Gabriella Montez walked onto the campus of East High. She waved goodbye to her mom and went to go find her best friend Taylor. Across the yard were Troy Bolton and his friends. They were sitting at a table chatting. Chad sees a certain brunette and nudges Troy. "What Chad?" "She's here dude." "Who's here?" Troy asked confused. Chad looked at him. "Gabriella!" Troy's heart jumped as Chad said her name. Secretly Troy likes Gabriella maybe even love her. He never had the guts to tell her or ask her out. No one knew of this secret except Chad, Zeke, and Jason. He some how convinced himself that she doesn't feel the same way. but he doesn't know that she does. "Your heart just jumped didn't it?" Chad said chuckling to himself.

"Shut up Chad." Troy scanned the yard looking for Gabriella. He finally found her talking to Taylor, Chad's girlfriend. "Come on dude." Troy said pulling Chad up. "Where are we going?" "To your girlfriend." Chad sees who they were walking towards and smiles. "And the girl you want to be your girlfriend." Troy smacked Chad in the back of the head. "What was that for?" "Don't joke." They came to a stop as soon as they heard Sharpay's squealing voice. "Gabi! Tay!" Sharpay came from behind Troy and Chad as she hugged her best friends. Troy and Chad walked to the girls. "Geez, Sharpay. Do you always have to do that?" Chad asked as they approach them. "Yes."

The boys rolled their eyes. Chad hugs Taylor. Gabriella looks up at Troy. "Hi Troy." Troy's heart flutters whenever he hears Gabriella's voice or laugh. "Hi Gabi." Troy and Gabriella found themselves gazing into each other's eyes. "So what are we doing today at lunch you guys?" Sharpay asked disturbing their moment. "Oh I don't know. The usual." Chad answered. "Chad that's boring. We should go to the auditorium at lunch." "Why?" Both Chad and Troy asked at the same time. "Cause you guys can listen to me sing." The group groans. Sharpay shoots a glare at them. "I mean oh yeah we should." The gang said together.

Sharpay smiles and walks into the school. "May I escort you to homeroom?" Troy asked sticking out his arm for Gabriella to link with hers. She giggled at his silliness but she adored it. "Why of course you may." She answered. They linked arms and went into the school with people looking at them. They walked down the halls with link arms and laughing cause Troy was cracking jokes to Gabriella. They enter homeroom. They unlink arms and Gabriella sits herself in her seat in the back as Troy took his seat in the front.


Troy exits geometry with Gabriella. They walk to her locker and put her stuff away. "I guess we should go to the auditorium now before her highness yells at us." Gabriella giggled. "Yeah we should." As they walked down to the auditorium, boys were looking at Gabriella. They were looking at her flirtatiously. This disturbed her and Troy noticed. He put an arm around her. She looks up at him. He smiled at her and she smiles back. They enter the auditorium still with Troy's arm around Gabriella and sees Sharpay practicing. They sit down next to Taylor, Chad, Zeke, and Jason. "So what we miss?" Troy asked. "Not much." Chad replied.

The song starts and Sharpay sings. At the end, Sharpay hit her high note and everyone cringed in his or her seat. She finishes and looks at the crowd. The gang clapped. She thanked them and walked off stage. She appears in front of them later. "So what do you guys think?" "Loved it!" The gang said at the same time. "Really? So did I!" She walks away. Kelsi is on the piano playing when Troy and Gabriella walks up to her. "Hey playmaker." Said Troy. "Hey guys." "What you playing Kelsi?" Gabriella asked. "Oh nothing." "Kelsi I don't think it's nothing that you're playing. What's it called?" "Crush." "Oh how does it go?" "Like this."

Kelsi starts the piano and looks at Troy to sing. "I hung up the phone tonight. Something happened for the first time. Deep inside was a rush, what a rush. (He looks at Gabi.) Cause the possibility that you will ever feel the same way about me just too much. Just too much. (Still looking at Gabi and now looking into her eyes.) Why do I keep running from the truth? All I ever think about is you. (He smiles at her and she smiles back.) You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized. And I just got to know. Do you ever think when you're all alone? All that we can be, where this thing can go. Am I crazy or falling in love? Is it really just another crush? (Still looking into her eyes.) Do you catch a breath when I look at you? Are you holding back like the way I do? Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away but I know this crush ain't going away. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." He finishes and looks away from Gabi. "Wow. That's a good song." "Thanks." They both turn around to sees the entire gang looking at them. They look at each other than looks back towards the gang. "What?" Both asked at the same time.