Final Chapter

Lanna, Mark, and Chelsea. . . Again!

As soon as Lanna left Sunny Island, she quickly got started with her album. She brought her band back together, who were very happy to see her again, and started making music. She already had the music resting in her heart, so she had no trouble writing musical scores for the band. Before anyone knew what was happening, Lanna was singing once again.

Her album was released later that Winter, just in time for Christmas. With the use of heavy advertising, Lanna became the popular pop idol once again. Her album sold like hotcakes, most shops had trouble keeping it in stock. The fans were not disappointed, they loved her second album much more than her first one. No one understood why, but there was a special charm and deep feelings flowing from her music.

Soon afterwards, Lanna started going on tour once again. She went around the world singing in concerts stunning fans everywhere. When she's not performing in concerts, she attended interviews just about everywhere. During her career as a pop idol, she had mastered six languages other than English.

The job as a popular pop idol is a very stressful job. Interviews,concerts, meeting fans, and signing autographs tires her out quite often. Sometimes in the few moments she takes off, she often thinks about quitting. But after remembering how she has inspired Mark to try his hardest at his job, she then decides to work just a little bit longer.

Two years has passed since Lanna and Mark last saw one another. They try to keep in touch through mail, but that is easier said than done. Lanna barely has any time to breathe, let alone write a letter. Mark tries to write, but Lanna gets flooded with fan mail every day. Finding his letters in the clusters of papers is nearly impossible.

Sometime during the beginning of Summer, Chelsea pays a visit to her good friend Mark in his farm. She has become quite a successful farmer since she had first arrived with Mark's help. She now has a full field of crops growing healthy in her farm, and her own animals in her brand new barn and coop. But even with everything she has, she wants one last thing. A family to call her own.

Mark and Chelsea has become close friends, but not lovers. Chelsea tries to flirt with Mark, asks him on dates, and even attempts to kiss him at times. But each of her attempts always end in failure. No matter how close they are, Mark only has one thing lingering in his heart. That thing is Lanna's kiss.

Mark's door was open when she arrived, so she lets herself in. Like the many times she had visited in the past, she hears nothing but Lanna's music play in the house. She finds Mark lying on the floor watching one of Lanna's concerts on TV. The house has not changed much since Lanna left, except the occasional poster of Lanna that Mark has pinned up.

Chelsea sighs, and decides to sit down next to him. Although she is still a fan of Lanna, she can't help but to feel a bit jealous of her. After all, the man she wants is attracted to one of the most popular women in the world. At times, she feels that her attempts to steal Mark's heart is futile. But sometimes she feels that Lanna may never come back, so she believes that sooner or later, Mark will become hers.

"So, you're watching Lanna on TV again? Is this a live concert?" she asked, starting up a conversation.

Mark shakes his head no, and says, "Not really. We're so far away from any broadcast stations, that everything is delayed about 3 days. . ."

Chelsea continues the conversation by saying, "Have you kept in contact with her?"

Mark shakes his head no again, and answers, "I try to write letters, but I don't really know if she got them. And she never sent me one. . ."

"Summer has arrived once again. It'll be almost 2 years since Lanna left you know. Do you really think she'll come back eventually?"

"I don't know. . ." answered Mark.

Suddenly, a feeling of hope overcomes Chelsea. A small kindle of light telling her that Mark is beginning to give up on Lanna. Typically, Mark would be sure that Lanna would come back sooner or later. But now, he's no longer sure anymore. Because of this change in attitude, Chelsea feels that this is a good change to make her move.

After the concert on TV event is over, Chelsea stands up, and stretches her arms in the air. But Mark just continues to lie down, and sigh while watching the credits roll. After watching him sigh continuously, Chelsea helps him up, and says, "Come on Mark, the show is over! I'm done with my work, and it looks like you are too. Lets do something fun! Like go over to Luke's Diner, or go to the beach. It's a perfect summer day, lets not let it pass by!"

Mark then looks down and says, "Not today. I'm just not in the mood."

Chelsea begins to feel peeved, and begins to pout. She then moves in front of him, and raises his chin so that they can look at one another eye to eye. In a caring yet serious tone, Chelsea says, "Look, I know you are still thinking about her. I know you've liked her for years now. But you need to get over her already. Lanna is a pop idol, we are just simple farmers. She is of another league than us. Sooner or later, she's going to marry some rich famous guy, and forget we even exist.

