Currently unmentionable POV

My eyes stung as I retraced the steps back to where I had first seen the monster. A horrible flesh- eating thing. Well, maybe not flesh, but close enough. I wondered where it had gone after that first moment.

I was walking, looking in the forest for my little sister, having been playing hide and seek. I heard a noise behind me, a loud snarling, and then a shrill scream. I spun around. My sister was on the ground in the middle of the clearing now, and someone was on top of her, biting into her neck. I screamed too, then turned to run. Suddenly I was forced into a tree by cold hands and I screamed louder. The thing whispered into my ear. Just as suddenly I was released and I ran, glancing back only once to see another figure blocking the things chances to get me. I ran for a long time, trying not to remember the words spoken to me, but I couldn't escape it.

"You'd be damned in a fiery orange hell before you escaped me."

That seemed to be the only memory I had been able to keep after a hundred years. The only other thing was a faint feeling that I'd left someone other than my sister behind.