Here's Chapter 6, the final one! Enjoy reading!

Ash unlooked the hotel room door and they went in. Ash found Pikachu sleeping on the bed. He felt guilty, because he had almost forgot about his best friends while being with Gary. Pikachu seemed to have woken up by it's owner's return and happily jumped into his arms. Ash hugged him. "Hey Pikachu! Would you mind spending the night at the girls' room? Gary and I would like to be alone for a while," Ash asked the Pokémon. Pikachu seemed to understand that something had significantly changed between the former rivals and nodded in agreement. "Thanks, Pikachu!" Gary said. "Here is the key for the girls' room. Misty had given it to me earlier," he explained and handed the key to Pikachu. "Can you unlook the door yourself?" Ash asked. "Pika!" Pikachu replied like it wanted to say, "Of course, no problem for me!"

After Pikachu had left, they both were quite unsure about what to do now. "Do you want to shower first or shall I?" Ash asked to break the silence. Gary suddenly smirked. "Why not save water and shower together?" he suggested. 'Having a shower together... how will that end? However, I love him, so everything that happens can't be bad nor will I regret something later,' Ash thought. "Ok, let's do it …errrm… take a shower together I mean," he quickly corrected himself. Gary smiled at him. "Need any help getting rid of your clothes?" he asked a now deeply blushing Ash. Despite of feeling a little insecure Ash suddenly walked up to Gary and removed his shirt. "I guess you rather need the help," Ash retorted grinning and felt relieved that he was in control of the situation again. Within seconds they were passionately kissing and somehow managed to undress each other at the same time. "It's time for the shower now," Gary suddenly said, picked Ash up and carried him into the bathroom. They spent about 30 minutes in the shower, because between putting shower gel on each other they were kissing all the time. After that they dried themselves up with the hotel's big fluffy towels. "Let's go to bed," Gary said and took Ash's hand. "Ok, just let me get a pair of boxers and a t-shirt," Ash replied, but Gary gently pulled him towards the bed. "You won't need them, I'll keep you warm," Gary promised and looked lovingly into Ash's eyes...

At the next morning, or strictly speaking at almost lunchtime, after all it was already 11am, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and the Cheerleaders were sitting at a breakfast table in the hotel's dining room when Ash and Gary also entered the room. They were holding hands again and smiling happily. "Good morning lovebirds!" Brock greeted them. "Hi guys, how come you are already awake after your party night at the disco?" Ash asked curiously. "That had a simple reason," Misty started and glared at Brock, "he snores terribly!" Brock laughed nervously. "I already told you that I'm sorry. I normally don't snore, but it must have been caused by the alcohol which I drunk," he apologized. "Anyways, that's why we are already up and we woke him up too, because it was his fault, so he has at least to be awake, too," Ann explained. In the meantime Ash and Gary had sat down next to their friends. "And you two, what about your night?" Brock asked them. They were both blushing now. "Well, it was better than yours, believe me," Gary implied, smiling at Ash. "You didn't do anything ... ehhm ... bad?" Brock asked. "If you want to know if we had sex, then no," Ash replied, "Gary just gave me a blowjob and I returned the favour," Ash said in a matter of fact voice. Misty spilled the muesli, which she was just eating, back into the bowl. "Thanks, too much information," she said, whipping her mouth with the back of her hand. Gary was just blushing deeply and the others started laughing.

Cindy was the first to become serious again. "I have to tell you something," she started and suddenly all eyes were on her. "What is it, Cindy?" Gary asked, a little worried by the seriousness of her voice. "Ann, Joyce and I will leave," she said looking at Gary, who was looking sad now. "But why? Is it because of Ash and me?" he asked. Cindy quickly shook her head. "No, not at all! I'm really happy for you! It's just that we heard at the disco last night that the local football team is looking for new cheerleaders. This team is really good and famous. Therefore the cheerleaders are also paid well. We will join the team." Gary still had a sad look on his face but nodded his understanding. "What about Brock?" Ash suddenly asked. "I thought you like him and I was sort of expecting that the seven of us will travel together from now on! Why are you leaving him now, Cindy?" Brock shocked his head and gave Ash a smile. "I'm sorry, Ash. I will stay here with Cindy and work for the local Pokémon Centre," Brock said. Ash was on the edge of crying. "You really want to leave Misty and me?" Brock nodded and felt a bit guilty because he made Ash sad like this. "Don't be sad! It's not like I'm out of the world now! And you still got Misty, Pikachu and Gary of course," Brock said, trying to comfort him. Gary put an arm around Ash's shoulder. "Don't worry Ashy, I won't leave you. From now on we will stay together," he assured him. Ash gave him a small smile.

After they had finished breakfast Ash, Gary and Misty packed their things and prepared to leave. Brock and the girls wanted to stay at the hotel for a few more days until they would find a communal residence to live in. "I will miss you so much, Brock!" Misty exclaimed and hugged him. "I'll miss you, too" he replied. Then he went over to Ash and hugged him, too. Now Ash really wasn't able anymore to keep his tears from falling, but he didn't care about that at the moment. Gary and the cheerleaders also had a hard time saying good bye. After that Misty, Pikachu, Ash and Gary left the hotel. "Where are we going now?" Misty asked curiously. Ash shrugged his shoulders. He really hasn't thought about it. He had just forgotten to make new travel plans during all the changes which took place today and yesterday. "We are going to Pallet Town of course!" They were all surprised by Gary's announcement. "Why to Pallet Town, our home town?" Ash asked curiously. "Isn't that obvious, Ashy?" Gary asked. "We have to tell your mom and my grandpa about 'us', before they get to know about it by other people," he explained. "That seems logical," Misty agreed. "I'll give to moral support!" Ash nodded. "Then off to Pallet Town!" he yelled and Pikachu pikaed in agreement.

End (for now…)

I hope you guys liked my first Ash X Gary fic! There will be other stories following this one!