"It's pointless to keep fantasizing about her like this. You need to move on with your life, date other girls, and put her behind you. Otherwise, you're just going to grow old and lonely while watching your life pass by."

Mark takes a deep breath before responding, "I know that your right. I should get over her. . ." Chelsea then becomes excited for a moment before Mark continues, "But I can't. . ."

"Why not?!" yelled Chelsea.

"Because. . ." Mark thinks about his answer carefully before answering. Memories of the times that Lanna and himself meeting at the beach, talking about things. Sharing stories, and finally being able to tell each other what was on their minds. Mark then answers, "For some reason or another, I think I made a promise. I don't know what, I don't know when, I don't know why, and I don't know how. . . Bit I'm sure that I did. So I'm going to keep that promise I made."

Chelsea doesn't understand what he meant by what he just said. A promise that he barely remembers making? It sounds crazy to her. All she is sure about is that as long as he has such feelings, she will never get through to him. So she decides to wait a bit longer. She is sure that someday, Mark will come to understand that he's just living a fantasy, and he'll eventually snap back into reality.

Just then, a special interview with Lanna is being played on TV. They both stop and sit down to watch the event. The event seems quite important by the way Lanna is standing on a podium next to her manager while many news reporters flood her with questions, and take countless pictures.

Some of the questions include, "Lanna, I hear you have an important announcement to make?!" "Are you going to be planning a third album?!" "Are you planning to get married anytime soon?!" "Is there something going on between you and the drummer in your band?" "Do you have any comments about your next event?"

The questions kept piling up one after another. But rather than answering any of them, Lanna just waves her hands up and down to quiet the media to give her a chance to speak. After the media has quieted down a bit, Lanna grabs a microphone, and says, "Hello everyone, I am glad that so may people has come to this special event. I have been planning this event for weeks now, and I have heard so many rumors about what I am about to say. Some people think I am going to be working on a third album, while many others think I'm planning on getting married soon. Some rumors are true, while others are false. But I am here now for none of the reasons everyone thinks.

"Before I make my announcement, I want to say that I am grateful for every fan that I have gotten since I've started singing. I love to sing, dance, and of course fishing. Since I have started this career, I have been to so many places, met so many people, and fished in many places a girl can ever dream of. I love my job, and everything that comes with the trade.

"I have spoken with my manager, and he understands my situation. Unfortunately, I have no new albums planned, and I have no events scheduled in the future. In fact, starting tomorrow morning, I will officially retire from show business. I will no longer be Lanna the Pop Idol. Starting tomorrow, I will just be Lanna Songstress, just another average girl like everyone else."

It didn't take long before the media panics, and begins flooding a ton of more questions on Lanna. Everyone is in shock. Even Mark and Chelsea are speechless upon seeing Lanna resign on TV for the whole world to see. No one expected that so suddenly.

It takes a while for everyone to calm down and allow her to answer anymore questions. As soon as the crowd calms down, Lanna was able to continue her speech. "I know that everyone has a lot of questions for me. Why am I doing this? What am I going to do from now on? Will I write a book or star in a movie? Unfortunately, I can't answer everyone's questions, but I will say this to all my loyal fans:

"Before I started this career as a pop idol, I had many dreams that I want to fulfill. Simple dreams that every girl has at one point in their lives. As a girl who is no different than anyone else, I will fulfill these dreams. I love this job, but I do feel that it's now time to say goodbye to my fans, and everyone that I've met. I hope everyone wishes me luck!"

And so, Lanna bows gracefully, and leaves the stage. The media tries to ask her many more questions, but they didn't get anything else out of her. Mark and Chelsea still stand in front of the TV, shocked and speechless. Even after the show is over, they remain still unsure what had happened.

"Did Lanna just quit her job?" asked Chelsea. Mark just nods, but doesn't say a word.

Soon after that, they hear a knock on Mark's door. They both go over to see who the unexpected guest is. As they open the door, they both gasp to see that Lanna is on the other side wearing the same aqua green dress and her frilly head piece she always wore last time she was on the island. What's new is the sunglasses she has brought with her to the island.

Lanna then pulls up the sunglasses to her hair revealing her chocolate brown eyes. She then smiles warmly pulling up two fingers forming the peace sign, and yells, "Hi there! I'm Back!"

"Lanna! You're Back!" Yelled Mark, he heart is so excited to see her, his heart could burst. "But how? You were just on TV a few minutes ago!"

