Okay, lemon time and this is soooo not for children. I suggest this only be read by old(er) people even though you could probably see it on any of the more expensive cable channels (not the basic service pack which is what I have. This is another reason I write lemons - because they usually don't show them with the cheapo package I've got. Wait. Come to think of it, it's not all that cheap… but I digress.) Just trust me, it's a strong lemon.

Releasing his lips she studied his bare face. One hand reached for his hitai-ate, pulling it off over his grey spiky hair and letting it drop to the floor with a soft thunk. Her other hand reached out to caress his scarred cheek. He was absolutely gorgeous. Angular features, accented by the scar down his cheek and the unmoving red Sharingan staring back at her. Right now, his eyes were completely open, unlike his usual droopy stare. Apparently she was something he was willing to give his full attention to. Her fingers slowly reached up to allow her thumb to trace the length of his scar.

But it was the way he was looking back at her that pleased her most. He was looking at her in a way she'd only been dreaming about, a look filled with such longing and hunger, a look of adoration that thrilled her to no end.

"I like your face without your mask." She stated simply, her eyes looking into his with a tender expression on her face. She gave a tentative rock of her hips, enjoying the way his erection felt through their clothing and his responding groan that told her he enjoyed it too. "Would you think badly of me if we move a little quick with this? I mean, we've known each other for ten years…"

"You mean you're horny." He stated with a smirk. She opened her mouth to protest but found herself unable to speak, feeling a light blush coming to her face as she bit her lower lip and reluctantly nodded. It was a combination of his words and finally being able to see his entire face when he smiled that left her silent. Good lord, no wonder he wore the mask – women would be falling at his feet if they could see that kind of grin!

"So you admit it?"

"Mmhmm. Well, I don't think it's something you can deny either." She gave another rock of her hips to feel him tense under her. "Besides, do you know how much time I've wasted on missions watching your ass move?"

"Well, it couldn't be any more than I've spent watching yours." His hands slid down to squeeze her ass.

She smirked. "So… liked what you saw?"

"Oh, yes." he replied, pulling her upper body down and kissing his way down her neck. "There's no way I could mistake you for the little Sasuke-obsessed girl you were when I first met you. Especially not with these." His hands had slipped from her lower body to slide up and cup her breasts, positioning his fingers so he could stroke her nipples with his thumbs. She gave a soft moan and arched her back to press her breasts further into his hands. "And I want to see more." He said in a harsh whisper.

She reached for the zipper on her shirt and dragged it down, splitting her shirt in two. His hands released her breasts to allow her to shrug out of the red fabric, but his fingers were immediately searching for the end of her bindings. Pushing him aside, she easily found the tail-end of the cloth and untucked it, slowly unraveling the bandages.

Before Sakura realized what was happening, Kakashi sat up, lifted her off his lap and had her on her feet standing in front of the couch.

"Kakashi, what-"

"If you're gonna strip, I expect a show." He said with an evil grin, settling comfortably back on the couch.

"I'm not your personal striper." She replied indignantly, her hand still holding the end of her bindings in her hand.

"Of course not, you're better looking than any stripper I've seen. Not to mention smarter." The grin that crossed his face made her close her eyes and shake her head. Damn that grin could get her to do anything.

"Just how far do you think flattery is going to get you?"

"All the way through the show, I hope."

Her hands naturally came to rest on her hips, one hand still keeping a tight grip on her bindings. One of her hips pushed forward as she shifted her weight. "I'll make you a deal, for every piece of clothing I take off, you take one off."


"Okay, shirt off!" Sakura smiled smugly.

"I already took my mask off."

"And then I took off my shirt so now it's your turn." It was actually the mischievous smile on her face that melted his heart and had him tugging his shirt off. Sakura stood grinning widely as she studied his body, inspecting each and every scar with her eyes. He was absolutely gorgeous, just like what he had been hiding under his mask and his usual jounin uniform. Fine, strong facial features made unique by the scar and the mismatched eyes, a wiry but muscular body, long and lean from years of training with just the lightest dusting of silver hair across his chest.

"Your turn. Bindings. Now." He gave a swirling motion with a finger, imitating how she needed to unravel the strips of cloth. His mouth was formed into the biggest smirk she'd ever seen on anyone other than Jirariya when she'd caught him peeping into the women's baths. Of course, he wasn't smiling after she caught him.

Slowly, Sakura started to roll up the bandages, wrapping them meticulously as she gradually began to reveal her chest. A whine uncannily like a begging puppy brought her head up from her task to look questioningly at the man on the bed.

"You're going too slow." He complained. The pouting look on his now bare face was entirely too effective.

"How old are you, three?" she asked. "I don't want to destroy my wrappings."

