By the time Severus reached his office he was red faced and out of breath but that didn't stop him from flinging open the door and feeling as though he would need a few moments to collect his jaw from the floor. There before him, sitting cross legged on top of his papers was a vision in white. He was momentarily confused why there wasn't some ethereal light radiating from her pores. Surely an angel should have some sort of golden aura surrounding her.

But there she sat, made of flesh and blood every bit as much as him, though certainly higher quality flesh from what he could see. She had stripped down to white stockings held up by delicate looking garters that matched the lacy corset and thong she had donned. Every inch of her was pure perfection and though he had spent himself in her mouth not ten minutes before his cock had instantly sprung back to life. He felt magnetism he was powerless to refuse drawing him towards her and it felt like everything was going in slow motion but when she crooked her perfectly manicured finger beckoning him closer he was there in a flash.

Her lips were hot against his own and when he snaked his tongue out to taste her he could detect his own salty taste still lingering. It served to harden him more then he thought possible. His hands slid down her body, his fingertips memorizing ever freckle and every curve. When he reached her hips he wrapped his long fingers around them and pulled her close. He growled when she wrapped her legs around him and rubbed her core against him. He could feel her heat and the moisture through his robes and his cock stood straight out, seemingly reaching towards her.

Her nimble fingers released his robes and pushed them from his shoulders, letting them pool to the ground around his feet. It wasn't long before she was attacking his shirt, getting frustrated halfway down and pulling the lapels apart, scattering buttons everywhere. He fell to his knees before her, never issuing a word, and grabbed one shapely calf in his elegant hands. The only thing he could think of doing at that moment, that supremely sublime moment, was to run the tip of his tongue up the seam at the back of her stockings. The higher he went with his tongue the farther she leaned back on his desk, and when his tongue hit bare skin Hermione felt as though she would burst into flames.

He nibbled, licked, and kissed his way to the juncture of her thighs and when he reached his heavenly destination his teeth, seemingly of their own accord, though his eyes and his tongue 

agreed whole heartedly with the decision, grasped her knickers and drew them down before his hand, eager to be included, took over and slid the lacy things off. There was not time, not even an inclination to tease her, so without hesitation his tongue eagerly delved into her folds and lapped her up and down. The sweet juices of her slid over his tongue and down his throat and when Hermione gasped in pleasure and wound her fingers in his hair he redoubled his efforts and slipped two fingers inside of her while continuing to lave at her clit.

Finally the command of "enough Severus, please just fuck me" was growled into the air and if those in the Great Hall thought he moved quickly before, then they would have been shocked to see the agility in which he stood and removed his clothes now. His cock jutted proudly from him, the purple head leaking pre cum and begging to burrow into her. Hermione, it seemed, read minds, because she hurriedly scooted to the edge of his desk and spread her legs, inviting him into her wordlessly.

To say that it was like sinking into heaven would surely do no justice to the feel of her wrapped around him. For a moment there were stars dancing in front of his eyes and he was half tempted to ask her what spell she had used on him. Never before had any woman ever felt this wet, this warm, or this velvety before. Never had he nearly lost consciousness when he slid into a woman, and this led him to think that surely this was no ordinary woman. Surely this was some creature that looked like a Seraphim but thought like Lucifer.

He pumped and grinded into her body with abandon, taking everything he sought but making sure to give every bit of it back to her. She was red faced and panting, clawing his back to seek some sort of purchase, and for once she did not have anything to say. There was no know-it-all fact to recite, or and well placed saucy comment to make, there was just their bodies, hot and sweaty, grinding against each other and affecting ever nerve.

Soon Hermione was screaming his name, gasping for breath, and gyrating her hips in such a manner that advertised to Severus that she was climbing over the edge. With this thought came the indescribable feeling of her body clenching around him milking his release. And with a shout worthy of Thor, he emptied himself into her again and again, then slid to the floor in a boneless heap.

Anyone who happened to walk into the Headmasters office at that moment would come across a very peculiar sight indeed. For upon the Headmaster's desk, looking like a beautiful gift hastily opened by an eager child, was Professor Hermione Granger panting and red faced, with bits of parchment stuck to her arms. And if one allowed their eyes to move from that delicious sight they would see one very naked and normally dignified Headmaster slumped upon the floor, also panting from exertion, but with the closest thing to a smile that anyone had seen on his face since childhood.

Upon hearing the rustling of papers on his desk, Severus rolled his eyes upwards, wanting to see what was happening but certainly too content in his current position to really find out. A click of two high heels coming closer was all the warning he got before his angel was in front of him and bending to his eye level.

"Come along then Severus, show me where your quarters are. I am not nearly done with you yet this evening." She stated in a matter of fact voice before helping to his feet somewhat unsteadily. And all that poor defenseless Severus could seem to mutter was a simple and heartfelt "Thank God".

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