Hi fellow AshXGary fans! It's an Ash and Gary get together fic. I won't say more so just read it ;)


It was a warm day in spring and the sky was completely clear. The sun was shining and birds were chirping. Ash and his friends Misty and Brock were walking towards the next town. "Life is just great," exclaimed Brock with a content expression on his face. Ash, who was walking next to him, nodded his head in agreement. "Yes, and I can't wait to reach the next town. Hopefully we'll meet some other Pokémon trainers who want to have a Pokémon battle against me," Ash replied, determination flickering in his eyes.

"We will reach Sunrise Town about 30 minutes hence, however, you won't have time for a battle today," Brock pointed out. Ash stopped in his tracks. "Why not?! I've been looking forward to a good fight all day!" Brock smiled sympathetically at him. "Poor you, but our redhead has other plans with us tonight," he explained. Misty was walking a few metres ahead of them. Ash blushed. "That sounded weird, you know?" he responded. Brock smirked, "no, it's not what just popped up in your 16-year-old head. She wants us to go to the spring party with her. That party is really famous in the area around Sunrise Town and it takes place tonight," "Ah… ok!" Ash was blushing even harder now. "By the way, Ash, what do you think about Misty?" Ash looked a bit confused. "What do you mean? I like her, she is a really good friend, just like you are," Ash replied. "Just a good friend? Have you noticed that Misty's appearance has changed for the better?" Brock asked. Ash was still confused and Brock sweatdropped. "Still only got Pokémon in your head, huh? I mean lately she wears mascara and lipstick and she did something with her hair. She wears it open and not in a pigtail anymore." Ash took a closer look at her, as far as that was possible while walking behind her, and had to agree. In the meantime, she was completely oblivious to their conversation. "Ok, she really looks different…," Ash admitted. "Well, if I didn't like older girls, ..., "Brock started, grinning stupidly. Ash made a face. "Yeah, whatever!"

"But what about you, Ash? I think you two would be such a sweet couple." Ask looked at him as if he were mad. "Misty and I? No way, she's like a sister to me," he exclaimed. Brock nodded. "Oh well, and what about other girl? Have you seen one who caught your interest?" Brock seemed to be very curious today. Ash thought about it. "Oh yes, there was Angela who we met a few days ago. Her Vulpix was really amazing. She must be a really good trainer. "Brock sweatdropped again. "Does that mean she was only interesting because of her Pokémon?" Ash looked at him. "Sure, but she was a nice person, too. However, what are you getting at?" Ash wondered. "You are still way too innocent Ash, I mean you are teenager now, being 16 years old already. Have you never felt strange around a girl? And I mean strange in a positive way, with butterflies flying around in your stomach, your palms getting all sweaty and seeing her makes it almost impossible for you to speak, let alone say something smart?"

After Brock had ended his description he looked at Ash again and saw that the younger boy had a strange expression on his face. "I know what you mean… and I've felt like that before, " Ash replied in a small voice. "Something wrong with you?" Brock asked worried, "Have I hit a bad spot there?" Ash shock his head. "No, it's ok. I've just never realized that this feeling could be love, but now it makes sense and it scares me, because I've felt that way often, but always only around one person," he explained. Brock watched him closely. "Would you mind me asking who she is?" Ash was silent for a few minutes, then he nodded. "I'll tell you, but I think you'll laugh about me and tell me I should get into psychological treatment," he started. Brock's curiosity was increasing more and more. "Just tell me, I promise I won't laugh or anything like that, whoever she is," Brock said and put a hand on Ash's shoulder to assure him that he could trust him. Ash smiled weakly. "Thanks Brock. Well, the truth is, it's Gary," he said quickly to get over with. "Gary!!", Brock exclaimed, "I thought you two hated each other! I would have never imagined it could be Gary of all people!" Ash nodded and had a sad expression on his face. Brock noticed that and forced himself to claim down again. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to freak out like that, even though I have to admit that it's a double shock. You love Gary, who is your worst enemy, and a boy! However, it's ok for me. You are my best friend and nothing could ever change that!" Ash gave him a smile. "Thank you for taking it so well. Believe me, the realization shocked me, too. However, that's the only logical explanation for the feelings which I have around him. I'm really dense sometimes! I should have noticed it earlier!" Brock chose to say nothing and just smiled at him.

Misty, who in the meantime was getting even farer ahead, didn't hear what the boys talked about. However, she had turned her head while Brock was talking louder and therefore put up a few words of their conversation. "Hey guys! What's with Gary? If you are hoping for a Pokémon battle against him, you are lucky. He will be at the spring party this evening, too," she told him. Ash's face became pale. "You are kidding me, right?" Misty shock her head. "No, not at all, Ash! It was Gary's idea the go there in the first place. A few days ago, when we met him by chance, I overheard his cheerleaders talking about that party and that Gary suggested to go there. One of the girls then asked me if we went there, too. Furthermore she asked some questions about Brock, like if he is taken und stuff," Misty explained. With that she instantly had Brock's complete attention. "Is that true??" he asked with a flushed face and excitement in his voice. Misty nodded affirmatively. "They are all so pretty! Which one was it? Misty, tell me…," he begged. In the meantime Ash was thinking about what he had just heard. 'I will see Gary tonight… now that I know what I feel for him, what shall I do? Be brave and tell him and risk a black eye or wait if he does something? However, I highly doubt it that he even likes guys, let alone me, his rival. Furthermore he never has problems saying smart stuff around me and let be look like an idiot by doing that...' "Ash! Come on!" He suddenly heard Misty's voice from far ahead. She and Brock had already continued walking while he was standing there and thinking. Now he hurried to catch up with them.


End of Chapter 1 - I hope you guys liked the introduction, more to come very soon!