When I got to the hospital everything was in chaos. Sophie stayed close to me as I headed for the receptionist who looked peeved already.

"What do you want we're extremely busy," the girl said.

"I'm looking for Diane Hawkins," I said.

"Look as you can see we're extremely busy so no," the girl replied.

"I don't know why they hired you to be a receptionist but listen closely and listen good. I'm a doctor who was on vacation from London. I was asked to come here and help by Mrs. Hawkins so you tell me where the hell I can find her and there won't be a problem," I said.

"Nicole thank god you're here we need you in surgery," Mrs. Hawkins said coming towards Sophie and I.

"Ready to help but is Sami here," I asked.

"Yes, she's waiting in the cafeteria," Diane said.

"Sophie don't talk to anyone just head straight to the cafeteria okay. Stay with Sami until I get back is that clear," I told her. She nodded.

"Yes mom," Sophie said.

"Hurry Nicole we need to get you prepped to head into the surgery room," Diane said.

"Go save people mom," Sophie said hugging me and hurrying off towards the cafeteria. I smiled before following Diane. She told me why they were so busy. Apparently there was this big bus accident plus all the usual issues that need help such as pregnant women or broken bones. I was lead to surgery room 5 where I awaited a guy who had one of the poles from the bus go right through his abdomen. It took about an hour to finish that surgery before I was taken to another one. It was about seven surgeries later when Diane asked me to help with a kid who wasn't letting anyone fix his broken arm.

"I'm sorry to pull you out of surgery but this kid won't let anyone near him and you did not have a surgery for another hour so I figured you could try this kid," Diane said.

"Don't worry trust drunk teenagers in London who get hurt are probably worse than this kid. Where are his parents," I asked her.

"They are in the room trying to get the boy to let a doctor near him," Diane said.

"Which Room," I asked her.

"311 the mother was yelling for a room and not one in the emergency room," Diane said as her beeper beeped.

"Got to go," Diane said as she raced down the other hallway. For a fifty year old woman she was fast. I looked down and saw that I was still in my surgery clothes not having time to change. I took the stairs to the third floor knowing that people would be clogging the elevator. When I reached the third floor I found my way to room 311 to find a nurse outside the room.

"So you're the doctor they sent," the girl asked.

"Yep from what I heard this kid is a nightmare," I said.

"The worst and his mother is not much better. I'm Carly," The girl said.

"Well trust me mothers in London are worse, so what information do we have so far," I asked her.

"The child's name is Dean Baylor and he has no allergies to any medication and has a arm fracture it looks like but we don't know how severe it is because he won't let anyone get close to him," the girl said.

"Wait Baylor," I asked her.

"Yeah parents are Zeke and Sharpay Baylor," the girl said. I mentally cursed in my mind. Sharpay and I might have ended on friendly terms as well as Zeke and I but neither could keep a secret worth crap.

"Let's get this over with. I have another surgery in an hour," I said opening the door.

"Finally someone here to help," a voice I knew immediately as Sharpay's. I walked in as the girl arranged all of the equipment.

"Why do you have blood all on you," a voice asked. I looked up from the papers containing the boy's information for a moment to see the boy in question staring at me.

"I have just come from my seventh surgery of the night," I said.

"You're not going to cut me up are you," the boy asked.

"Not unless your mom and dad think you deserve a punishment," I said. The boy looked wide eyed at his parents who were definitely Zeke and Sharpay because they still look the same as they did 12 years ago.

"Not if he doesn't let a doctor help him," Zeke said.

"Mom," the boy asked.

"Dean the pain will be over when you let someone help you," Sharpay said. The girl helping me gave me a needle with the numbing solution. I went to the boy who had his eyes closed. I looked at his arm and knew that it was a simple fracture. I felt for the break and inserted the numbing solution around it. The boy hissed a bit before calming down.

"Carly get this boy to x-ray then get him a popsicle from the cafeteria after his bravery he deserves it," I said.

"Yes doctor," Carly said taking Dean's unhurt hand and led him out. When the door closed I was left alone with Zeke and Sharpay.

"So how bad is it," Zeke asked.

"A simple fracture nothing major a cast for eight weeks and routine check-ups he should be fine," I said.

"Thank you. He's always hated hospitals," Sharpay said.

"It's understandable in kids of his age. It brings up some separation complex," I said.

"You look familiar," Sharpay said.

"Yeah too familiar," Zeke said. I heard the door opening to see Dean enter with a popsicle and Carly with his x-ray. He got back on the table and just kept eating.

"Dean focus on the popsicle okay," I told him. He nodded. I took his arm in my hands and fixed the brake. Small tears came out of Dean's eyes.

"Carly get this brave boy another popsicle and wrap up his arm," I said.

"Thank you doctor," Dean said.

"Your Welcome now promise me you're going to behave for your parents," I said. Dean nodded. I heard someone come in the door.

"Nicole surgery room 7 a big one," Diane said popping in. I turned to see Zeke and Sharpay staring at me with their mouths open.

"Carly give them the papers and information they need after wrapping up Dean's arm," I said quickly leaving the room. I wanted out of there as soon as possible. After a total of 18 surgeries Diane said I could go back to her house. It was 5 in the morning. I got changed and into my car driving to Sami's house. I was so tired that I couldn't think straight. I really hoped I didn't crash. When I made it safely to Sami's I saw all the lights out. I made my way slowly there and entered the house trying not to make a noise. I went into the room I shared with Sophie to get my sleepwear and take a shower in the downstairs bathroom. I felt the hot water run over my body and sighed. I felt at peace. When I was finished I got dressed and was about to head upstairs when I remembered the invitation in my purse where I hid it. I did not want to face them again. I walked back to the room I shared with Sophie and just watched her sleep. She is my world, my everything. There was once a time when Troy was my world, my everything but that time ended years ago.