Well hello there one and all to another one of my interesting brains ideas

Well hello there one and all to another one of my interesting brains ideas. And for all you Seddie lovers you are in for a treat. I received the idea for this actually from a Simpson's episode. But I thought I could make an intriguing story from this. So you should enjoy this because I really like this idea. And don't fret those who are reading my other story iHave Amnesia. The way I have this set up is that every other day I will update this story starting tomorrow. Prologue is up today chapter 1 will be up tomorrow and every other. While the day in between is the day I will use to update iHave Amnesia. Well I wilstop my ranting now and get on with the story now.

Disclaimer: I do not own iCarly or any of the characters in it……… I bet you thought I was gonna be sarcastic, HA proved you wrong.


Sam stood by her locker awaiting the arrival of her two best friends. One Carly and One, Sir Dorks-A-Lot, Fredward Benson. She saw them approaching, Carly looking as pretty as every and Freddie drooling like a sick puppy over how she looked.

"Hey Carl," Sam said as Carly opened her locker. "Dweeb," She added gesturing toward Freddie.

"That's disrespectful," Freddie yelled at her pointing at her. Sam smiled loving when he prodded her, just more fuel for the fire.

"So is your face," Sam argued back planting her feet firmly on the ground looking at Freddie challengingly.

"At least my butt isn't shaped like a ham," Freddie argued back not wanting to let her win.

"Guys," Carly said lowly wishing she had her spray bottled to make them stop. They were always like this, no matter what time it was.

"At least I don't get a tick back once a week!" Sam yelled knowing she had the upperhand.

"Those are Precautionary!" Freddie yelled trying to defend himself then turned around to head for his locker wanting out of this argument.

"Just face it Freddork, you just can't win," Sam said smirking as when she saw Freddie going to step she slid her foot out in foront of his causing him to trip and stumbled down the hall. Right into Mrs. Briggs knocking her extremely hard into the lockers. Everyone rushed over as it took her a second to regain consciousness. She had ran straight into the locker with her shoulder and it was in an extreme amount of pain.

"This is why I hate children!" Briggs yelled as she attempted to get up holding onto her shoulder. "Who is responsible for this!" She nearly screamed. And almost once everyone pointed at Freddie and Sam. Briggs just narrowed her eyes and walked toward the nurse's office.

Later that day they sat in Carly's living room. Freddie's mom was out looking for more cloud block, she had run out of it a few days prior.

"She's going to something I know it, that look just spelled out you will die in your sleep," Freddie said rubbing his temples.

"That's how she always looks," Sam said taking a bite out of the slice of ham in her hand. Suddenly a knock was heard on Freddie's door across the hall. Freddie walked to the door.

"Uh can I help you?" Freddie asked looking at the police officer standing in front of him.

"Are you Fredward Benson?" The officer asked which received a nervous nod from Freddie. He handed a piece of paper to him. Sam looked over Freddie's shoulder and noticed a second sheet of paper in the officer's hand.

"That wouldn't happen to be for a Samantha Puckett would it?" Sam asked nervously.

"Well yes it is ma'am," The officer said looking at her curiously.

"That's me," Sam said which had the officer hand her the paper.

"It was a pleasure serving you," The officer said kinda disappointed turning around and walking away.

"I told you that she would do something," Freddie said reading the sheet of paper.

"What is she doing?" Carly asked looking at her two friends.

"She is taking us both to court, she wants us to pay for her broken arm since her insurance doesn't cover accidents at school," Freddie said looking at his paper with disgust. Sam just looked at it disappointedly. She had been wrong before.

It was the day of the court appearance. Sam and Freddie were sitting at one table with Spencer along side them. He was going to try and help them out. Mrs. Briggs was sitting in her seat her arm was in a giant cast and sling that made her look completely helpless.
"All Rise," the Bailiff said as a judge walked in behind him. "The Honorable Judge Franklin McGurthy," he said the judge took his seat.

"Wait McGurthy?" Sam spoke out loud, "You mean like the world's fattest priest!" Sam practically shouted.

"Well yes, Father McGurthy is my older brother, I am surprised anyone had seen that record, he is very proud of it," The judge said smiling having already taken a liking to Sam. "Ok we are here on the case of Briggs vs. Puckett and Benson, Mrs. Briggs please state your case," he said clearly.

"Well your honor, I was entering the school early like I normally do, you know get their early so that I can tutor students just in case they are falling behind, after all I do love Children," Briggs said lying straight out trying to smile genuinely which made Sam scoff at her. "Well I was walking toward my classroom when out of nowhere Fredward came running into me slamming me extremely hard into a locker, breaking my arm," she said.

