Text Message Madness

Summary: During a boring meeting Shawn decides to text Lassie. Shassie cuteness!!



"Well, this blows." Shawn mumbled aloud.


"Dude, you can't deny this is boring." He responded, though his voice quieter now.

"Shawn, this is important! The chief is giving a lecture!" Gus whispered harshly. After several incidents where someone was unnecessarily shot the chief decided she needed to give everyone a lecture on gun control.

Shawn let out a dramatic sigh, but said nothing more. He glanced around the room, searching for something to entertain him, when his eyes lit up at the sight of his boyfriend. Perfect. With a grin he slipped his cell phone from his pocket and typed in a message.

You look really cute when you're about to die from boredom.


He sat, waiting for a moment, then it happened. He saw Lassiter jump slightly as his cell vibrated in his pocket – no one took notice, though. Shawn watched as he read the messaged then glanced up. After a moment of searching their eyes met. A smile played across Lassiter's lips before he turned back to his phone and typed quickly. Shawn's phone vibrated after a moment and he flipped it open.

I would scold you for insulting the chief's lecture…but you're too damn cute when you're being mischievous.

Shawn grinned and bit back the urge to send 'Long message, much?' but instead settled for

Isn't that always?

He watched Lassiter grin when he got the message and less than a minute later got his response.

Of course. Oh! But you look even cuter when you first wake up. You look all adorable with your bed-head!

This time Shawn couldn't resist his response.

Jeez, your messages long enough?

You're just jealous of my mad skills.

Shawn couldn't stop the laugh, but quickly covered it with a distorted cough when several officers stared.

You trying to get my in trouble??

You don't need my help, Spencer.

Well, if that's the way you feel than maybe I'll run off with someone else!

Oh, yea? Who?


This time Lassiter was the one who laugh, but unfortunately for him he was unable to cover it up – although he did manage to slip his phone into his sleeve when everyone looked at him.

"Something funny, Detective Lassiter?" The chief asked crossly.

"Nothing really, Chief. Just something you said reminded me of this one time I pulled my gun on this little lawless urchin in my building…the result being he wet himself." Lassiter said without missing a beat; and this time Shawn laughed out right, not bothering to cover it up. Because that was funny. Several other officers laughed and the chief even grinned, but covered it up before continuing her lecture. About a second later Shawn's phone vibrated again.

Well, since we're confessing I might as well tell you…I'm having an affair.

Before Shawn could reply another message popped up.

With Gus.

(gasp!) My best friend and my best boyfriend?!

What, you have more than one boyfriend?

Um, hello? Were you not listening when I mentioned Buzz, or were you too busy thinking of the boy who peed himself?

A bit of both.

Then suddenly both their cells vibrated at once, both getting a message from someone new. The identical messages read:

Pay attention, you two!

They both looked up to see Gus glaring before turning back to the chief. Lassiter and Shawn grinned at each other, sending each other one final message.

I love you, Shawn.

I love you, Lassie.




Note: I wrote this whole thing while sitting through a lecture with my sister (She dragged me to her class with her for some reason) so you can guess where I got the boreing lecture idea from. And I know, Lassie and Gus seemed to have switched places here (gasp!) but thats what you get when dating Shawn…you become a bit mischievous! Anyway, I hope you all liked it!


PS: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (again)!! (passes out cake and ice cream)