"Well duh! This is an island, reception takes days to reach here!" answered Lanna. Mark then remembers that he just told Chelsea that it takes three days for reception to arrive in the island.

Lanna then notices that Chelsea is also in the house with Mark. "Hey, while I was out. . . Did you happen to get married, or found a girlfriend?" she asked.

Mark then looks at Chelsea for a second and answers, "No, Chelsea was only visiting, and we ended up watching you on TV."

"Is that true?" Lanna asked Chelsea.

She sighs feeling disappointed, then replies, "No, Mark was waiting for you the whole time since you left."

When Lanna hears that, she blushes and giggles whispering, "I'm so glad that I came back!"

Mark then asks, "Did you get my letters?"

Lanna then pulls out a small stack of letters addressed to her by Mark and says, "Sorry I didn't get the chance to read them. I had my manager pull them to the side, and save them for me. But even though I didn't get the chance to read them, I was really happy that you sent them anyway."

Mark laughs lightly and then asks, "So, are you here on vacation? If you are, how long are you going to be staying this time?"

"Actually, I've decided to live here on this island. I love my home and my family, but I decided to say goodbye to everyone, and move here."

"That's great! Well, do you need help moving into your old house or something. I'll be glad to help you!" Mark offered.

"Actually, I am not moving into my old house." Lanna admits while staring at the ground fidgeting with her fingers.

Mark and Chelsea look at one another for a moment, they they turn back to her as they ask simultaneously, "Well, where are you going to live then?"

"That's not important right now." she answered. She then puts her hand in her pocket and says nervously, "I. . . I brought a gift for Mark. . . It was really expensive. . . So I hope your grateful!"

Mark laughs cheerfully. Even after years had passed, Lanna is still Lanna. So he takes a step forward and asks, "So, what did you get for me?"

It takes her a moment to gather the courage to finally take the gift out of her pocket, and present it to Mark. Both Mark and Chelsea nearly faint from shock as they see a sparkling blue feather resting in her hands waiting for Mark to accept it.

Mark is just plain too nervous to accept the feather. Instead, he thoughtlessly asks, "Lanna! That is a blue feather! Do you even know what that's for?!"

Lanna frowns angrily and yells, "Of course I do! I'm basically allowing you the honor to marry me! I know I'm not a country bumpkin, but I do know these things at least!" She then turns away and continues, "If you don't want it, you don't have to accept it! But I thought that my little gift would make you happy. But I guess I was wrong! I'm going back to the hotel, goodbye!"

Before Lanna has a chance to take a single step away, Mark quickly holds her hand. Lanna then looks back, and sees the warm gentle smile she always has seen in Mark's face. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, I was a bit shocked that's all. And if your sure about it, I would love to have you as my wife." he said.

Lanna gasps with excitement as Mark accepts the blue feather from her. She then jumps, giving Mark the biggest hug he has ever received. Afterwards, they share a kiss as a newly engaged couple.

Chelsea, feeling beaten by Lanna, walks out of the farm soon after the proposal. She didn't say a word to them, not even a word of congratulations. She only wants them to enjoy their moment in peace. Halfway back to her farm, Chelsea stops and looks back saying, "Look at that! Now I feel a bit jealous. But I guess I was wrong about her, she did come back for him after all."

"Excuse me." said a tall dark man from behind Chelsea. She turns around and finds one of her more recent friends who has moved into the island not too long ago. He's a fisherman who came to the island with his trusted black bird to work in the island.

"Oh hey Danny! What's up?" answered Chelsea.

He presented his gift to Chelsea and says, "I caught this fish today. I have enough fish to eat at home, so I thought you may like it."

Chelsea accepts her gift cheerfully and says, "Thank you. It's a big one, I bet it's going to be great!"

Danny then looks to the side while scratching his cheek nervously and says, "Actually, I have something I want to tell you. . . You see, I've always had a crush on you ever since we first met. I was wondering if we could, you know. . . Go out sometime?"

The confession caught her off guard. She always thought he was cool, and she always felt that his bird is quite cute. So she blushes happily, and says, "Sure, I would like that."

Time passes quickly in the island. About a week later, Lanna and Mark gets married, and about a year after that, their son is born. About the same time Mark's son is born, Chelsea also gets Married to Danny, and everyone lives happily in the small Island.

The End.


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