"Sakura…" he said her name softly and the rough and sexy quality of it sending a shiver down her spine. "You're teasing me…"

"Damn right I am. How long did you hide your face from me?"

"Point taken." He mumbled in defeat. "But could you at least hurry up? I'd like to see the rest of you before your hair turns gray."

"Fine…" she sighed. With a practice hand, she held the roll up over her head and twirled the free material between the roll and her body, rapidly unwrapping herself from the cloth.

He could feel his mouth watering as her perfectly formed breasts came into view. The binding really concealed the gifts nature had given her and while she had nothing on Tsunade, she was generously proportioned for her body type. Every spin of the cloth sent them bouncing just slightly. Licking his lips, he couldn't wait to get his hands on those lovely globes and had to consciously force himself to stay seated on the couch.

"Wow, I didn't know you did tricks too. Do you know the one with the ping-pong balls?"

"Never tried it but I'm familiar with it. I've had to remove them from several women who were trying it for the first time."

"How about a trapeze bar?"

"Just shut up and take off your pants." Sakura said throwing the mass of her bindings at him.

"You have no idea how much I like hearing that phrase from you." He hastily unwrapped his own bandages from his legs, dropped them into a pile on the floor with hers, stood up and shucked off his pants, kicking them under his bed as he sat back down. She was so beautiful, standing in front of him unembarrassed by her bare breasts, her pink hair falling down around her shoulders, a few tendrils long enough to cover the upper parts of her breasts. Her skin was a pale white and, for a shinobi, remarkably free of scars. Of course, as a medic, she was able to heal most of her own injuries, assuming she had any chakra left after healing her teammates.

He was still in a little bit of a daze that she was really here with him and this wasn't just a fantasy of his weak little mind. He'd been having fantasies of this woman since she'd become a jounin and now she was here, with him, slowly removing her clothes, just for him. It was entirely too tempting to reach out and pull her to him where he could kiss and touch and caress her beautiful body. But there would be time for that later. Now he should just enjoy the show.

"Your turn." He said. Her hands reached down to slide her skirt down over her hips but he stopped her. "No, leave the skirt on - shorts first." She grinned at his request. How could she have fallen for such a pervert? Other than the fact he was smart and handsome and made her feel like the only person in the world when he looked at her. Maybe, when faced with her own personal pervert determined to expose her to new and different things, she would find out she had a few kinky thoughts of her own.

Just to tease him, she turned around and bent over, poised so her backside was pushed out toward him and she ever-so-slowly shimmied her hips as she slid the shorts down, the fabric of her skirt barely covering the skin left exposed by the black shorts. The muscles beneath her skin fascinated him as they moved and her skirt gave the smallest hint of her bare thighs just under the well formed globes of her butt.

"Now walk away a little." He ordered. Complying, Sakura took a few steps forward, making sure she added a little extra sway to her hips.

Kakashi licked his lips. The way her skirt flipped up slightly with every step fascinated him, the incredibly smooth appearance of her skin had become too tempting to merely sit back and watch, especially when she turned and looked back over her shoulder to smile at him. He needed to feel her – and now!

Before Sakura knew it, two warm arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her back against his warm, hard body. Every inch of their touching skin tingled and she couldn't help but sigh when his lips placed an open-mouth kiss on a shoulder.

"You know you aren't supposed to touch the dancers." She scolded teasingly, continuing to wriggle her hips against the hard erection that pressed into her low back. One of her hands rose to slide through is hair.

"Good thing you aren't a real dancer then - you are just too tempting for me to sit there and watch." His voice was soft in her ear, his heated breath sending a shiver down her spine. His lips fastened on her ear as his hands slid higher up her waist and finally high enough to cup her breasts. With a soft sigh, she arched her back to press more of her chest into his hands. Caressing fingers slowly traced patterns over her skin, all around but not touching her oh-so-sensitive nipples like she really wanted. Her hands closed over his and attempted to guide his fingers, but he brushed her aside and she gave a disappointed whimper.

One of his hands slid down to flip up her short skirt and she gasped when she realized that sometime between when he had been seated and when he had grabbed her, he had removed his boxers and was completely naked behind her, a a warm drop of precome smearing on her bare skin just above her tailbone.

"Please…" she begged, knowing he knew full well what she was talking about.

"Please what?" he teasingly asked, both his hands massaging her breasts.

"You know…"

"But I want to hear you say it." He growled into her ear making her knees weak. She raised her hands in another attempt to touch her own breasts only to have them pushed away again.

