A/N: Okay, this is the last chapter. I've been putting this story off because of all my other stories, and I really think I need to finish it. I hope you like it, and I could always add in-between stories, more explanation on everything that happened to Jonas, on request. I might even do a short fluff story about Lily and Marcus. So, without further ado, the final chapter:


Jonas was sad to learn of the Giver's death, but pleased that he had lived until his death really was a death, and not a Release. He was amazed at how different the community had become in just four years. People married of their own will, and had children by their selves. It was better than the life he had lived for the past few years, because people remained polite, and everything was orderly. Also, because emotions like love and happiness were brand new, people seemed to use them a lot.

Years past, and Lily eventually married Marcus. They had twins, a boy and a girl. The twins were named Amelia and Dexter. Soon after Lily's wedding, Jonas grew extremely lonely. He was taking a walk around the community when he ran into Fiona. Her hair still shone as brightly as before, the sun dancing off her red curls. She had been surprised to see him, and had run forward to hug him. Soon after, they, too, were wed. They had a daughter, Rosemary. Gabe went to live with the Parents after Jonas had discovered them. He grew up to be a well-known scientist, and discovered and invented many things that helped the environment. Eventually, he married his shy assistant, Katrina. They had five kids, Lauren, Angela, Samuel, Nathan, and Marion. Mr. and Mrs. Parent grew lonely with all their children leaving, so they moved to Hawaii and opened a real estate company. Asher married one of the many newcomers to the community. She was amazed at the way everything had been so well controlled, and said that she had come to study the small city. Asher often joked about her, Francine, being the scientist, and he and his friends being monkeys. Francine and Asher fell in love, eloped, and had three children, Tyler, Bob, and Georgia. Everyone had the memories, the colors, feelings, and the music. They really did live happily ever after.