Chapter 15

The next day was Winter Thanksgiving. Gray had forgotten about it totally, because it was a holiday he didn't really care about. There was no girl who ever wanted to give him chocolates. Not that he cared, anyway. After completing a few tasks in the shop, he set out for the Clinic to deliver a repaired medical instrument for the Doctor.

Doctor smiled and greeted him, accepting the tool. Gray's eyes roamed to the open box of chocolates on the counter. Doctor followed his gaze, and chuckled softly. "Would you like one? They're from Elli, but I don't really eat sweets, so…" Gray just grunted and shook his head, but then Elli popped up from somewhere.

"Oh, but we insist, Gray." She turned to Doctor, pouting slightly. "He's such a health nut…a little chocolate won't kill you, you know."

Doctor grimaced and fidgeted with his head mirror. "A little won't, sure. But fifty pieces? That's excessive."

Elli rolled her eyes, and picked up the fancy box, thrusting it at Gray. "Come on, eat a few." Gray finally gave in, taking one piece and eating it. He rather liked chocolate, actually, so he enjoyed it. "See, it's good, isn't it?" Elli beamed at him. She glared at Doctor. "Not that some people would know."

Doctor blushed. "I did eat a piece! I did, really!" He sighed. "It's the thought that counts though…it's really nice to know on Winter Thanksgiving that you have a girl that cares about you." He started to turn to Gray for agreement, but became slightly flustered when he quickly remembered that Gray didn't have a girl, and wouldn't probably ever.

Gray just grunted something. "Must be nice…" he said under his breath, then turned to go. He walked home slowly, thinking about the holiday. It wasn't that he wanted a girl just to give him chocolates…Cliff was everything that he'd ever wanted and more. But silly little holidays like this were irritating to a guy like him. Deep down, he really wanted to get that warm fuzzy feeling that all the other guys were getting on Winter Thanksgiving. Gray sighed, pushing his way into the shop and heading for the kitchen to eat lunch with Cliff.

As he entered the kitchen, he saw Cliff bending over the kitchen table with his back to him, intently working on something. The kitchen was a bit of a mess. Gray cleared his throat, and Cliff stood up suddenly, wheeling around with a very red face. "Oh…h-hey…" he said, sounding rather guilty. "You're home already…"

Gray smirked. "What, did you not want me to come home?"

Cliff shook his head furiously, making his ponytail fly around. "N-no…I just…wasn't quite finished yet…um…" He slowly stepped away from the table, revealing what he had been working on.

There was a plate of cupcakes on the table. Half of them were iced, the others were still bare. Cliff looked down at the ground, nervously rubbing his shoe into the floor. "Well, you know what today is…"

Gray surprised him by smiling widely. "Baby, you're such a silly thing," he said as he advanced, wrapping Cliff up in his arms. He kissed him softly on the mouth, stroking at his back. "Thank you…" Cliff just sighed into the kiss, melting a little into Gray's arms.

After a few moments, Gray pulled away and focused his attention on the cupcakes. "Mmm…exactly what I was wanting." He reached out for one, and Cliff shrieked.

"No! Not before lunch! You'll spoil your appetite!"

Gray shrugged. "So what? And you know me…it takes a lot to spoil my appetite." He snatched up a cupcake, devouring it quickly. He smiled as he swallowed the last bite. "Delicious," he proclaimed, and Cliff blushed, then smiled as he looked at Gray's face.

"Ah…you have a little frosting here…" he reached one slim finger beside Gray's mouth, wiping it away. Gray grabbed his hand by the wrist, sucking the frosting off of the tip of his finger. Cliff's face flushed and he bit his lip, moaning softly.

Gray sat back in one of the chairs, pulling Cliff down to straddle him. He pulled Cliff's ponytail loose, running his fingers through his silky brown hair. Then he caught Cliff's lips with his own, pressing against them and then slipping his tongue between. Cliff sighed happily, raking his teeth over Gray's tongue as his own hands traced up and down Gray's sides.

They kissed for some time, touching each other's bodies through their clothing. Gray brought his hands to Cliff's pants, getting them open, and Cliff did the same to Gray, who was fortunately wearing pants and not his jumpsuit that day. Gray worked his large hand inside of Cliff's underwear, his fingers quickly making contact with Cliff's hardness. He pulled it up and out, as Cliff panted with desire, slipping his hand inside of Gray's boxers. He encircled Gray's thick manhood with his fingers, and they both groaned as they stroked lightly at each other.

Cliff brought his mouth down to Gray's neck, kissing it as he breathed hard. "Oh, Gray…" he panted as Gray squeezed him firmly. They touched each other, both throbbing and aching more and more in response to each other's sounds of delight. Gray began to give the low growl that almost always preceded his climax, and Cliff pumped furiously at him. Gray's moans of ecstasy just served to push Cliff closer to the edge, and they both practically screamed as they climaxed within seconds of each other.

