Author's Note: Of course, I do not own the rights to Harvest Moon

Author's Note: Of course, I do not own the rights to Harvest Moon. All events are fictional.

This is not a spinoff or prequel to my other three interlinked stories. This is an alternate universe Cliff and Gray, not the ones that I wrote about in the other stories. Claire's Cliff did not have a fling with Gray, I promise you! This story was the result of a very hot dream I had. I think it's awesome, and I hope you do, too. Thanks!

I broke this story up into chapters, so it would be easier to read and to tell when there is new content.

In the Dark

Gray was not happy when he got his new roommate at the inn. He wasn't a very sociable person, and it irked him to have to share his room with anyone. But, it was a multi bed room, so he supposed it couldn't be helped, and he sighed in defeat. He looked the newcomer over. His name was Cliff, and he was almost too pretty to be male. That irked Gray too. Why did boys want to look like girls? Cliff's hair was long and brown, pulled back into a ponytail, with blonde at the tips. He had long bangs, that were currently falling into his eyes as he bent over, unpacking his backpack. Gray huffed and turned away. Well, at least this new guy was quiet. He didn't want some blabbermouth irritating him nonstop with a bunch of small talk, day and night.

The next evening, Gray returned to the inn angry. He had a terrible day at work, his grandfather picking on him for every little thing. Gray was just about sick of his grandfather's incessant criticism. He ate dinner in silence, grateful that his roommate also was still not in the mood to talk. Gray was still seething as they turned in for bed. He lay in the dark, running the day's events over in his mind. He started to become even madder, and couldn't fall asleep. He tossed and turned.

Suddenly, he heard noises coming from his roommate's bed, which was just a few feet away. Gray stopped tossing and listened for a moment. Barely audible grunts, a very quiet rhythmic creaking. Gray scowled. The dumb kid was jerking off! He almost rose to tell the guy to knock it off, but something stopped him. Gray personally did his business in the shower, where he was pretty much assured of privacy. But this kid was new, and probably didn't realize that he could be heard. Gray suddenly felt a little sorry for the guy, remembering that Ann said he didn't have any family and was wandering the world alone. The dumb thing was probably lonely, and this was one of his only comforts. Well, whatever, Gray thought, and turned his back on his roommate.

He tried not to listen to the noises, but he couldn't help it. He could hear the guy gasping softly, and he felt himself tingle down there. Gray actually got mad at himself for that, but quickly brushed it off. Well, he smirked to himself, maybe that was a good idea. It might help him blow off some of his frustration. He reached into the gap in the fabric of his boxers, playing with his semi rigid member. It quickly hardened, and he stroked himself, being careful to be silent. He stopped for a moment to snag a tissue from the nightstand, still being as quiet as possible, and then finished the job, pressing his lips together as tightly as he could to keep himself from groaning in ecstasy. He sighed, and was finally able to relax and fall asleep.

The next evening, the two of them had only been in their beds for a few minutes when Gray heard the noises start up again. Gray gaped a little. What, was this guy some kind of freak? Was this going to be an every night thing? It rose up in his mind that he was going to have to tell the guy to shut up after all, but again, something stopped him. He wasn't sure what it was, but he just lay in the darkness, listening to the muffled sounds of pleasure coming from the other bed. He felt a sudden ache in his groin, and his dick started to get hard again. What the fuck? he thought to himself. What's wrong with me? He tried to ignore the sounds, and just roll over and go to sleep. But he couldn't because his throbbing member was demanding attention. Finally, with a groan of defeat, he pulled his hardness out of his boxers and stroked it rapidly, trying to finish and get it over with as quickly as possible. He gritted his teeth as he climaxed, once again catching his release in a tissue. He rolled over to sleep, the other bed now being silent.

The next night, sure enough, not long after bedtime, the noises began again. Gray bit his lip, trying to fight the feelings he was having, but he eventually gave in, his hand finding himself.

The next evening, Gray actually found himself listening in keen anticipation for the noises to start. He lay in the darkness, but all he was met with was silence. What seemed like hours passed, and Gray began to get more and more worked up, his whole body tingling, his dick longing to be touched. But the noises didn't start. Gray scowled in the dark. Fucking tease, he though to himself. Well, whatever. He wasn't going to let that stop him. He reached down and grabbed himself roughly, pulling at himself in desire. This time, he wasn't quite as careful to be quiet. He grunted deeply as he worked himself. He was thrilled to suddenly hear noises from the other bed. At first just a rustling of covers, but it was soon followed by sighs and groans. Gray was so pleased, that he released right then, his frustration satisfied. As he cleaned himself up, he heard what he believed to be his roommate climax as well. The other bed squeaked at a furious pace, and then Gray heard quick, gasping breaths followed by a long groan. Gray sighed to himself, and then fell asleep.

Throughout the next day, all Gray could think about was going to bed. He and his roommate still didn't speak to each other during the day, staying silent during meals and avoiding each other's gaze. That was fine with Gray. It wasn't like he wanted to get all kissy face with the jerk. It was just a little harmless fun at night.

He happily turned into bed that night, quickly followed by his roommate. Gray's body tingled with suspense, wondering if the other guy would start the action first, or if he would have to again. His wondering was quickly answered as he heard the other bed begin to creak. Gray licked his dry lips and shoved his hand down his pajama pants, playing with himself until he was hard. Then he stroked hungrily at himself. He usually did his business turned away from his roommate, but this time, he lay on his back. He watched the other guy out of the corner of his eye. He could barely see him in the moonlight, but he could make out that he was also laying on his back. Gray moaned a little to himself as he saw the other's sheets bobbing up and down. He suddenly realized that he wanted to see the other guy's dick; he wanted to see his face as he climaxed. These overwhelming erotic thoughts forced a sudden and strong release out of Gray, and he cried out in ecstasy. His roommate quickly finished up as well, and as Gray dropped the tissue in the wastebasket between their beds, he thought he caught just a hint of a smile of the other's face.