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Chapter 2 – Tony's POV

Tony was sitting at his desk, pretending to write case notes while really drawing random pictures.

As usual, his thoughts were elsewhere.

She'd asked him. "Do you ever think about soulmates?"

Of course, he'd replied with a sarcastic movie reference. Ziva had walked away, leaving him standing there.

Tony felt like an idiot. Her asking him about soulmates had caught him off guard. That's why he didn't reply seriously.

He thought of her as more than a friend. He knew it, but he hadn't quite accepted it. With his history of relationships, it took him a while to be sure about things.

But what if she didn't love him back? She'd never shown any real signs of liking him, except when she kept checking up on him last year.

But even before Jeanne, Tony had dated multiple women, most of those relationships ended in less than a week.

Tony kept arguing with himself in his head.

I should just tell Ziva how I feel.

Yeah, she'd probably kill you with a stapler.

But what if she does feel the same way?

Yeah right. She doesn't.

How do I know that for sure?

Because the one guy she's actually been with was your opposite. Roy was caring, deep and thoughtful. Gibbs even said he'd been a good Marine, something that has never been said about you.

So what? People can change!

Tony looked up from his notebook and directed his gaze at Ziva. She actually had been writing case notes.

Except now she was just staring at her paper.

Tony watched for a while before speaking. "Ziva? You alright?"

Ziva jerked her head up and blinked a few times. Good one, DiNozzo. She was probably just thinking about the case and you distracted her. Smooth, he thought.

"What?" she asked, looking directly at him.

"You've been staring at your notes for nearly five minutes and you haven't moved a muscle."

"I'm fine," she replied, packing up her papers. "I'm going for coffee."

"Yeah, sure-" Tony stopped talking as Ziva walked out quickly.

See? She was working. She wants to be alone.

No she doesn't! She's probably just thirsty! It's all good!

Tony slapped himself lightly on the head, trying to make the voices leave.

This was ridiculous. He had to tell her. Otherwise he'd end up making a bigger fool of himself.

As soon as Tony heard the elevator door opening ten minutes later, he grabbed his phone and pretended to be having an in-depth conversation. Buy some time. Think about what you're going to say.

He continued 'talking' for a few minutes before putting the phone down.

Ziva spoke first. "Tony-"


Tony watched as she smiled. He enjoyed sounding out the pronunciation of her name, but didn't do it often.

"I have to talk to you about something," she said.

"Sounds serious," he replied, looking at her intently.

"It is."

He couldn't help it. He went into Sarcastic Mode.

"You're pregnant?"

Even as the words came out of his mouth he was being stupid.

"What? No!" Ziva said, looking surprised.

"You're moving house?"


"You're going back to Israel? Because that would really suck." Well, it's true, he thought. It would suck if we were separated.


Tony leant back on his chair. "I give up. What do you wanna talk about?" Say you love me. It'll make me say what I wanna say.

Ziva took a mouthful of her drink. "Tony, I-"

"Gear up!" Gibbs announced as he walked down the stairs.

Tony grabbed his gear, still watching Ziva. What had she wanted to tell him?

Tomorrow. He would tell her tomorrow.

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