A/N: Face it, ladies. You know this would be one of the first things you would think about if you got turned into a vampire.


"Bella, love, what exactly do you think you're doing?"

Bella looked up from her place sitting completely naked on the bed of the master bedroom, running a finger up and down her right leg. She blinked slowly and stilled her hand, crinkling a perfect brow in confusion.

"Edward, my legs are smooth."

"Erm, yeah." Edward matched the confounded look of his wife "I kind of noticed, love."

"No," She rolled her eyes "I mean, I haven't shaved my legs since Renesmee's wedding…and that was months ago. They still feel like a baby's ass."

"Of course." He said, sitting beside her gently. "Hair doesn't grow back once you cut it like this. You know that."

"Yeah, I suppose, but…" Bella trailed off "I never thought it would apply to this."

"Why wouldn't it? Legs, arms, anywhere…you never have to shave again, love."

A wide, warm smile spread over her face, lighting up her eyes like flashbulbs.

"Never have to shave again." She giggled, launching herself into Edward's arms "You're the best husband ever."

He grinned wolfishly.

Women were so easy to please.