Title: Cat and Mouse
Category: Smallville/Batman Crossover
Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Chloe/Bruce
Prompt: On The Train by fran06
Word Count: 629
Summary: She felt like the were in the middle of a game of cat and mouse... and she wasn't sure which she was.

Cat and Mouse

She knew they were trying to be secretive, but this was just weird. The whole League was meeting up, all coming from various places to catch a ride on a train that had been fully paid for by one of the members. Stating that he just wanted a worry free ride, Bruce Wayne bought out every seat on the entire train and at every stop, one or two members of the League would sneak on without being noticed and slip into the meeting room. She was the first, sitting across from him with her laptop open and her fingers already clicking away.

He was staring at her; she could feel his heated gaze washing over her like a steaming shower that left her skin raw and her breathing heavier. She wanted to ignore him, but it forcing her to lose her attention. Her fingers were hitting the wrong letters and she found some part of her wanted to be worthy of the attention he was giving her. An attractive man hadn't taken his eyes off her since she stepped inside, how could that not make her feel on top of the world? She chewed her lips, brows furrowed. Even if she didn't agree on the meeting spot, she rather liked the idea that she was the first on the train. In the sole company of him.

"You think it's over the top," he commented.

She glanced at him, forcing her eyes away before they got lost in the deep, dark caverns that played as eyes. "I feel sorry for whoever might've needed to take the train today," she replied.

He looked amused. "I'm sure they'll thank you for the inconvenience later."

She smiled wryly. "They rarely do."

He lifted a brow, lips pursing for a moment. "They have a tendency of running away for their lives, don't they?"

She shrugged a shoulder. "Natural instinct, I suppose."

His mouth twitched. "One we both seem to ignore."

She leaned back in her chair. "If everyone runs, when will they stop?"

He stared at her, eyes thinned slightly. "I don't think we've been properly introduced."

She grinned. "Chloe Sullivan, Watchtower extraordinaire."

"Ahh..." He lifted his chin knowingly. "Both Queen and Impulse sing your praises."

She laughed. "In different ways, I'm sure."

He tipped his head agreeably. "Not that either were wrong."

She chuckled. "Only recently introduced and already laying on the charm, Wayne?" She shook her head. "Your reputation proceeds you."

He sat back. "Don't believe everything you read... We all play our part."

She felt like the were in the middle of a game of cat and mouse... and she wasn't sure which she was. "And yours is?"


She snorted. "Aren't all of you heroes?"

He stared at her steadily. "Some more than others."

"And why, Mr. Wayne," She tipped her head questioningly, "would I be interested in getting dragged into your complicated life?"

He leaned forward, taking her hand in his, holding it delicately between his large palms, warming her skin and sending a shiver through her body. "I have a feeling you're curious beyond measure, Miss Sullivan... And I fully intend to explore every detail of your own complicated self."

She blew out a shaky breath. "Quite the challenge, Wayne. Are you sure you're up to it?"

He smirked. "We have three hours until the next stop... Ask away and I'll answer, but I get to pick you apart just as thoroughly."

"And how thorough do think I am?" she queried, lips quirking coyly.

His thumb stroked across the top of her hand. "I'm betting a lot on very and I don't plan to be disappointed."

She leaned forward, accepting his challenge. "You won't."

And the games began; who came out the winner would be a toss up.