"Fine! Please, touch my nipples. Oh, please, just touch me already!" she finally said, grinding her hips back into his erection, the skin of her back rubbing against his bare chest, the heat from his cock feeling like it was burning her skin. She reached around behind her and grabbed his ass and pulled him tighter against her. Turning her head to the side, she sought his lips, letting out a little pleasured moan when they finally connected.

The hand that had lifted her skirt now crept down between her breasts, over her taught stomach and down between her legs. She widened her stance to allow him to slip two fingers into her wet slit, gasping when he lightly brushed her clit.

She was absolutely soaking! He couldn't help the pleased shiver that ran through his body. This girl, no… this woman had to be the sexiest thing he'd ever seen, her whimpers and moans turning him on more than he ever thought possible. Her skin was baby soft and he loved the sensation of their bare bodies touching in the most intimate ways. And all of her was his to enjoy. There was nothing or no one he'd ever let take her away from him. He refused to let his life become something out of his nightmares.

Breaking their kiss, he leaned down to nip at her shoulder as she arched against him, rolling her hips, grinding herself onto his hand. Oh, that would leave a mark. He bathed the tender skin with his tongue, soothing the impressions from his teeth. The hand still massaging her breasts slid down the smooth expanse of her skin to press on her stomach, drawing her back tightly against him.

He wanted nothing more than to take his time with her, to show her how he felt about her, but right now, his body wouldn't let him. The past few weeks had been spent thinking about her, imagining how she would feel when he finally touched her and realizing that imagination had nothing over the real thing, he needed her with a desperation that surprised even him.

"You are so wet, Sakura. Are you ready for me?" he whispered into her ear as he slowly sank a third finger into her slippery warmth.

"You're the one touching me, what do you think?" she asked with a smirk, tightening the muscles around his fingers and enjoying the groan that escaped his throat. To her disappointment, his hand disappeared from between her legs only to reappear on her hip to spin her around so she was facing him.

Now able to get the whole picture of his naked body, her mouth went for his neck, kissing and licking and biting and scraping him with her teeth. It felt amazing to wrap her arms around him and squeeze his ass, feeling him pressing back into her. Bending slightly, Kakashi grasped legs her behind the knees and lifted her so she could wrap her them around his waist. Backing up, he sat down on the couch and, with a quick alignment, pressed the head of his cock inside her, sliding her completely down over his cock.

He gave a heartfelt sigh at the liquid heaven he'd sunk into, a sound she echoed. She was amazingly warm and tight and her muscles fluttered wonderfully around him. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, holding herself slightly away from him, her head tipped back, the tips of her hair brushing his hands that held her waist.

He kissed her collarbone, sucking lightly at the delicate skin there and once again, leaving a mark. She tasted slightly salty, perhaps from a light sweat when she dashed over here. When he first opened the door, he'd been able to see the worry etched into her face, quickly replaced with relief before turning to anger when she saw he was alright.

The soft cry Sakura gave at the filling sensation of him finally being inside her soon turned into a series of mewls as he rocked his hips. Without even realizing it her fingernails sunk into the skin of his back. He was just so hot and hard inside her, giving her a feeling of being completely filled, the stretch inside her to accommodate him unlike anything she'd felt with any other man.

She gave a roll of her own hips and was satisfied by his grunt of pleasure. He lapped gently the pulse point on her neck as she moved her legs so she could support herself on her knees. With a quick motion, she momentarily raised herself up before relaxing her muscles to impale herself on his cock.

"Oh, god, Kashi, you feel so good." She sighed, rolling her hips again. His hands held her tightly so she didn't fall backwards. Starting from her neck, he slowly kissed down her body until he was able to take the pale pink tip of a nipple between his lips. Sucking at her breast, running his rough tongue over the hard peak and enjoying the taste of her skin left Kakashi in heaven.

Sakura's hands ran through his messy hair, holding his face to her breast, looking down at the man she'd wanted for so long. His hair was much softer than she thought it would be and she slowly stroked his head in time with his tongue. His mismatched eyes rose to look up at her and caught her own in a heated stare. So much was said with that unspoken exchange, so much revealed, so much love and satisfaction.

Then with a mischievous gleam in his eye, he bit down on her nipple, the combination of pleasure and pain making her arch spine arch as her head tipped back with a sweet cry of surprise. Her fingers clenched his hair but didn't try to pull him away from her breast.

The hands at her waist lifted her slightly only to release her, using gravity to propel her onto his rigid cock again. She whimpered softly, but continued to roll her hips as an incredible heat began to build low in her belly. Every vein on his cock was rubbing her into a frenzy, her body automatically raising and lowering herself onto him.

Changing the angle, she wrapped her arms behind his neck and leaned away from him. Their upper bodies separated giving him a chance to look down between them, the bouncing of her breasts catching his eyes. Sakura whimpered at the change of angle, their comfortable rhythm speeding up along with the increase of force.