"And what does this have to do with Ms. Puckett?" The judge asked raising his eyebrow.

"Well you see Fredward and Samantha here are always bickering and it is to my understanding from several witnesses these two were arguing horribly before the incident and as Fredward turned around she tripped him which cause him to cause the accident," Briggs continued trying to sound sweet.

"Objection your honor this women is badgering the witness," Sam said standing up and saying it loudly and confidently. Spencer pulled her back into her seat. Judge McGurthy stifled a laugh.

"Sorry Ms. Puckett but there is no witness," The judge said looking at Briggs who looked clearly annoyed. "Mr. Shay you may speak now," he added as Spencer stood up.

"First of all I would like to say that never in a million years would this woman here ever tutor a child, in fact she hates children she was a teacher back when I went to Ridgeway," Spencer said clearly pacing back and forth. "Secondly she can't ask of these two to pay for her breaking her arm because of two things, one it was an accident and it is not as if they purposefully decided to hurt her, and they cannot be blamed for the fact that she didn't get an insurance plan that covers in school accidents," he stated clearly walking back.

"That is true Mrs. Briggs you could have put out the 10 extra dollars for the in school coverage to," The judge stated plainly.

"But, well, my bagpipes needed a new squeezebag," Briggs defended herself knowing she was in the wrong.

"I think you can pay your own hospital bills Mrs. Briggs," The judge said softly to her banging his mallet down. The Mallet instantly lit up bright colors.

"That is awesome, where did you get it?" Spencer asked his eyes wide.

"Oh I got it from my friend Socko, he hooks me up with these really neat socks," the Judge said lifting a leg up and showing a pair of socks that lit up purple and green.

"No way," Spencer shouted out lifting his pants leg showing he had on the same pair of socks.

"Well would you look at that," The judge said in shock. "And although I am done with this case I however am not done with you two Ms. Puckett and Mr. Benson, I realize it was an accident but it could very easily happen again," he said slowly.

"So?" Sam asked wanting to leave so she could raid they Shay's fridge for ham.

"Well, I think you two need to learn how to cooperate with each other without fighting, and I have a program that we put people through who have incidents like this if I may have your guys parent come with me for a moment," Judge McGurthy said as Mrs. Benson and Mrs. Puckett stood up following the Judge to the back room. It took several minutes and they all walked out again.

"Well?" Briggs asked still sitting in her seat hoping for anything at all.

" We will be putting you two in a program called Chained," The judge said which received confused looks from everyone, " You two will be chained together at the wrist with a 3 foot chain for 3 months," he stated.

"WHAT!" Sam and Freddie yelled together. Neither of them would put up with this.

"We have it already set up with your parents, Ms. Puckett you will be staying at the Bensons house, we will call up the school and fix the schedules so you to have all your classes together, this is a very unique program that will help you two learn to deal with ech other, less we want another incident like this to happen," Judge McGurthy stated.

"And what if we don't go through with this," Sam asked not wanting to be chained to the nerd.

"You have to pay Mrs. Briggs entire medical bill along with the muscle training that follows afterwards, in total about 780.57," Judge McGurthy said looking down at the hospital bill in front of him.

"Bring on the chain," Sam said as the bailiff brought out the metal chain that would bind the two together.

"This chain is indestructible by the way," Judge McGurthy said as the bailiff had Freddie put his right arm out and Sam put her left arm out putting the wrist guards onto Sam that connected the two. He placed the key into the locks and locked them securely then handed the key off to Judge McGurthy. "In three months time that will be removed," he stated with a smirk as Sam got up and started to head for the exit dragging Freddie behind her as he stumbled to regain his posture.

"Sir will this really work?" Spencer asked curiously watching as Carly who was sitting in the back go out after her friends.

"It has yet to fail, but I will warn you the first two weeks will be the worst arguing between the two you have probably ever heard," Judge McGurthy stated then thought for a second, " It will get better though, it has with every case we have done this with, by the way tell Socko I will see him in a few weeks I am about to go on my vacation and won't be able to buy for a while," he added as he got up placing his mallet down and walking out of the room.

"Will do sir," Spencer said looking back making sure everyone had left before he grabbed the mallet and slowly started to walk out before he noticed the bailiff walked back into the room and gave him an almost evil eye. "Just kidding sir, j-just kidding," Spencer said slowly placing the mallet back by the judge's seat before he ran out of the room.

Word count is-- 1,776. So there we have it Sam and Freddie are now chained together at the wrist for 3 whole months. What will happen? Will they get better with time like Judge McGurthy said? Or will it just get worse.

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