This city. I never dreamed I'd be driving back into this city from the airport. But I was betrayed and blackmailed. These two words shared one four letter word in common. S-A-M-I. I can't believe she would stoop this low to get me to come here. But I would like to point out that the only reason I'm here is because Sami's finally getting married to Charlie. Apparently they broke up after four years and then got back together just two years ago. Now, they decided to tie the knot. But Sami blackmailed me into coming since I didn't go to Mitchie or Riley's wedding and to do this she made me the maid of honor.

"Mom do you think she'll like me," Sophie asked. I turned to the eleven year old girl sitting next to me in the passenger seat of the rental car. She had dirty blond curly hair. Her eyes were brown. The color of her hair she inherited form my mother the curls from my father. Her eyes were mine.

"She'll love you," I replied turning onto Sami's street.

"But mom she's one of the aunts that I haven't met yet," Sophie said.

"Sophie she's like your Aunt Alex," I said.

"So she's eccentric and slightly insane," Sophie asked.

"I'll let you see for yourself," I said as I turned into the driveway. I stared at the white house with green shutters that sort of looked like Dawson Leery's house in Dawson's Creek minus the screening and porch. I already saw two cars in the driveway. I took my keys out of the ignition and just sat there staring. Her house hasn't changed in years.

"Sophie you ready to go in," I asked turning to her. This was her first time on the other side of the Atlantic.

"Mom if she doesn't like me can we stay in a hotel," Sophie asked. I laughed and got out of the car.

"She'll love you don't worry. I'm her best friend come on she'll absolutely adore you," I said to her as I closed the door to the car. I watched her as she stared at the house and then finally got out of the car.

"Where you get that shyness of yours I have no idea," I said.

"You really think she'll like me," Sophie asked coming to stand beside me.

"For the hundredth time she'll absolutely adore you," I said walking up to the door. I paused for a moment to look at her. She took me hand and gave me a shaky smile. I rang the doorbell and we waited.

"Mom are you sure she's here," Sophie asked.

"She better be," I said about to ring the doorbell again when someone answered the door. It was Sami. I could tell. She hadn't changed one bit.

"Excuse me who are you," She asked.

"You know I could tell Charlie about the time where you almost got your foot stuck in a toilet," I said. Her eyes widened and she screamed.

"Nicole," Sami screamed as she lunged at me hugging me to death. I patted her back and smiled.

"Hey Sami," I said breaking away from the hug.

"Nicole oh my god you look amazing," Sami said.

"I hope I don't outshine the bride," I said.

"You won't," Sami said flipping her hair for dramatic effect. She looked me up and down and then finally she saw Sophie.

"So who's this," Sami asked.

"This is Sophie my daughter," I said. Her eyes went wide as she turned her gaze back to Sophie.

"Daughter," Sami replied repeating my words.

"Yes, Sami this is my daughter," I said.

"Wow I mean wow," Sami said recovering from the shock.

"Yeah, Sophie can you say hi to your Aunt Sami," I asked her.

"Hi Aunt Sami," Sophie said.

"Aunt, now why the heck would you make me an Aunt," Sami asked. I rolled my eyes and frowned at her statement.

"Sami if I showed up with Sophie and didn't tell you, you were her aunt you would have insisted she call you aunt Sam anyway, now are we just going to stand out here or are you going to invite us in" I replied.

"Oh yeah sorry lost my train of thought for a moment since you said you had a daughter," Sami said opening the door so Sophie and I could step inside. She closed the door behind us then continued the conversation.

"So you've had a daughter for the past eleven years and didn't tell me," Sami said.

"It never came up," I replied.

"Well you could have mentioned that you were pregnant," Sami said.

"When, I was already in England when I found out and long distance calling sucks because it is a big rip off," I said.

"Still you should have told one of us what you couldn't write or e-mail since you were in England," Sami retorted.

"Sophie why don't you unload the car," I said giving her the keys. I could tell she didn't want to hear the argument.

"Mom do you want me to unload Biscotti and Hazelnut as well," Sophie asked.

"Yeah sure just make take them to go potty and if it's poop pick it up with one of the plastic bags in the car," I said.

"Okay," Sophie replied taking the keys and going to the car. Once Sophie was safely out the door I turned to Sami.

"Nicole why didn't you tell any of us," Sami asked her tone had gone down.

"Because Sami I was pregnant and alone except for Alex and I was scared I didn't know how to do anything for the first couple of months. It was hard enough having to go through college and medical school raising a kid having to tell all of you about it wouldn't have given me any time to finish school," I replied.

"Well now that I can understand just having a boyfriend made it tough for me," Sami said. I couldn't help but burst out laughing at the statement. She joined me and seconds later the laughing died down.

"I've missed you Sami," I said hugging her.

"Me too which is why you're the maid of honor and Sophie will be a bridesmaid," Sami said.

"Isn't she a little young for that though," I asked.

"No she's fine," Sami said as Sophie came in with Biscotti and Hazelnut.

"What's the diagnosis," I asked.

"Only pee," Sophie said.

"Now what the heck are those," Sami asked pointing to Biscotti and Hazelnut.

"Well they're King Charles Spaniels Biscotti is the one with the darker fur and belongs to Sophie and Hazelnut is mine and has the lighter fur," I said.

"Mom I put the bags on the doorstep," Sophie said.

"Yes well let the dogs get used to the house and maybe they'll find Finch and Watley my pugs" Sami said.

"Okay Aunt Sami," Sophie said letting the dogs off their leashes. They looked around for a couple minutes then started to wander off towards the living room.

"So let's get those bags up to your room, you don't mind that you're sharing a room do you,' Sami said as we got the bags, shut the door and began going up the stairs to the guest bedroom.

"No we're fine," Sophie and I said together.

"Good because we thought it was only Nicole coming so we just set aside one room. Here it is,' Sami said opening the fifth door on the left from the stair case. It had one king size bed and a balcony.

"Wow this is sort of like my room in London," Sophie said, "mom do you mind if I take the side near the window?"

"No knock yourself out," I said.

"So Sophie has a balcony," Sami asked.

"What can I say the hospital pays a lot," I replied.

"Well make yourselves comfortable but Sophie do you mind being a bridesmaid," Sami asked.

"Are you sure," Sophie asked.

"Yeah and besides we can buy an extra dress no problem my mom's friend owns the shop where I bought my dress and the bridesmaids dresses and she's happy that I'm actually getting married so it will be no problem I just have to make a phone call and it will be all set shoes and all," Sami said.

"Thank you, I've never been a bridesmaid well I was a flower girl in my Aunt Alex's wedding but that was it,' Sophie said hugging Sami.

"You're welcome and maybe later we'll go ice skating," Sami said.

"Really it's open in the summer," Sophie asked.

"Well its inside so it won't be a problem," Sami said.

"Thank you," Sophie said hugging Sami once more before going to finish unpacking.

"Hey thanks Sami I know this is all sudden," I said.

"Hey no problem actually it makes it fun," Sami said as barks were heard. Sami, Sophie and I looked at each other before groaning and running out the door to get the four dogs that were barking up a storm.

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