. First name then last for me!"

"Ah, Choutaro Ootori desu. Last name then first for me…But where do you come from? Your last name is……different from ones we usually hear."

"Hm? Right! I'm from England, Britain. See, I'm here for the transfer program for the rest of the year."

"You are? Wow that's amazing."

"I guess, but really, it's the fact I wanted to go to Japan reeeaaalllyyy badly."

Shishido, noticing that his doubles partner wasn't there decides to look for him and finds him talking to none other than, Kerri.

"Oi, Ootori, what are you doing? We have practice!"

"Shishido-san, gomen! I gotta go know Kerri, ja ne!"

"Ja ne!" She waves as the two leave.

Shishido noticed that they were out of ear shot.

"Ootori, who was that?"

"Shishido-san, she's a transfer here…"

"Transfer eh?"

Yes, short chapter. IT'S A PROLOUGE THINGY!!