They gasped for breath, planting light kisses on each other's faces as they sighed and trembled in satisfaction. Cliff looked down, making a slight pout. All of the release was on his own shirt. Gray chuckled, grasping the hem in his fingers and carefully pulling it over Cliff's head.

"I do more laundry in this house than is even possible…" Cliff whined. Gray just smiled, pulling him in for another kiss as he ran his fingers over Cliff's bare back.

Two days later, Gray finished up another sweat filled day of toiling in the shop. He stripped as he approached the bathroom, greatly in need of a shower. He was tugging off his boxers as he entered the bathroom, and he smiled at the sight awaiting him.

Cliff was leaning back in the large tub, which was filled to the brim with water and bubbles. His long hair was pulled up into a loose bun, and he looked extremely relaxed. He cracked his eyes open a little as Gray entered.

Gray chuckled. "You look so cute." Cliff just smiled softly, closing his eyes once more and slipping a little further down into the bath. His eyes flew open however, as he felt the water sloshing around. Gray grinned at him as he clambered into the tub. "Just what I need, a nice bath!"

Cliff squealed and protested as Gray sat down, splashing water out of the tub as the fluid displaced to make room for his muscular frame. "Nooo! You're all sweaty and stuff! You'll get the water dirty!"

Gray just continued to grin at him. "That's what a bath is for, silly. Now," he said as he thrust the washcloth at Cliff, "Wash my back, baby?"

Cliff rolled his eyes, taking the washcloth. Gray hummed happily and turned his back to Cliff, who scrubbed him down. "Yuck…you really are filthy…" Cliff groaned.

"Yeah, you like it," Gray teased.

"The bathwater's turning all gray..." Cliff sulked.

"Well, that's how I got my name, I dirty stuff up," Gray said, turning his head back to grin at Cliff. Cliff sniffed haughtily, and Gray just smiled wider. "Oh, don't even play like that, baby. You know you like it when I'm dirty. You even said so last night..."

Cliff flushed. "There are two different kinds of dirty!" he protested, wringing out the washcloth.

Gray turned around quickly, his hands sliding over Cliff's body under the surface of the water. "Yeah, and I know which kind you like, don't I?" One hand came to rest on Cliff's rapidly hardening member, and the other went below, tugging gently. Cliff rolled his eyes back in his head, slipping farther down into the water. "Hey, I know it feels good, but don't drown yourself over it!" Gray laughed huskily as Cliff managed to sit up a little more, then he leaned in and kissed at Cliff's neck. Cliff moaned with his lips pressed tightly together as Gray touched him insistently.

" wanna hear you say that you like it..." Gray murmured lustfully in Cliff's ear.

"I like it..." Cliff murmured back.

"Yeah? You like...this?" With that, Gray's lower hand ceased its tugging and went lower, slipping a finger inside of Cliff. Cliff gave a pleased cry in response. Before long, Gray's teasing and stroking made him clench all his muscles, and he cried brokenly as he released. Gray smiled in satisfaction, as Cliff clung to his wet body, trembling.

When Cliff had recovered a little, he looked down at the water and grimaced. "Now the water's even dirtier...I need a shower now," he whined as he stood up and got out. He didn't even bother drying off, he just crossed the room to the shower and stepped in, turning it in full blast. He gave a high pitched squeal as the cold water hit him. Gray roared with laughter from the tub, making Cliff glare at him. "Quit laughing at me, and get out of that nasty tub before your skin rots off," Cliff demanded, and Gray shrugged, unplugging the drain and joining Cliff in the shower. "Oh, are you just going to make this all dirty too?" Cliff pouted, and Gray grinned.

"You bet...that's what I do..." he purred as he stroked lightly at his hardness, reaching out with his free hand for one of Cliff's and urging him to touch it. Cliff tried to keep pouting, but couldn't help smiling as his fingers made contact with Gray.

"You're terrible..." he said, but his tone was happy as he dropped to his knees, taking Gray into his mouth.

"" Gray groaned, tangling his fingers in Cliff's hair. Cliff continued to suck at him, and within just a few minutes, Gray was bucking his hips stiffly and gritting his teeth. At the last second, Cliff took his mouth off, stroking Gray swiftly with his hand. Gray looked down in a haze of ecstasy to see his release spurting out onto Cliff's chest. He groaned in delight at the erotic display, and Cliff just smiled sexily up at him. The water quickly rinsed away everything, and Cliff rose to standing, embracing Gray around the waist. They sighed and held each other, until Cliff pulled away, grabbing the soap.

"And now, you need to be washed...a lot," he laughed as he scrubbed industriously at Gray's skin. "So dirty..." he murmured, and Gray erupted into laughter.