Just when she felt she couldn't take any more, she tightened her grip around his neck, pulling their bodies close, and sunk her teeth into his shoulder. With a grunt, he came into her, the spasming of her body around him forcing him over the edge mere seconds after her.

With a soft sigh, he fell back against the couch cushions, the arms wrapped around her body dragging her with him. They lay there in silence, only broken by heavy breathing as their heart rates gradually returned to normal. Turning her head, Sakura placed a kiss on his bare chest.

"What changed your mind? I mean, that night on the bridge you seemed appalled when I opened my big mouth."

"After hearing how you felt, I couldn't think of much else. You said something I'd never thought I'd hear from your lips. I used to think relationships weren't for me, especially something between the two of us, but the more I thought about it, about you, I realized I want to give it a try. Even if things don't work out."

"We'll make it work." Sakura said as she rolled over to squeeze herself between him and the couch cushions. "Are you that unsure of yourself?"

"The lives of people I've loved haven't exactly had happy endings. I haven't been able to keep them safe."

"You don't think I'll be able to keep myself safe?"

"Obito couldn't, Rin couldn't, the Fourth couldn't…"

"Have some faith. Your life has changed a lot since then and I'd like to think I'm strong enough to keep myself alive. I have so far."

Their conversation was cut short by a sound at the door.

"Kakashi-sensei! Kakashi-sensei!" The door of his apartment looked like it would break under the pounding of the overenthusiastic blond man. "I heard you got hurt! Are you going to be okay? You're not dying, are you?"

Naruto could never seem to remember the key to Kakashi's apartment was hidden under the mat in the hall. Sakura was a little surprised he bothered to knock at the door, which was much better than if he came to the window like he always did at her place. Which reminded her, she'd have to put a stop to that if she didn't want Naruto to see them in flagrante delicto.

"I'll be fine," Kakashi called out. Just to be mean Sakura slid her hand down to squeeze a tender part of his anatomy, causing him to give a strangled cry. Just the touch of her hand had him already hardening. Again.

"But we need to get you to the hospital right away!"

"NO!" Kakashi yelled before the man could break the door. "Sakura's here and she's… um… she's uh… fixing me right now. Come back later when I've… I've had some rest." He was struggling to keep his voice as normal as possible considering her hand was stroking a very sensitive part right now.

"Do you actually think you'll be getting any rest?" She purred softly enough Naruto wouldn't hear her.

"I hope not," he groaned. "But I'm not exactly enthralled with the idea of Naruto joining in."

"You seriously think he would?" she asked, her voice still low and a bit throaty and a gleam in her eye that he wasn't quite sure he liked.

"If he could see you like this, most definitely." His eyes flicked down to her bare back and ass, smooth creamy skin that seemed to go on forever.

Naruto replied with less enthusiasm than before. "Well, okay, Kakashi-sensei. If you're sure you're going to be all right…"

"I'm feeling better already. Sakura is doing her best to keep me healthy, as usual." Kakashi called to Naruto on the other side of the door.

"Well, let me know when you're all healed and I'll take you out for some ramen." Naruto said, his voice already fading as he left. Grateful for his absence, the couple resumed their conversation.

"And why wouldn't you want him to join us?" She smiled evilly. "I'm sure he has a lot of stamina."

"Not only would Hinata would be furious, I'd have to kill him for touching you."

"Getting a little possessive now?"

"Oh, yeah, you're mine."

"And you think that I'll do whatever you want? What if I had started dating someone else since I thought my perverted sensei didn't want me?"

"Good thing you didn't 'cause you're mine now." He growled into her neck before sucking on her skin to leave a hickey there.

"Hey, what are you doing, marking your territory?" Sakura cried indignantly.

"Yep. Mine."

"Why don't you just pee on my leg, while you're at it?" Kakashi could practically see the sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"Kinky little thing, aren't you?" The wide grin spread over his face annoyed her all the more.

"Perverted bastard."

"But I'm your perverted bastard."

Sakura looked down at the naked, silver-haired shinobi she was partially resting on. This morning she was heartbroken, certain that her drunken admission had cost her the best friend she had and now, not only did she have his friendship back, she also had his heart. The day hadn't turned out nearly as bad as she thought it would.

"Yeah, I guess you are, aren't you?" She smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before continuing. "So… does this mean I get to mark you too?"

The End

I kinda forced the lemon in here so it's not very long. It wasn't necessary and I probably could have gotten away without doing one, but… well, I really like them. It's not my best, so I hope no one is too disappointed. Any thoughts? Opinions? Reviews?