Long time no see, huh? I been a few comments about a sequel or sorts. So just to let you know what happens after the last chapter, I decided to create epilogue. The final conclusion of this story.


The Years Later

The early morning, Cloud staggers down the corridor. His arms are over his head as he stretches is mid body with a silent, deep yawn. A deep inhale expands his lungs pleasingly while his bare chest widens to the bundle of air. Soon, Cloud releases the air from his lung confinement and drops his arms to his sides. His eyelids lightly droop, luckily no morning sunlight can gleam into the corridor or Cloud would become light-headed. Bare feet walk lazily on the cold wooden floor as the coolness spikes up his calves uncomfortably but it easy to ignore. The soft whimpers of Zackary echoes lightly outside of his closed door.

A small smile develops on his lips to the sound of his son. Cloud opens the door as the object whines in protest. The soft cries of Zackary blare louder to Cloud's ears. Zackary stands up on his tiny feet with his small hands gripping the rail of the crib. Redness breeds on his cheeks as his eyes are bloodshot from his salty tears. Drool coats his small lips as a shine from the sunlight gleams against the slobber. As his continues to release his cries, tears cover his orbs along with his mouth widening to reveal a single tooth on the bottom that is showing the tip of the tooth. Zackary becomes impatient while Cloud strolls to him. The little boy begins to bounce anxiously for his father to hold him.

In a quick movement, Cloud lifts Zackary to his arms and cuddles him in his strong, protective embrace before changing his diaper. Zackary continues to whimper but those cries are slowly diminishing. While Cloud changes Zackary's diaper, Denzel come strolling in as he rubs a single eye with his fist. He tries to cast away the drowsiness that coats his form. "Morning, dad." Denzel says lazily, his words are sluggish with his sleep but none of the less it's comprehendible.

Cloud lifts Zackary into his arms once again before sending a small smile to Denzel and ruffles his hair in acknowledgement. Cloud embraces Zackary who rests his head against Cloud's shoulder and is now fully calm down. His soft breathing echoes to Cloud's ears as it prompts a content smile on Cloud's lips.

Cloud walks back down corridor to his room with Denzel closely behind. The wooden floor creaks to their weight but none of them seem to notice. Lazily, Cloud opens the door to their room and allows Denzel to go in first. The door whines open to reveal a peaceful display of his family. The window is slightly open to draw in a soft morning breeze with a delightful smell. The breeze blows into the curtains as they sway. The morning light beams into the room, lighting up the room to a soft luminosity. Denzel brisk walks to the bed until his body slams into the cushion and he begins to claw up onto the mattress. He crawls to sit next to Tifa's knees. His body slouches as he receives a small smile from his mother, Tifa. Tifa lies on her side with left arm curling around the pillow which her head is resting on. Her other hand cups her flabby tummy that is cover by a white shirt. Nearby her breasts, newborn Payton lies on his back with his tiny fist close to his chest. His mouth opens with amazement as Demetria continues to coo 'hello baby' to him. A high pitch squeal of excitement comes from Payton as his lips prompt a smile when Demetria's long black locks brush against his skin. Demetria sits on other side of Payton with her upper body slightly leaning over Payton. During the night, Demetria sneak her way into her parent's bed.

Cloud smiles to the sound of Payton's squeals as he moves forth to the bed, receiving a smile from Tifa. Cloud's curls a strong arm around Zackary as he situates himself onto the bed in a similar position to Tifa. The cot whines to his weight as Demetria giggles to the waves of effects of Cloud's movement on the bed. He places his elbow into his pillow while leaning his head in the palm of his hand. Zackary sit up against Cloud's chess for support for Cloud's body makes a dent in the mattress. "Hi, daddy." Demetria greets cheerily with a wide smile that reveals her small baby teeth. Cloud returns the smile as his eyes moves to Tifa who is staring with a half-smile. His eyes gaze in wonder at the beautiful creature before him who proudly calls herself his wife.

Cloud removes his head from his hand to reach out for her hand that rests against the pillow. His fingers brush against her, sending a tingling sensation throughout his body. Their fingers intertwine as both of their ring fingers shows their sliver wedding rings which they show off proudly. And to, think three years ago Cloud feared his could-be family and now, he can't live without them. All because of a air-conditioner.

A family portrait of the effects of a glimpse to what if…

There you go, the final ending...

There will be no continual or sequel.